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I herad That Anchelotti IS going to use in this tactic so how it going to see?

my suggest :

--------------Van Der Sar------------------

Zanchi Montero Iuliano Pramatti

Zambrotta Davids Athirson
Zidane Del Piero

mybe both Pramatti and Athirson is a wasting but I cant see any other option I mean this is our best 4 men defence
obviously that 4-5-1 isn't the best tactic to play .... I prefer the 3-4-1-2 it is much better.

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I read that Ancelotti is going to use the same formationa sa last year as well. Here's the team i think he will field:
Van der Sar
Zanchi/Ferrara Montero Iuliano
Zambrotta Tacchinardi/O'Neill Davids Athirson
Del Piero Trezegeut

This is if Athirson does join. Also if Conte leaves or not.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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