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2008-2009 Turkish Cup match threads

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Since we will likely not want to have a match thread for each cup match, let me suggest that we use this thread as a continuous match thread for each cup match (at least through the group stage).

Group D

Round 1:
Ankaragücü - FENERBAHÇE
Eskişehirspor - Bursaspor
Round 2:
Tokatspor - Eskişehirspor
Bursaspor - Ankaragücü
Round 3:
FENERBAHÇE - Bursaspor
Ankaragücü - Tokatspor
Round 4:
Eskişehirspor - Ankaragücü
Tokatspor - FENERBAHÇE
Round 5:
Bursaspor - Tokatspor
FENERBAHÇE - Eskişehirspor
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what times kick off?
what times kick off?
15 minutes mate
15 minutes mate
cool thanks
goool Roberto!
goool Roberto!
2 goals in a matter of seconds? :eek: :D
kazim playing alright
its so weird seeing all these bursa players after i managed them on fm for 2 years

i know them all lol :D
are you guys hearing gunshots?
wederson shot, ivankov saves

looked like it was going wide anyway
semihs mum looks like my teyze :D
lugano bought down, no penalty given
ibrahim scores for bursa
No Semih again, huh? I wonder how this guy can be motivated to play for Fenerbahce. Goal king is backup to someone who, despite his goal today, is not in form.

Dare I say it but I reckon this may be a turning point. The guy looked really happy to finally get on the scoresheet and his team mates looked really supportive, now he just needs to build on his confidence :thumbsup:
wow i was wondering if semih should of played it off to the right to i think it was deivid instead of laying it off to to gokhan in that tight position
1 - 17 of 475 Posts
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