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Holders: CS Sfaxien (TUN)


1st Leg - 31.01 and 01.02.2009
2nd Leg - 13.02 and 15.02.2009

US Ouagadougou (BFA) 0-0 Stade de Mbour Diaraf (SEN)
Stade de Mbour Diaraf (SEN) 1-1 US Ouagadougou (BFA)

OC Bukavu Dawa (DRC) 3-3 Club 57 (CGO)
Club 57 (CGO) 1-1 OC Bukavu Dawa (DRC)

Tourbillon (CHA) 4-0 Vital'O (BUR)
Vital'O (BUR) 1-0 Tourbillon (CHA)

USM Libreville (GAB) 2-1 AS Fan (NIG)
AS Fan (NIG) 0-0 USM Libreville (GAB)

Hay El Arab Port Sudan (SUD) 0-1 Ahly Benghazi (LBA)
Ahly Benghazi (LBA) 0-1 Hay El Arab Port Sudan (SUD) [3-2 after pen.]

Benfica Bissau (GBS) 1-2 ASC Yakaar (SEN)
ASC Yakaar (SEN) 1-0 Benfica Bissau (GBS)

Tanzania Prisons Sports (TAN) 2-0 Khalij Sert (LBA)
Khalij Sert (LBA) 4-0 Tanzania Prisons Sports (TAN)

Mighty Barrolle (LBR) 0-2 SO Armée (CIV)
SO Armée (CIV) 2-1 Mighty Barrolle (LBR)

AS Vacoas Phoenix (MRI) 1-1 AS Adema (MAD)
AS Adema (MAD) 0-1 AS Vacoas Phoenix (MRI)

Atlético Muçulmano (MOZ) 1-0 Malanti Chiefs (SWZ)
Malanti Chiefs (SWZ) 5-1 Atlético Muçulmano (MOZ)

Victors FC (UGA) 0-2 CAPS United (ZIM)
CAPS United (ZIM) 1-0 Victors FC (UGA)

Red Arrows (ZAM) 6-0 Mundu Football Club (ZAN)
Mundu Football Club (ZAN) 0-1 Red Arrows (ZAM)

Gor Mahia (KEN) 0-5 APR FC (RWA)
APR FC (RWA) 1-0 Gor Mahia (KEN)

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1st Leg - 13-15.03.2009
2nd Leg - 03-05.04.2009

US Ouagadougou (BFA) 2-1 Aigle Royal (CAM)
Aigle Royal (CAM) 2-0 US Ouagadougou (BFA)
Aigle Royal (CAM) win 3-2 on aggregate

Club 57 (CGO) 0-0 Bayelsa Utd (NGR)
Bayelsa Utd (NGR) 1-0 Club 57 (CGO)
Bayelsa Utd (NGR) win 1-0 on aggregate

Tourbillon (CHA) 1-2 Union de Douala (CAM)
Union de Douala (CAM) 3-2 Tourbillon (CHA)
Union de Douala (CAM) win 5-3 on aggregate

USM Libreville (GAB) 0-1 Santos FC (ANG)
Santos FC (ANG) 4-2 USM Libreville (GAB)
Santos FC (ANG) win 5-2 on aggregate

CS Sfaxien (TUN) 4-1 Ahly Benghazi (LBA)
Ahly Benghazi (LBA) 2-1 CS Sfaxien
CS Sfaxien (TUN) win 5-3 on aggregate

Satellite FC (GUI) 1-2 JCAT (CIV)
JCAT (CIV) 3-1 Satellite FC (GUI)
JCAT (CIV) win 5-2 on aggregate

ASC Yakaar (SEN) 1-1 Jeunesse Medinat Bejaia (ALG)
Jeunesse Medinat Bejaia (ALG) 4-1 ASC Yakaar (SEN)
Jeunesse Medinat Bejaia (ALG) win 5-2 on aggregate

Stade Tunisien (TUN) 0-0 Stade Malien (MLI)
Stade Malien (MLI) 2-0 Stade Tunisien (TUN)
Stade Malien (MLI) win 2-0 on aggregate

Khalij Sert (LBA) 0-1 Entente Setif (ALG)
Entente Setif (ALG) 5-0 Khalij Sert (LBA)
Entente Setif (ALG) win 6-0 on aggregate

