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I didn`t watch the match, but I am as disappointed as you all. My only hope is, that Boskov starts kicking the players asses.
I heard that Kezman scored on of the goals. To me he is the only winner of the trip (besides the golman(s) who didn`t play today). Give him a chance to start against Slovenia.

To all of you who are now in deep despession. This trip and all the testmatches these days. They are complete rubbish. Germany played so ugly during qualification and now they`ve won against Mallorca 4-0 and everything is fine. Just wait and see. Btw do you remember our glorious 3-0 over Nigeria 2 years ago and the sh** we played afterwards at France 98.

This time, I guess we all do not expect too much.


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This is a disgrace!!! :( :(
I can't believe this, I was in a state of shock when I saw the result, I couldn't believe my eyes, they might as well all go back home and let the Irish play instead.
And please, I am asking everybody not to give me that bull*hit about how this match wasn't important and they weren't motivated, bla, bla, bla...
We are talking about HONG KONG!!!!!!!! :( :( :(
And it is only 10 days till we play Slovenia.. :(
I hope in the end I am forced to "eat my words", but calling Spain "underachievers" is the biggest insult possible to common sense, because we are truly the masters of underachievement...
Hong Kong, oh my God, "zemljo otvori se".... :(

What the heck have I done to deserve a double-cripler saturday(Warriors 6-13 Canberra, Yugo 2-4 Hong Kong)

I dont understand why I'm being punnished like this :) :( :(

I read that Yugoslavia played with extreme caution and very little pace. Afterwards the players said the heat was immense and that Euro 2000 was just around the corner and they didn't want to risk any injuries.

A result like this is pretty shocking, but if it was a World Cup or something Yugoslavia would have hammered this weak team.
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