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11/04/2008 CL Group Stage Matchday 4: Anorthosis - INTER

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same opponent, same result? but i would like to see more goals...
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Burdisso with another classic blunder.
Err its clearly JC's fault, why the **** is he coming out that far from his goal?
I'm pretty sure he would have called it, candy-man.
Carson do you actually watch Inter games ? You're constantly online during them but never seem to have a clue what's going on ?!
Yeah, noticed that too. He seems to know when goals are scored though. Just not how.
Why did Balotelli try to 1st time it? He had so much time and space.
EDIT: LOL. What a joke.
Burdisso wasn't even marking anyone. He even took out our own player with his ass. :drunk:
You are all just speculating :smileani:, but even if he did call why bother to come out, Burdisso has clearly got it covered.
I guess JC wanted to collect and distribute rather than face the possibility of having Burdisso f**k up. Too bad, JC...you underestimated him! :howler:
LOL. Guess which side got a royal bollocking at halftime?
Loved how Mourinho just nodded when they scored. Like he was thinking "Cheers, Burdisso...you f**king douche".
Mourinho nodded his head to himself in mock agreement, Burdisso's Inter career may be over
This has to be some Voodoo magic or something. This can't really be happening
I'm really not that surprised. Burdisso is like that. Either he does dumb shit like that or he just jinxes us. Remember who was in the middle of it all after we lost to Valencia. And who got sent off against Liverpool to cost us the tie for sure? He's our CL jinx, man.

Like a f**king fat ass black cat running back and forth across your path.
Nah, guys. Chill. At least Burdisso's been subbed off. :hopeful:
wondering Jose would say about burshito

Q: what you of Burdisso's performance?

Jose: "It" seems to like setting up goals I might play him as a playmaker next time
:howler: :thumbsup:
Alright, I am going to have to eat my ego and my words. Nerazzurri4life was correct about Burdisso. I'm out- later
What about me? :D I'm the f**king founder of the Anti-Burdisso movement. Some credit, please. ;)

hmm just seen the highlights again and burdisso is to be blamed just as much as jc.

Burdisso was going to pass back at the keeper but he didnt realise there was a player behind him, the player could have latched onto that ball. However JC is still just as guilty for not communicating with Burdisso about the man behind or that he was coming to claim the ball.
Like I said, JC called for the ball. It's Burdisso's fault he couldn't adjust his brain to deal with that. Mourinho is convinced of this too:-

"Julio Cesar called for the ball and Burdisso decided to intervene like that. It wasn't a good decision. If he wanted to go for the ball he should have kicked it out of play. Anyway, at the end of the first half I told my players I didn't want to criticise individuals."

I can't blame JC for it...you make the call and when you get there, you find that your defender has ignored you and decided to put it back anyway.
1 - 14 of 256 Posts
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