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30 Great Facts of the World Cup

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Each day before the tournament I will provide you with a few interesting facts of the World Cup. Some you might know, and some you won't ;)

Let's start :cool:

1. Fastest goal in a World Cup match was scored by Czech Republic's Vaclav Masek after only 16 seconds against Mexico in 1962

2. Latest goal was scored by David Platt of England, in their second round match in 1990 against Belgium after 119 minutes

3. Fastest hattrick was scored by Hungary's Laszlo Kiss against El Salvador in 1982, when he scored after 70, 74, and 77 minutes. He is in fact also the only substitute to have scored a hattrick.

That's all for today, I'll have more tomorrow :D
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Only player to have scored two consecutive hat tricks in different WCs

Batistuta...3 against greece in 94, 3 against Jamaica in 98..
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