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1. Because there is this team.
2. Why not?
3. It is a football team - not a handball for example.
4. Sweet red-green colors of club.
5. Title "Lokomotiv" differ from monstrous "CSKA" title. It's
decryption more and more funny with every year.
6. Title "Lokomotiv" more realistic than carnival, buffoon title - "Spartak".
7. Title "Lokomotiv" more presentable than "TorPEDO" for example.
8. Loko - best football club of the world!
9. There are no colors such as blue and pink on the club uniform :)
10. There is no more mercantile people in Loko after Ignashevich gone!
11. Thrice Genius of modern, Russian at least, football plays in Loko - Dmitry
12. Dmitry Loskov!
13. Dmitry Loskov! (Thrice Genius as i said, so...)
14. as well as Sergei Ovchinnikov!
15. and Marat Izmailov!
16. and Vadim Evseev!
17. in addition there is Mikhail Ashvetia!
18. and Maxim Buznikin!
19. How we can not admire of native "lokomotivers": worker Volodya Maminov
20. and titanic stronghold of defence Oleg Pashinin
21. thats not all ! We have two wonderful Dima's: jet Dima Sennikov, like a Carlson (with a propeller from a Sweedish story)
22. and virtuoso of ball Dima Khohlov!
23. and in defence we have Gena Nizegorodov! who flit like a industrious bee
24. and in attack we have red-green hero Ruslan Pimenov who crash enemies like a
dead thin reed!
25. and in flank, ploughing up the sod, we have rush armoured train fireman -
Jacob Lekheto!
26. except of thouse red-green holders of an order we have more perfect players!
27. we have elderly and eminent coach, Yury Palich!!! He is GOOD!
28. Loko have most excellent president - Valery Nikolaevich Filatov!
29. Our team has most sagacious and experienced physicians ! :)
30. Loko for the football without drugs and doping ! :)
31. Loko for the peace all over the world ! :)
32. Loko against racism and xenofoby ! :)
33. Loko against anti-semitism and fascism ! :)
34. Loko for the triumph of progress over obscurantism ! :)
35. Loko against biassed refereeing ! :)
36. Loko for the pure, devout football ! :)
37. Loko for the transparency of all, that must be transparent in professional
football ! :)
38. Loko against "under-rug fights" ! :)
39. Loko for the honest fight on a football field ! :)
40. Loko against the speculators and their bosses ! :)
41. Loko against agreed matches ! :)
42. Loko for mass doping tests after every match ! :)
43. Loko for the fairplay on the field and beyond it ! :)
44. Loko never toss money around, but make a spot purchases ! :)
45. Loko never buy matches unlike some other teams (you know what i mean) ! :)
46. Loko have own beautiful stadium!
47. Our goalkeeper have "Boss" nickname and that's cool as well as truthful!
48. Many best girls, guys, women, men of our wonderful, joyous country supports Loko!
49. and not only our country (...like me!:D)
50. not country, all over the world, not less!
51. "Lokomotiv" team dont have a reasons to be redden!
52. Loko plays against false animals - "konei", "svinei" and "mentov"!
53. Russians, tatars, belorussians, gorgians, lithuanians and people with dark skin plays in Loko!
54. Loko's skirt's design causes full delight, and it is important too :)
55. Players of Loko have a different growing. There are little, middle and tall:)
56. Our footballers have a different hairstyles, that allows, in addition to the
previous reason, to differ them on field very easy.
57. Most of our players have their own, recognised technic of ball control.
58. When Lokomotiv plays divinly, your eyes are pleased and your soul are
singing. (hard to translate :)
59. Loko plays "divinly" often.
60. But when Loko did not play "divinly", it brings to fans other impressions...
61. It is fashonably to support Loko!
62. and prestigiously!
63. Supporting of Loko brings you up on the social stairway! It's fact.
64. but if you want, for example, to fall down to the usual people you can
support other team. Hehehe.
65. Loko's supporting mobilize your gray substance of the brain to it's hard
work for full realization of Loko's phenomenon!
66. and harden your temper. For the real effect you must to support a team for a
5 years at least :)
67. When you stand to the path of Lokomotiv supporting, attractive
prospects of being like Superhuman aka "lokomotivius futbolikus" appears before
your eyes :)
68. "Samiy luchshii kollektiv - eto nash Lokomotiv" aka Most attractive
collective is our Lokomotiv :)
69. Lokomotiv consists of F.G.W - footballers of Good Will.
70. Footballers of Good Will fights against footballers of Evil Will. So we are
Good :)
71. Good must have a fists. Our players are real Fighters with capital letter.
72. Why we must support Loko? Because it's normal. There are some unnormal things but supporting of Loko is normal :)
73. You can start support Loko for a mental experiment.
74. Supporting of Loko opens a doors to the other dimentions. Also the fact of this can be pleasing if you like this dimention.
Nothing can by unnecessary :)
75. They said that most truly fans of Loko becomes unmortals. Of course I don't believe in this, but it's just another version of
"immortality" so why not? :)
76. Also there are rumors that some fans of Loko speaks with a Lord by phone and have a contacts with Aliens, but it is not too
flaunted because many of people didn't believe in that, so who want to be a full idiot in other's eyes :)
77. Football civilization starts at Cherkizovo Stadium so it's a big pleasure to go on civilisation's first edge.
78. You can watch Loko's games at spring!
79. and at summer!
80. and certainly at autumn!
81. Sometimes at winter too, so we can support Loko every season.
82. Only one word: football.
83. Two words: Pleasure and Rest!
84. Three words: Enjoyment! Enjoyment! Enjoyment!
85. For supporting of Loko you don't need to know who are Pontiy Pilat,Starostin and Fedotov.
86. In a time of supporting you recognize who you are.
87. It's absurdity to support other club.
88. Our players have some moral responsiblity before their fans unlike some other teams.
89. Lokomotiv is a honor and conscience of russian people!
90. Our coach, Yury Palich, sharp, paradoxical and progressive-minded thinker of XXI century.
91. Our second team (as Loko-B) pleases and amuses red-green folk more often then it's adversaries.
92. Lokomotiv is most manly team of Russia.
93. Our players never agonize on the field, they like to be a part of festive action of football show. That players who don't it leave us and move to other teams where they are "Working", not "Gaming".
94.Other team want to play a good football too, but their wishes is not enough.
They must to be able as Loko.
95. Don't ask what Lokomotiv can do for you, Ask what you can do for Lokomotiv!
96. Loko fans never speak about "Lokomotiv weather" and other nonsense. Any weather is native for Loko. Lokomotiv is Player-dependent only, not other childish "stories and signs".
97. Our players like vitamins and healthly food rather then steroids and food junk. It's a good and professional for footballer.
98. Our players are normal guys rather then little personifications of Budda on the Earth. Basically...
99. Loko against abortion but for contraception! :)
100. Lokomotiv is Light and not Lokomotiv is Dark, in a football case certainly.
101. Lokomotiv player - Ruslan Pimenov have a most powerful kick...to adversary's foot among all other forwards of Premier-Liga.
102. Lokomotiv player - Max Buznikin plays on guitar and sing songs, he is a forward too ;)
103. Lokomotiv player - Dima Loskov have a gun and he fires to wild boars and other angry animals also red-green patriarch - Zaur Hapov present him very beautyful bottle of vodka. "For a compresses", of course.
You asking - "Where is a reason???". Here it is -
Dima not only a Football Genius, he also is fearless hunter in addition. So our captain is Phenomenon Figure.
104. Loko prefers concision and smart improvisation then different "squares" on field. But if "square" needed our guys will play in "square". Smart people plays in Loko :)
105. If Loko supporter did not notice some errors of our players, Yury Palich backstops him and show to the player his fault from
a coach chairs.
106. Players rarely make rough faults cause in our club plays almost only football grossmasters.
107. Lokomotiv player - Marat Izmailov like to fiddle with ball all free time, but he do it also when time is not "free" too.
It's touch fan's senses, especially if they are Loko's fans.
108. Jacob Lekheto plays fo Lokomotiv. This fact speaks for itself. Such player will not play in bad team! So Loko is excellent team.
So we have another reason to support Loko :)
109. I don't know, but I heared sometimes that there are too many "common persons" and lecher people as other teams' fans.
110. Finally, listen to your heart. Did you hear what it wispers to you?
111. ...and you don't know so much interesting things about Lokomotiv yet...

