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11/04/2008 CL Group Stage Matchday 4: Anorthosis - INTER

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same opponent, same result? but i would like to see more goals...
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ye keep me updated cant watch it

service me b!tches lolololol

that sounds like something bob wud say

.........or pulsy lololololol
this is my best carson immitation rite here

Baggio rounds Illgner and scores!!!! Baggio..gol...3-1 INTER over madrid...oh wait...lol that happened ages ago

GOAL!!!!!!! Recoba free kick 3-1 to us. Roma is beaten
CUper celebrates

Nah guys its TAZZ not carson...

but what really goin on with our boys people. We aint see this kinda SH!TE at INTER for so long.

Chaaaaa.....seriously...i aint seen this sorta thing in so long

This is an Italian team....2 midfielders
WTF not able to watch the game coz I'm at work, checked live score we were leading one minute and the second we are drawining :confused:

I hoped it was some sort of mistake by the livescore coz how the hell do they score so quick? Did they take a shot from the half way line right after the kickoff or something LOL this is crazy

from the half way line????? hahahahah

Mourinho has finally cracked ...
Wats up with the stachez on the avatars folks? Mazzola sick or something????
1 - 7 of 256 Posts
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