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2008-2009 Turkish Cup match threads

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Since we will likely not want to have a match thread for each cup match, let me suggest that we use this thread as a continuous match thread for each cup match (at least through the group stage).

Group D

Round 1:
Ankaragücü - FENERBAHÇE
Eskişehirspor - Bursaspor
Round 2:
Tokatspor - Eskişehirspor
Bursaspor - Ankaragücü
Round 3:
FENERBAHÇE - Bursaspor
Ankaragücü - Tokatspor
Round 4:
Eskişehirspor - Ankaragücü
Tokatspor - FENERBAHÇE
Round 5:
Bursaspor - Tokatspor
FENERBAHÇE - Eskişehirspor
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:howler: Babacan has caught Turkish Goaltending Fever, can't kick a ball.
At this rate im gonna detest the offside rule. Must be the 15th one in this game and it's only 40 minutes into the game.
Wow Selcuk Wow Deniz. Like why the **** can't these guys make a pass, how the hell are they pro footballers... seriously.
Yep, Deniz probably wont get to see the second half after his poor performance.

Oh and Guiza was no way offside, bad call from the ref but it was close.
Onder is a knob, he gets slapped on the face lightly while waiting for a corner to take place (the slap was on purpose). So he had to be immature and slap Sylla back.
Man this ref ****ing blows.
Stupid linesman's fault. The main ref has been cool in this game.
I can't believe our B team is keeping up with Sivas and finding chances the odd time. Those offsides on Guiza are inexcusable, that linesman is a ****ing joke, I expect the same amount of mistakes in the 2nd half in lieu of Sivas this time, but I wont get it.

But Fenerbahce B can't ****ing score, seriously. I don't think we're gonna score once in this game.
I hate to say it but Deniz needs to come off, and the only replacement available is Josico :yuck:
Diallo and Bilica are Sivas' only defenders and they are both marking Guiza. So it's not odd that we keep finding the odd chance, the long ball tactic of ours is actually working. Their other defenders are playing so high up you'd think they are wingers or something. They're going all out but only Kamanan came real close for Sivas.
I hate to say it but Deniz needs to come off, and the only replacement available is Josico :yuck:

I'd keep Deniz on then. At least the guy set up Guiza once and had a shot on net. I don't know what you're expecting Josico to do more. :groan:

All our midfields blow, wtf is this. This team needs a massive clean up because this is really disgusting. I rue the day Selcuk became our captain.
This is so depressing. I mean seriously, how did these guys become professional footballers? :/
Oh snap. Denied by the bar twice!

Great save on the second though.

Sivas shook the post pretty hard twice in a matter of seconds. In the second shot, Volkan beautifully saved Kamanan's shot and it hit the post then on.
:howler: Selcuk
Sivas are gunning for it now...

We have a nice opportunity of finding a goal through a counter attack but I don't think we have any players capable of setting one up... :neutral:
We have been solid defensively. Congrats to our back line for holding out so strong :thumbsup:
can you imagine if we scored? :howler:
Selcuk to the ref "I stopped the Sivas footballer from running fast by jumping in front of him like a wall, how can you call that a foul?" :howler:
421 - 440 of 475 Posts
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