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2008-2009 Turkish Cup match threads

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Since we will likely not want to have a match thread for each cup match, let me suggest that we use this thread as a continuous match thread for each cup match (at least through the group stage).

Group D

Round 1:
Ankaragücü - FENERBAHÇE
Eskişehirspor - Bursaspor
Round 2:
Tokatspor - Eskişehirspor
Bursaspor - Ankaragücü
Round 3:
FENERBAHÇE - Bursaspor
Ankaragücü - Tokatspor
Round 4:
Eskişehirspor - Ankaragücü
Tokatspor - FENERBAHÇE
Round 5:
Bursaspor - Tokatspor
FENERBAHÇE - Eskişehirspor
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Kazim mumbled out one word I think to the referee on the sideline. Probably why he got the straight red.
Sometimes I think the overall quality of the Anatolian teams have improved this year... Then I watch one of the gucu players have the most simple straight up shot towards the goal from 18 yards, only to kick it wide.
I also think Babacan's performance deserves praise. Although I think he was lucky when he timed his runs right near the end of the game. Could have lost the ball a few times while keeping the net open for long shots.
Jesus, I can't believe I woke up late to find out I have missed this

This again reminds me how soft England is because there were to matches postponed yesterday because the weather was -1 and the pitch was partially frozen.
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Well done Semih for spotting Kazim. Amazing pass.
For others who are seeking a live stream... http://www.justin.tv/live24_6

I didn't watch the first half but somehow I doubt Fener will score more than 1 goal.
Couldn't care less about the streams. Im on an unlucky streak on Texas hold'em poker.
The Justin site has been malfunctioning a hell of a lot. Like sometimes I can watch good streams whereas my cousin in London cannot and then works for him at times when it doesn't for me. They should get it together.
ok here we go. Nice stream.

Yildiz missed an incredible chance. There was a cross on the floor from the left flank and Babacan missed it completely. Leaving the goal empty with just Yildiz needing a quick tap.
Half time and it's 0-0.
WHAT THE **** does Mehmet Yildiz think he is doing??? One of the Sivas players fouled Alex and is about to get a yellow card for it, then Mehmet turns up and grabs the ref's wrist and moves his hand away from his pocket with the yellow and puts the refs hand to behind his back. I would have sent that **** of right there.
And the fact that he would move extremely close to the referee to patronize him really pissed me off. If I were on the field I would have punched him right there.
Guiza is to come on.
GOOOOOOOOL Nice goal from Deniz. 1-0 to us.
I don't know what is wrong with Sivas. They have been trying to play attacking football for the past two games but have left a massive gap between their defense and midfield. They should revery back to their traditional setting and try to win from there.
Edu goal :D
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