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Thought I'd bump this up as a lot of time has passed.

Qatar qualify automatically as hosts and Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea are automatic qualifiers as the top three from the 2007 Asian Cup. India qualify automatically as winners of the AFC Challenge Cup in 2008. There is a spot reserved for the 2010 winners of that competition as well, and if India were to win again then the runners-up would take the spot.

From the qualifying groups, Bahrain, Japan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Syria, China and Iran have qualified and I believe there is only one round left with three spots up for grabs. Two of Kuwait (8 points +1 GD), Australia (8 points +1 GB), and Oman (7 points 0 GD) will qualify from Group B - Australia hosts already eliminated Indonesia and Oman hosts Kuwait, both on 3 March. The last spot is in Group E, where Iran have already qualified leaving Thailand (6 points +1 GD), Singapore (6 points -8 GD), and Jordan (5 points -1 GD) to battle it out. Iran hosts Thailand, Jordan hosts Singapore, also on 3 March.

Australia will qualify no doubt, but the rest is a tossup. As a fan of the underdog I would like to see teams like Oman and Jordan qualify, and I think they have a decent shot, so we'll see.

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2-3 FT

HATTRICK Sota Hiroyama :D

Surely he has to make it now, ILA :stuckup: :pp

Him to be Japan's Joshua Kennedy?
玉田 圭司 TAMADA Keiji
1980.04.11 173cm 67kg 名古屋グランパス 63 14

佐藤 寿人 SATO Hisato
1982.03.12 170cm 68kg サンフレッチェ広島 28 4

平山 相太 HIRAYAMA Sota
1985.06.06 190cm 85kg FC東京 1 3

岡崎 慎司 OKAZAKI Shinji
1986.04.16 173cm 70kg 清水エスパルス 20 15

興梠 慎三 KOROKI Shinzo
1986.07.31 175cm 67kg 鹿島アントラーズ 10 0

He's being named alongside much more recognisable names now in next month's Kirin Cup encounter against Venezuela. Let's see if he can do something.

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No problem at all! I've had loads of free time this month (and am plain fed up with the way things are going at Torino) so have been trying to spend some time learning more about world football, hence some of my posts, so it's very nice to know you appreciate them. :) Sorry if they're a bit wordy, many times when I start writing it just keeps coming and coming.

Also, the J-League is quite interesting to me, they used to have an hour-long weekly highlights show a while back here in the States, but I think they discontinued it. It was fun to watch and I like the Japanese supporters. Also, because of the large Asian community in San Francisco, my hometown, I have seen a few Asian national teams (including Japan, China, and South Korea) play matches here.

That looks like a solid group of forwards for the Kirin Cup. Isn't it usually played in May though? I have been following the Chile national team since I studied there last year and I remember them playing in the tournament (and not doing so well, but they did not have any foreign-based players IIRC). Also, who is the third team besides Venezuela? Venezuela is a pretty solid side and have improved greatly in the past decade from being the whipping boys of South America, but I still think that Japan are definitely favorites to win that one.

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It's no problem and I understand, I enjoy writing.

It's weird because it's posted multiple times that their Kirin Cup tie with Venezuela takes place on 2/2. Their next meeting at this cup is against an opponent TBA on 4/7. Finally, TBA again on 5/24. No one contradicts this.

楢崎 正剛 NARAZAKI Seigo
1976.04.15 187cm 80kg 名古屋グランパス 69 67

川島 永嗣 KAWASHIMA Eiji
1983.03.20 185cm 80kg 川崎フロンターレ 8 6

西川 周作 NISHIKAWA Shusaku
1986.06.18 183cm 79kg サンフレッチェ広島 1 0

中澤 佑二 NAKAZAWA Yuji
1978.02.25 187cm 78kg 横浜F・マリノス 96 17

田中 マルクス 闘莉王 TANAKA Marcus Tulio
1981.04.24 185cm 82kg 名古屋グランパス 32 6

駒野 友一 KOMANO Yuichi
1981.07.25 172cm 76kg ジュビロ磐田 49 0

岩政 大樹 IWAMASA Daiki
1982.01.30 187cm 85kg 鹿島アントラーズ 1 0

今野 泰幸 KONNO Yasuyuki
1983.01.25 178cm 73kg FC東京 33 0

徳永 悠平 TOKUNAGA Yuhei
1983.09.25 180cm 76kg FC東京 5 0

長友 佑都 NAGATOMO Yuto
1986.09.12 170cm 65kg FC東京 18 3

内田 篤人 UCHIDA Atsuto
1988.03.27 176cm 62kg 鹿島アントラーズ 27 1

村松 大輔 MURAMATSU Taisuke
1989.12.16 176cm 71kg 湘南ベルマーレ 0 0

小笠原 満男 OGASAWARA Mitsuo
1979.04.05 173cm 72kg 鹿島アントラーズ 53 7

遠藤 保仁 ENDO Yasuhito
1980.01.28 178cm 75kg ガンバ大阪 85 7

中村 憲剛 NAKAMURA Kengo
1980.10.31 175cm 67kg 川崎フロンターレ 41 5

石川 直宏 ISHIKAWA Naohiro
1981.05.12 175cm 69kg FC東京 4 0

阿部 勇樹 ABE Yuki
1981.09.06 177cm 77kg 浦和レッズ 41 3

大久保 嘉人 OKUBO Yoshito
1982.06.09 170cm 73kg ヴィッセル神戸 42 5

1989.02.16 180cm 70kg 名古屋グランパス 2 0

香川 真司 KAGAWA Shinji
1989.03.17 172cm 63kg セレッソ大阪 10 2

Here's the rest of their squad. Some notable names such as Kagawa who interested certain Euro clubs and Mitsuo Ogasawara, J-League player of the season. Former Japan coach Troussier thinks he can replace Nakamura at the WC.
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