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Running a lax ship
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Striker Pena, author of the first goal in Palmeiras' win against Boca Juniors this week, is threatening to leave the club if his contract isn't renegotiated. The player believes he has had a good season and wants a salary increase.

"I have offers from two big teams in São Paulo and one from Rio de Janeiro. I'm a professional, I have to look out for the best for me. If there's no recognition, I don't think I'll stay"the striker stated.

If Pena does leave Palmeiras, he could be one of four. Defender Roque Júnior has been sold to Milan for US$16 million, and club co-owners Parmalat have decided they want to put midfielder Alex and striker Euller up for sale. Euller's contract with the club ends this Sunday (18/06), and the club have decided to renew for only 30 days more.
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