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2008-2009 Turkish Cup match threads

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Since we will likely not want to have a match thread for each cup match, let me suggest that we use this thread as a continuous match thread for each cup match (at least through the group stage).

Group D

Round 1:
Ankaragücü - FENERBAHÇE
Eskişehirspor - Bursaspor
Round 2:
Tokatspor - Eskişehirspor
Bursaspor - Ankaragücü
Round 3:
FENERBAHÇE - Bursaspor
Ankaragücü - Tokatspor
Round 4:
Eskişehirspor - Ankaragücü
Tokatspor - FENERBAHÇE
Round 5:
Bursaspor - Tokatspor
FENERBAHÇE - Eskişehirspor
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Kazim mumbled out one word I think to the referee on the sideline. Probably why he got the straight red.
Colin turned to him and said "Siktir Lan" where ever he learnt that from but i guess he is warming to the league :howler:
Why oh why? If the subs dont get to play in these types of matches then when are they going to get a chance?
From what i know away goals do not count in FTK
I think Aragones should field this side if we want to win...I know a lot of guys dont like Maldonado but i disagree and think is he an ok player (he caught my eye with his hat-trick against United :howler:)

Volkan B
--Ali Bilgin - Yasin - Onder - R.Carlos
--Gokhan E. - Deniz - Maldonado (Abdulkadir) - Vederson
------------Guiza - Ilhan--------------​
why in the world would you put Josico on :googly:
Abi to be honest ive had enough of Selcuk slinging the ball around to the opposition and not being able to shield the ball....I know Josico is not great but as a overall player he is a better user of the ball than Selcuk.
Bence Deniz'i koy. He's better than those two, albeit marginally.
Yup i agree for some reason Sideshow Bob always seems to slip my mind :thumbsup:
Well at least we're going to have somesort of medal this season
1 - 7 of 475 Posts
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