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The first few minutes were boring, then Sukur gets into the area and Okon overhead kick straight at Toldo.
Then Tayfur tests Toldo with a low-hard shot, saved well.
It looked like Turkey would possibly get first blood, but then Italy score a beautiful overhead goal from Conte from about 9 metres out.
In the mean time Turkey has 1 or 2 chances, just to test Toldo out, Zambrotta has a crack at it. Albertini forces a save from Rustu, trying to lob over him.
Inzaghi gets 2 chances, one from only 8 metres out, he can't control it, then minutes later his shot is cleared of the line. Turkey equalised in the meantime, and the game really opened up, then Inzaghi receives a tame shoulder charge and get a penalty!, he converts it into a goal, although I hardly think he deserved it, 69 minutes gone.
I admire him, but Pessoto totally useless today was replaced by Juve teamate Mark Iuliano, and DP gets on to replace Fiore, Totti then played playmaker, something we all wanted, Zoff answers his critics. DP immediately makes an impact striking the ball against the crossbar from a beautifully struck free-kick.
Turkey threatened again following a good spell by them, Inzaghi could have got a hat-trick or more, he gets another chance near the end but fires inches wide, after turning away from a defender, it should have been a goal.
Totti is the replcaced, Zoff obviously thinking the job is done, but then the Azurri launch a massive attack, only for Zambrotta to shoot so softly at the keeper, Del Piero gets one final half-chance from the edge of the box, then he gets another chance but shoots hopelessly over the bar, and then Del Piero's most hopeless moment, from in front of goal, he shoves he pass from Albertini into a player who pushed against a post and then cleared. 2 minutes into injury time, DI LIVIO SCORES!!!!, put rules off-side Italy win 2-1
As was widely speculated, certainly by me anyway, 2 games gone, no upsets whatsoever. Belgium would beat Sweden, but it would be close, and Italy would beat Turkey, but it would be close, well only the scoreline, had it been Piero and Pippo's day then it would have been 5 or 6 to 1.
No Euro 2000 repeat, Italy must now not lose to Sweden.
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