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3rd and 4th up in the balance

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there are only 2 games left in the liga an barcas champions league qualification hopes are in the balance.

as it stands 3rd is depor with 62 points and 4th an 5th are celta an barca both with 60 points.

remaining fuxtures for these three teams

vs betis away
vs madrid home

vs sevilla home
vs rayo vallecano away

vs espanyol home
vs zaragoza away

what are all of our predictions on the outcomes of these matches. i c our best bet is by leapfrogging depor next week because celta shouldnt be troubled 2 much.

my prediction
depor - lose 2 betis an draw with madrid = 63 points
celta - draw or win both = 62 to 66 points
barca - win both (should do) 66 points

so we should get a c.l place if we go into the remaining matches because i cant see depor getting alot of points an im not sure on celta.

whats all of ur views an predictions on this?
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i meant 2 say if we go into the remaing fixtures *with the right mentality*
Barcelona tend to finish Championships strongly. Let's hope that we qualify at least for the Champions League. I agree with you that our best bet is to leapfrog Deportivo as Celta are playing two easy games on paper with the oppossite team playing for nothing.
barcelona can drop to the 6th position but also can get the 2nd position, is easier drop to the 6th than get the 2nd but if they don't tried worst things can happen, now barça is 5th with the same points that 4th that is celta but only 1 point above betis that is 6th and 2 points of deportivo that is 3th the second position is for rm that with only 1 point next game will make imposible for us to get the 2nd position. if barça make his job and win next game i think we can put deportivo out of cl. the next games are:
and i predict this
2ndmadrid 68
the last games
go to zaragoza without know if we are going to cl or not is not very good
rm can help us if they win i hope we will not need it and rayo will win against celta, that can not be enought if we lose against zaragoza, depor win against rm and i hope betis lose against valencia
i'm going to get crazy
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i expect that barca team next season will be super, so that i want the qualification to CL...i think if we don't win it this year, iam sure that we will do it next year...and i predict to win both, i think they are easy opponents....:)
if barça and celta finish with same points celta finish over barça, but what can happen if barça celta and depor or barça, celta and betis finish with same points? i think then is goals that everyteam have because depor draw and won over celta celta same versus barcelona but barcelona and depor they have a victory of 1 goal over the other eachone so here is the goals that every team has score and barça has 62-36 and depor 59-41 so barça if finish with same points that depor barça must o be over depor
goals of celta 63-43
with betis,barça and celta
barça won to betis 3-0 and lost 2-1 so barça over betis but betis won to celta 4-1 and lost 3-1 so betis over celta and celta over barça?
betis has 42-29
barça still don't have the 4th place for sure we need at least 1 point at zaragoza , they are already at second division but i don't think it will be a easy game, celta have to go to vallecas, for play against rayo a victory or a draw of rayo it will give us the 4th position, there are a chance for get the 3rd place and this a defeat or at draw of deportivo, but not chances of be second so i hope deportivo win and we win
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