(c) GREENPIG 25.01.2004

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Geez, 111 reasons??? :)

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Loko is a funny club which is rich because of its ties to the Russian Railway Coorperation.

Mos tof their supporers r glory hunters and have very few die hard fans.

Where as CSKA, Zenit and Scumtak Moscow are teams with huge fanbases ever since the Soviet era.

ALLTHOUGH I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST Loko, and i wish them well.

they have a good team but not as good as CSKA .

and yes we will run away with the league.

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One reason against Loko: They are from Moscow :)

Go Krylya Sovetov!!!:D

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that"s what I call faith :D

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supporters facts!

most fans: Spartak Moscow

most loyal: CSKA Moscow

most hools/ultras: CSKA, Spartak and Zenit

best atmosphere at home matches: Zenit

Biggest Derby: CSKA vs. Spartak by far.

other good derby: FC Rostov vs. SKA Rostov(currentley in 1st division tho)

other big matches:

Zenit vs Spartak/CSKA
Loko vs. Spartak/CSKA
Dinamo vs. Spartak/CSKA
Saturn vs. Spartak/CSKA

Loko vs. Torpedo is a good one also, this is the one match there Loko and Torpedo hooligans really go at it.

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not to forget Alania-Spartak!!!

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not a bad one, spartak-alania is a good match.

also Dinamo-Zenit. can't believe i forgot that one, these two teams' fans hate eachother. a few years ago 2 Zenit supporters were killed by Dinamo fans.

Viola, ru a Spartak supporter?

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kak dela kakoy gavariout pa-ruski? ya gavariou pa-ruski!!:D
ya liubliu lokomotiv!!!
hahaha just wanted to post some of my russian knoweledge, I am currently learning Russian..It's quite interesting I must say :)
Lokomotiv deserve to be in the quarters of the Cl!! Forza Izamilov!

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Hehe, the hardest thing about Russian was learning the alphabet. The rest is not THAT hard however it's not as easy as Spanish/Italian but I like it cuz it's more of a challenege.
BTW Arianna you must have loads of time on your hands to invent 111 reasons to support Lokomotiv...I mean 111 reason??:confused: :eek:

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