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Former manager disappointed with Bergkamp

By Boris Mellor - February 27 2006
Former Arsenal manager Don Howe has spoke out about the departure of Patrick Vieira. In particular he has expressed disapointment over Dennis's role.

Don is fed up with people bringing Patrick Vieira up all the time. He was a great great player but he has gone and he won't be coming back - "so let's move on". Even Bergkamp has brought him up on television which diasppointed Howe a bit.

Great players have left before but the club is stronger than ever. Liverpool lost Keegan and Daglish, United lost Roy Keane. It happens and continues to happen.

Howe: Rubbish that Arsenal can’t cope with bullies

By Boris Mellor - February 28 2006

Don Howe who coached Arsenal to it’s first double in 1971, and managed the team in the mid eighties has strong views on those who say Arsenal can’t cope with the physical game. "Absolute rubbish". He believes it is wrong to say that, but it is easy for critics to come out with it.

He also believes that Cesc and Flamini are the easy targets for this accusation. But he believes they are gutsy and learning all the time. They both have tempers on them when needed, they won’t be bossed around, and always want the ball.

However he believes the real problem is not enough guidance from the more experienced players – Gilberto is a fine player but he is not a talker. He argues it would help to have someone "in there to point things out to them".


So someone professional finally says what i/we have been saying all season. good on ya don

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