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The African Championship of Nations, a brand new tournament created by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is currently taking place in Ivory Coast.

This is a new tournament where only players who are based in their home country's domestic league are eligible. Stars playing in Europe and even those who have moved to other African leagues are not allowed to take part.

"We strive to give to the local African players the possibility to showcase their talents and abilities, but also to bring to a higher level the national championships in Africa, and to boost their importance," said CAF president Issa Hayatou, about the tournament that will be taking place every two years.

Here are the scores so far:

Group A (Abidjan and Bouaké)

Ivory Coast 0-3 Zambia
Senegal 1-0 Tanzania

Zambia 0-0 Senegal
Tanzania 1-0 Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast 0-0 Senegal
Zambia 1-1 Tanzania

Final Group A table
1 Zambia...........3G 1W 2D 0L 4-1 5P
2 Senegal...........3G 1W 2D 0L 1-0 5P
3 Tanzania...........3G 1W 1D 1L 2-2 4P
4 Ivory Coast.........3G 0W 1D 2L 0-4 1P


Group B (Bouaké and Abidjan)

Ghana 2-2 Zimbabwe
DR Congo 2-0 Libya

Zimbabwe 1-1 DR Congo
Libya 1-1 Ghana

Ghana 3-0 DR Congo
Zimbabwe 0-0 Libya

Final Group B table
1 Ghana...........3G 1W 2D 0L 6-3 5P
2 DR Congo........3G 1W 1D 1L 3-4 4P
3 Zimbabwe..........3G 0W 3D 0L 3-3 3P
4 Lybia..................3G 0W 2D 1L 1-3 2P



04/03/09, Bouaké:
Ghana 1-1 Senegal [AET; 7-6 after penalties]

04/03/09, Abidjan:
Zambia 1-2 DR Congo


Third place play-off:

07/03/09, Abidjan:
Senegal 1-2 Zambia



08/03/2009, Abidjan:
Ghana 0-2 DR Congo
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