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2008-2009 Turkish Cup match threads

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Since we will likely not want to have a match thread for each cup match, let me suggest that we use this thread as a continuous match thread for each cup match (at least through the group stage).

Group D

Round 1:
Ankaragücü - FENERBAHÇE
Eskişehirspor - Bursaspor
Round 2:
Tokatspor - Eskişehirspor
Bursaspor - Ankaragücü
Round 3:
FENERBAHÇE - Bursaspor
Ankaragücü - Tokatspor
Round 4:
Eskişehirspor - Ankaragücü
Tokatspor - FENERBAHÇE
Round 5:
Bursaspor - Tokatspor
FENERBAHÇE - Eskişehirspor
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yea the conditions look bad. just hoping no one slips and gets hurt or anything
although it is fun to play some footie in the snow :D
True :D It becomes a battle or somewhat.
went to the mountains yesterday, thats exactly how the weather looked.

it looks like the snow is coming down more now
You guys got a stream?

Didn't even know the game was today, let alone so early :howler: May as well watch a bit if it's on now.
Got it on TVU.

Jesus what the **** is that pitch, at least it makes the players more distinguishable with the poor stream quality :dazed:
Halftime. good thing the goal came early, its turned into a short passing stalemate since then
Guiza again with his classic miss :D
They should have just played the game somewhere else.
I don't recall Fenerbahce ever played in Tokat. The stadium is decent for a 3rd-div team and far more packed than it would have been at SSS.
Ugur's second great chance of the game that has been blocked. and Deivid tries to chip in the rebound from 16ish yards haha
Ali Bilgin in for Ugur
Burak in for Guiza
and Burak yellow card 1 min after coming on :D
Volkan just made an incredible save, even though the player was a good 2-3 feet offside
Deniz in for Emre now.
FT 1-0. After the goal 9 mins in not much action. back to bed.
Our attacking power at the end of the game:

Ali Bilgin - Deivid - Kazim

Can't get any better than that. :D
FT 1-0. After the goal 9 mins in not much action. back to bed.
Fener'den tek tokat!
Jesus, I can't believe I woke up late to find out I have missed this

This again reminds me how soft England is because there were to matches postponed yesterday because the weather was -1 and the pitch was partially frozen.
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101 - 120 of 475 Posts
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