SO Armée (CIV) 0-1 Recreativo do Libolo (ANG)
Recreativo do Libolo (ANG) 5-3 SO Armée (CIV)
Recreativo do Libolo (ANG) win 6-3 on aggregate

AS Vacoas Phoenix (MRI) 0-3 Mamelodi Sundowns (RSA)
Mamelodi Sundowns (RSA) 6-1 AS Vacoas Phoenix (MRI)
Mamelodi Sundowns (RSA) win 9-1 on aggregate

Malanti Chiefs (SWZ) 1-3 AS Vita Club (DRC)
AS Vita Club (DRC) 3-0 Malanti Chiefs (SWZ)
AS Vita Club (DRC) win 6-1 on aggregate

CAPS United (ZIM) 0-0 ENPPI Cairo (EGY)
ENPPI Cairo (EGY) 2-1 CAPS United (ZIM)
ENPPI Cairto (EGY) win 2-1 on aggregate

Red Arrows (ZAM) 2-0 Ocean Boys (NGR)
Ocean Boys (NGR) 2-0 Red Arrows (ZAM)
2-2 on aggregate, Red Arrows (ZAM) win 5-3 on penalties

APR FC (RWA) 0-0 Haras El Hadood (EGY)
Haras El Hadood (EGY) 2-0 APR FC (RWA)
Haras El Hadood (EGY) win 2-0 on aggregate

MAS Fès (MAR) 1-1 El Gouafel Gafsa (TUN)
El Gouafel Gafsa (TUN) 1-0 MAS Fès (MAR)
El Gouafel Gafsa (TUN) win 2-1 on aggregate

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1st Leg - 17-19 April 2009
2nd Leg - 01-03 May 2009

Aigle Royal (CAM) 1-0 Bayelsa Utd (NGR)
Bayelsa Utd (NGR) 5-0 Aigle Royal (CAM)
Bayelsa United (NGR) win 5-1 on aggregate

Union de Douala (CAM) 1-1 Santos FC (ANG)
Santos FC (ANG) 4-0 Union de Douala (CAM)
Santos FC (ANG) win 5-1 on aggregate

CS Sfaxien (TUN) 2-0 Jeunesse CAT (CIV)
Jeunesse CAT (CIV) 0-1 CS Sfaxien (TUN)
CS Sfaxien (TUN) win 3-0 on aggregate

Jeunesse Medinat Bejaia (ALG) 1-0 Stade Malien (MLI)
Stade Malien (MLI) 1-0 Jeunesse Medinat Bejaia (ALG)
1-1 on aggregate, Stade Malien (MLI) win 13-12 on penalties

Entente Setif (ALG) 4-0 Recreativo do Libolo (ANG)
Recreativo do Libolo (ANG) 5-1 Entente Setif (ALG)
5-5 on aggregate, Entente Setif (TUN) win on away goals

Mamelodi Sundowns (RSA) 2-2 AS Vita Club (DRC)
AS Vita Club (DRC) 1-0 Mamelodi Sundowns (RSA)
AS Vita Club (DRC) win 3-2 on aggregate

ENPPI Cairo (EGY) 4-0 Red Arrows (ZAM)
Red Arrows (ZAM) 3-0 ENPPI Cairo (EGY)
ENPPI Cairo (EGY) win 4-3 on aggregate

Haras El Hadood (EGY) 3-0 El Gouafel Gafsa (TUN)
El Gouafel Gafsa (TUN) 1-3 Haras El Hadood (EGY)
Haras El Hadood (EGY) win 6-1 on aggregate

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Qualified for the Third Round:

Santos FC (Angola)
AS Vita Club (DR Congo)
ENPPI Cairo (Egypt)
Haras El Hadood (Egypt)
Stade Malien (Mali)
Bayelsa United (Nigeria)
CS Sfaxien (Tunisia)
Entente Setif (Tunisia)

will be joined by the following teams coming from the CL:

Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
Coton Sport (Cameroon)
Al Ahly (Egypt)
ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast)
Al Ahly Tripoli (Libya)
Djoliba (Mali)
Al Ittihad Khemisset (Morocco)
Kampala City Council (Uganda)

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05-15-2009 [Uganda] Kampala City Council 3 - 1 Bayelsa United [Nigeria]

05-15-2009 [Libya] Ahly Tripoli 0 - 0 Haras el Hodoud [Egypt]

