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I know its been a good 18 hours since the match finished, but didnt get time to post after the match.

Absolute shenanigans at the back, was quite embarassing. I dont think i have been that frustrated during an Inter match for a while, i was throwing all sorts of projectiles around in my living room. Obviously on another day and another defensive pairing we would have had this match wrapped up, but wasnt the case. I didnt understand JM's decision not to start Cordoba.

JM's substitutions were disappointing as well, dont think it was the best idea at that point of the match to move Cambiasso so deep, and move Zanetti into midfield, that was a terrible decision.

Our midfield and Ibra were terrible, couldnt string two passes together, just kept losing possession or just passing to no one, so frustrating.

A disappointing result really, and its a huge loss of two points, as qualification wouldve allowed us to rest players for the next two matches and concentrate on getting back on track in the Serie A, so in other words this result has affected our whole next month of football.

I guess there is quite a few positives out of this match:

1. Balotelli's set pieces, finally we are a threat again from the set piece. Such an improvement from Mancini and Chivu really, unbelievable how much it adds to our game.

2. Quaresma had his best match so far in an Inter shirt, that run that he made which led to him being followed and us subsequently scoring, is exactly what we need. He was direct in that run, and it just seemed to open things up so much, that could be the creative edge we need if he can execute that sort of stuff on the football field consistently.

3. Cruz scoring, and showing fans that there are no grudges with Mou.
1 - 2 of 256 Posts
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