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I found this picture in the internet when Crespo was 17 years old,why don't you take a look?I intend to use it as my avatar since my name is Hernan Crespo.


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Hi there welcome to the Lazio forum...:D :D

The pic that you actually have isn't one that was taken when he was 17 years old...

It was taken last year as the strip that he has on for the NT is the one he wore when he played against Italy on the 28th of February last year....sorry.....:( :(

I know as i have a magazine with a pic of that jersey....while he was playing against Italy....and he was almost 26 years old by then...

In fact i don't have the link but if you go to River Plates website...sorry but it's in Spanish you may be able to find pics of him when he was that age....


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