05-15-2009 [Algeria] Entente Setif 3 - 1 Djoliba AC [Mali]

05-16-2009 [Angola] Primeiro de Agosto 2 - 0 Club Sportif Sfaxien [Tunisia]

05-16-2009 [Cameroon] Coton Sport 3 - 1 AS Vita Club [RD Congo]

05-16-2009 [Morocco] Ittihad Zemouri Khemisset 1 - 1 Stade Malien [Mali]

05-16-2009 [Egypt] Al Ahly 3 - 0 Santos FC [Angola]

05-17-2009 [Cote d'Ivoire] ASEC Abidjan 16:00 Enppi [Egypt]

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Abo Treka was the star of the show - a goal and 2 assists.

good day all in all. :D

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..What a choke. :( Deportivo-Milan 2004 style.

Tournament holders CSS out as well.

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1st Leg - 15-17 May 2009
2nd Leg - 29-31 May 2009

Primeiro Agosto (ANG) 2-0 CS Sfaxien (TUN)
CS Sfaxien (TUN) 2-0 Primeiro Agosto (ANG)
2-2 on aggregate, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola) win 5-4 on penalties

Al Ahly (EGY) 3-0 Santos FC (ANG)
Santos FC (ANG) 3-0 Al Ahly (EGY)
3-3 on aggregate, Santos FC (Angola) win 6-5 on penalties

Entente Setif (ALG) 3-1 Djoliba (MLI)
Djoliba (MLI) 3-1 Entente Setif (ALG)
4-4 on aggregate, Entente Setif (Algeria) win 5-4 on penalties

Al Ahly Tripoli (LBY) 0-0 Haras El Hadood (EGY)
Haras El Hadood (EGY) 2-1 Al Ahly Tripoli (LBY)
Haras El Hadood (Egypt) win 2-1 on aggregate

Coton Sport (CMR) 3-1 Vita Club (DRC)
Vita Club (DRC) 2-0 Coton Sport (CMR)
3-3 on aggregate, Vita Club (DR Congo) qualify on away goals rule

Al Ittihad Khemisset (MAR) 1-1 Stade Malien (MLI)
Stade Malien (MLI) 3-1 Al Ittihad Khemisset (MAR)
Stade Malien (Mali) win 4-2 on aggregate

Kampala City Council (UGA) 3-1 Bayelsa United (NGR)
Bayelsa United (NGR) 4-0 Kampala City Council (UGA)
Bayelsa United (Nigeria) win 5-3 on aggregate

ASEC Mimosas (CIV) 2-2 ENPPI Cairo (EGY)
ENPPI Cairo (EGY) 0-0 ASEC Mimosas (CIV)
2-2 on aggregate, ENPPI Cairo (Egypt) qualify on away goals rule


Very tight round with shocking exits by some of the top favourites.

Amazing feat by both Angolan clubs!

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Entente Setif (Algeria)
ENPPI Cairo (Egypt)
Santos FC (Angola)
Vita Club (DR Congo)

17-19 July:
Santos 1-0 ENPPI
Entente Setif 2-0 Vita Club

31 July-02 Aug:
ENPPI 3-4 Entente Setif
Vita Club 1-0 Santos

14-16 Aug:
Santos 1-0 Entente Setif
ENPPI 3-1 Vita Club

28-30 Aug:
Entente Setif 6-0 Santos
Vita Club 3-0 Enppi

11-13 Sep:
Enppi 4-0 Santos
Vita Club 2-1 Entente Setif

18-20 Sep:
Entente Setif 1-3 Enppi
Santos 1-0 Vita Club

Final Table
1 Entente Setif (ALG) ...6G 3W 0D 3L 14-9 9P
2 ENPPI Cairo (EGY) ......6G 3W 0D 3L 13-10 9P
3 Vita Club (DRC) .............6G 3W 0D 3L 7-7 9P
4 Santos FC (ANG) ............6G 3W 0D 3L 3-11 9P


Bayelsa United (Nigeria)
Haras El Hadood (Egypt)
Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
Stade Malien (Mali)

