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3 French teams in line for Deschamps

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AS Monaco are poised to make a £2.5m bid for French Euro 2000 winning captain Didier Deschamps. Gianluca Vialli may now find it impossible to hold onto the French skipper. Marseille and Lyon are also interested in Deschamps.
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Replying to my own post, how nice....

Let Deschamps go, he's past it, he more a crap player, then he's a good player. Vialli has been tempted with Edmundo for only £6m. He's a gifted player, but he's freakin pshyco too. Nicknamed 'the Animal'
i think deschamps is actually a good player
but hes not the kind of player that stands out because he doesnt assist, make goals or score goals
hes a ball winner, and they dont get much credit for the hard work they do
davids may be a ball winner, but he also can be a playmaker, while deschamps concentrates on his job
all the strikers get credit but you never see a defender get voted player of the year do you?
Sorry, Driver, it's just I don't care less of Deschamps.:)
Well, Maldini was once. And I read every day now from my newspapers, that the best thing in euro was italian defence.
Edmundo,yeah, well, can we have him only for Manure games, so that he can break some bounds then?:)
Why on earth people could forget about Maldini as palyer of the year??!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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