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2000-2001 Squad numbers!!!!!

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The complete list of squad numbers for 2000-2001 is as follows:

1. Westerveld
2. Henchoz
3. Matteo
4. Song
5. Staunton
6. Babbel
7. Smicer
8. Heskey
9. Fowler
10. Owen
11. Redknapp
12. Hyypiä
13. Murphy
14. Heggem
15. Berger
16. Hamann
17. Gerrard
18. Meijer
19. Arphexad
20. Barmby
21. McAllister
22. Camara
23. Carragher
24. Diomède
25. Thompson
26. Nielsen
29. Wright
30. Traore
31. Kippe
32. Newby
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I expected Babbel to have 2...anyway...doesnt matter.
I think they do it on purpose. BABB was using 6 before, now that he has left, BABBEL took over.

Anyone with a BABB on their Liverpool shirt can get a discount when they change it to BABBEL - just add the alphabets 'EL'.

With Matteo having 3, I think he should be the first choice left-back, though squad numbers tell nothing these days. Eveb Murphy got "promoted" to 13 after using 24 for so three seasons.

PS: Great to see the likes of Babb, Bjornebye and Friedel all gone.
Yep the way at Liverpool, is that nobody takes any of the other squad numbers until someone else leaves.
When you look at that squad, you get a feeling that there is a lot more depth than this time last season!
Certainly, more depth, LFC will continue to improve. I hope this season will yield some much needed silverware.
I have SKY installed few weeks ago... but as I said, New Zealand only shows rugby. There will be selected live match every weekend. I hope I can see Liverpool play everyweek but I know this is not going to happen.
This is a good team. I have confidence that Liverpool will win something this year.... might be FA Cup or League Cup first? But we have to aim higher...... WIN ALL........ AYE?

I'm a lot more optimistic than last year, for a start our strikeforce is not injured. Apart from Redknapp we are in goodshape, hopefully Titi will stay, and we sign a new leftback!
I can see a trophy and a European Champions cup place. I am hopeful for a tilt at the title this season, but maybe that is a little beyond us, but hey we have to be one of maybe 4 teams that can win it!
If I was GH, I would
1. sell Redknapp (injury prone, hamman, gerrard, Bambry are all better)
2. Buy Ziege
3. keep Camara (you always need a fourth striker)
4. give Smicer until Christams to prove himself. If he doesn't fill Macca's shoes, buy Ronald De Boer from Barceolona
Bulldog,noone will buy Redknapp at the right price.To sell such player for 4 million pounds and risk the chance of him recovering and start playing as he can really do its stupid,because a Redknapp without injuries problems costs over 12 million pounds.So keep him,and if he recovers its good,if he doesnt its shame but at least you wont give away one of your best players for peanuts.Redders is Red through that bone,only his presence at the club is important.

And only Gerrard is better than Redknapp in the Liverpool squad.

I have to say that I dont understand your optimism.Yes we slighlty improved with Babbel and Aprhexad but the rest of our signings are either HUGE question marks (Will Diomede revive his career? was Barmby a half year firework?) or CRAP (McAllister).We improved slightly,Artsenal made some great moves in the transfer market woth Lauren and Pires (especially Lauren) while we failed to do two things: a) find the cretive midfielder we badly need and b) replace Dom with a gret left back.

We are practically at the same level,and we came 4 last year.Leeds is also imrpoving if Viduka can score.
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I disagree Ammo, I think Barmby is very creative, I wanted us to sign him back when he left Spurs for Middlesbrough. He is going to suprise a few people!
Incuding me if he ever manages to become something more than a squad player.

The good thing is that adde on more England international.Now we have 5 and a half (Heskey,Fowler,Owen,Gerrard,Barmby and possibly Redknapp)
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