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From uefa.com:

Intertoto Cup draw on Monday

The draw for the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup will take place from 12.00CET on Monday at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

Format change

Last September, the UEFA Executive Committee approved a change in format for the summer competition, which dates back to 1995. From this year, three rounds will be played, instead of five. The eleven victorious teams from the UEFA Intertoto Cup third round will go through to the second qualifying round of the 2006/07 UEFA Cup.

No Portuguese

The 49 participating associations will each have one entrant, with Portugal not choosing to take part and no side involved from either Liechtenstein or San Marino. As a result of the Portuguese absence and given the rankings list below, Belgium will enter in the third round and Hungary in the second round. The identity of the clubs involved will not be confirmed until the end of the 2005/06 season.

Geographical draw

Monday's midday ceremony will see the matches decided for all three rounds, with the countries divided on a geographical basis for draw purposes. The first round, which will be played over two legs on 17/18 and 24/25 June, features 26 nations. Another 13 countries will join in the second round, to take place on 1/2 and 8/9 July, before the eight seeded contestants come in for the decisive third round on 15/16 and 22 July.

Entry 3rd: Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium
Entry 2nd: Scotland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Israel, Serbia & Montenegro, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary
Entry 1st: Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Latvia, Finland, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Iceland, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Republic of Ireland, Belarus, Armenia, Malta, Albania, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Wales, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Andorra

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2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup first round
First leg: 17/18 June
Second leg: 24/25 June

Match - Fixture

1 F.Y.R. Macedonia - Romania
2 Slovenia - Andorra
3 Cyprus - Albania
4 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Malta
5 Armenia - Georgia
6 Kazakhstan - Belarus
7 Slovakia - Luxembourg
8 Azerbaijan - Moldova
9 Iceland - Northern Ireland
10 Latvia - Faroe Islands
11 Finland - Wales
12 Estonia - Sweden
13 Lithuania - Republic of Ireland

2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup second round
First leg: 1/2 July
Second leg: 8/9 July

Match - Fixture

A Hungary - Turkey
B Winners match 1 - Bulgaria
C Serbia & Montenegro - Winners match 2
D Israel - Winners match 4
E Croatia - Winners match 3
F Switzerland - Czech Republic
G Winners match 7 - Ukraine
H Austria - Winners match 5
I Winners match 8 - Poland
J Russia - Winners match 6
K Scotland - Winners match 10
L Denmark - Winners match 13
M Norway - Winners match 9
N Winners match 11 - Winners match 12

2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup third round
First leg: 15/16 July
Second leg: 22 July

Winners enter the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup

Italy - Winners match B
Greece - Winners match A
Spain - Winners match C
Winners match D - Winners match E
Winners match F - Belgium
France - Winners match G
Germany - Winners match J
Winners match H - Winners match I
England - Winners match M
Winners match N - Netherlands
Winners match L - Winners match K

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I'm pretty confident the Scottish team will get through, maybe because that team will probably be my own. Last time we entered this comp we went out at the first hurdle but not this time, we'll make it.
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