17-19 July:
Haras El Hadood 1-0 Bayelsa
Stade Malien 0-0 Primeiro de Agosto

31 July-02 Aug:
Bayelsa 1-2 Stade Malien
Primeiro de Agosto 1-0 Haras El Hadood

14-16 Aug:
Haras El Hadood 1-1 Stade Malien
Bayelsa 4-0 Primeiro de Agosto

28-30 Aug:
Stade Malien 2-0 Haras El Hadood
Primeiro de Agosto 3-1 Bayelsa

11-13 Sep:
Bayelsa 2-0 Haras El Hadood
Primeiro de Agosto 0-0 Stade Malien

18-20 Sep:
Stade Malien 0-1 Bayelsa
Haras El Hadood 5-1 Primeiro de Agosto

Final Table
1 Bayelsa (NIG) ....................6G 3W 0D 3L 9-6 9P
2 Stade Malien (MAL) .............6G 2W 3D 1L 5-3 9P
3 Primeiro de Agosto (ANG) ......6G 2W 2D 2L 5-10 8P
4 Haras El Hadood (EGY) ..........6G 2W 1D 3L 7-7 7P

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CAF 2009 Confederation Cup

Semi finals

03 Oct 2009 - 1st Leg

ENPPI Cairo (EGY) 2-2 Stade Malien (MAL)
Bayelsa United (NIG) 1-1 Entente Setif (ALG)

17-18 Oct 2009 - 2nd Leg

Stade Malien (MAL) 4-2 ENPPI Cairo (EGY)
Entente Setif (ALG) 1-0 Bayelsa United (NIG)

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29 Nov 2009 - 1st Leg
Entente Setif (Algeria) 2-0 Stade Malien (Mali)

4-6 Dec 2009 - 2nd Leg
Stade Malien (Mali) vs Entente Setif (Algeria)

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Setif happen to be Algerians. ;)

Btw, Stade Malien's strikers who absolutely owned ENPPI in the semis - Bakary Coulibaly and Ousmane Bagayoko - will both join Egyptian club Al Ittihad in the January transfer market. Reminds me of my club Al Ahly buying Nigerian players Sunday Ibeji and Robert Akaruye because they scored against us for Lobi Stars in the 2000 CAF CL. :D

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I guess you mistook Entente Sportive Sétifienne, ESS, for the other ESS, the Tunisian ones. :D

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Entente Setif win first leg
in BBC Football, 29.11.2009

Algerian club Entente Setif defeated Stade Malien of Mali 2-0 at home to win the first leg of the Confederation Cup final.

A brace from the competition's top scorer 25-year-old Abdulmalek Ziaya clinched the win for Entente.

This takes his tally to 15 goals in 15 games, and boosts his chances of an international call-up.

His first was a penalty which Stade's keeper parried back into Ziaya's path for him to score.

His second came with with ten minutes remaining when he initially failed to control a cross, but span around and shot right-footed past the keeper.

The second half of this encounter was a frustrating affair with neither team really taking control.

Entente Setif are hoping to make 2009 a memorable year for Algerian football following the national team's qualification for the World Cup in South Africa.

Ziaya will be hoping his performance in this competition could earn him a call-up from national coach Rabah Saadane for the Nations Cup tournament in January in Angola.

Winners of the Arab Champions League in 2007 and 2008, Entente have had less success in Africa as it is 21 years since they lifted the African Champions Cup by outclassing Nigerian rivals Iwuanyanwu Nationale 4-1 on aggregate.

However, the long African trophy drought did not prevent the 'Black Eagles' being among the Cup favourites from the kick-off 10 months ago and they won six of seven home games with the sole blip a 3-1 loss to Egyptian outfit ENPPI.

Stade, based in the industrial eastern sector of capital city Bamako, are back in an African final 44 years after losing the first African Champions Cup decider to Oryx Douala of Cameroon in Accra.

They defied considerable odds to get this far and owe much to penalty area predators Bakary Coulibaly and Ousmane Bagayoko, who shared the six goals that sunk ENPPI in the semi-finals.

Previous winners of a competition that replaced the African Cup Winners Cup and Caf Cup in 2004 include Hearts of Oak of Ghana, FAR Rabat of Morocco, Etoile Sahel and fellow Tunisians Sfaxien, who won twice in succession.

Apart from the prize money and prestige, whoever emerges victorious will face African Champions League holders TP Mazembe of DR Congo next year for the Super Cup.

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Congratulations to Stade Malien. :cool:
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