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in the right mind, you would have the best 11 sorted out as we did for the qualifing.

But, since qualifing ended some transfers have happened that changed the face of Romanian football for Euro 2008.

The back line for example.


We now have on left back possibly


How do you choose between these players..

Well lets break it down.

S.Radu was a Dinamo CB/LB until he made a career changing move to Lazio S.S. which got his name on the big map.
Now consitered one of the best LB's in Serie A and one of the most influencial players in Lazio Roma's Squad, how do we forget him and pick Rat?

Rat is always consistant, gets assists, but can't defend.
Radu on the other hand proved lately he can defend the best attackers in Serie A AND move forward just as much or more effectively than Rat.

One mistake in judgement could make our left side weak.

Lets look to the CB Position now.


Now, we look at Radoi who is more than talented enough, he will be playing for the B team.
And then you look at guys like Goian and Tamas.

Goian has been "OK" for Steaua this season, but "GOOD" for the NT.
He deserves his spot 100%

Tamas has been awful for Auxurre who struggle to get results, managing several appearences off the bench.

Maftei has been the heart and soul of a Spectacular Rapid side.
When Maftei is on the pitch, Rapid wins matches.
When he leaves the pitch, there is a whole in the heart of Rapid's backline.

So do you take Maftei over Tamas?

Radoi and have been injured, but are more than talented enough for the NT, Radoi who is a given.
His lethal throw in's and ability to make stops defending and push forward make him lethal.

Look to the right side now, where right now there is no other option than Contra who has been back to his Milan days for Getafe.
And I can say this with confidance, he has been perfect for Getafe, who will make a run deep into the UEFA CUP.

So who do we start.


I am leaning towards Radu because of his performances in Lazio, and not sure about Tamas right now.

Looking the the mid where we have

Chivu (L/R/C/DM)
Codrea (DM)
Mutu (L/R/C)
Fl.Petre (R)
Nicolita (R)
O.Petre (DM)
Alexa (DM)

Dica (C/L)
Sinmartean (LR)
Costea (LR)
Szeleky (R)

Now with our formation we play a supporting role defending, counter attack style.

We would have two DM, supporting the LB and RB, to the wings.


Where 1 up helps 1 down, 4 up helps 4 down.

Who would be best here?

We have Radoi,Chivu,S.Radu,Codrea,O.Petre,Alexa,E.Dica.

I think E.Dica would be perfect on the right side, to help contra, but we can't leave out Codrea, who played so well for a failing Siena, and the NT.

Chivu who should be the left side, would leave S.Radu out if he plays there, unless we leave Rat out on the LB.

I really feel a Chivu,Radu combo is better than a Chivu,Rat combo.

Now move to the attacking part of the pitch.


What I have done is, Costea hates the right side, so I put Nicolita as the option there, and Dica plays Left and not right, putting Fl.Petre there.

The combinations at best could be Mutu,Dica,Sinmartean
and at worst Costea,Dica,Nicolita.

I really feel we have the talent in the midfield to put Mutu as a striker.
With under performing Marica, and tour de france Niculae, lighting up France.
We would have the option of getting the best players, and the best line-up which Piti is willing to use, that is key.

We have now M.Niculae who has been a quality player, a sub at most for us.

My best line-up could be



Rat/S.Radu--Goian----Tamas/Maftei/Radoi- Contra
-------------Lobont ( Coman ) ----------------

what are your thoughts.

I think the main problem could be picking between Radu and Rat.

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The defence is: Contra-Goian-Tamas-Rat

Unless there are injuries, or Piturca wants to make a very special thing in a concrete game, that will be the defence (with the only doubt of Contra or Ogararu as RB)

I don´t know, but I think the Tamas season is ok. Marica isn´t doing a great season either but he´s almost a 100% starter for Piturca. It´s usual in many Romanian players to play better in the NT than at their clubs.

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Piturca builds our NT around a unit of players that have certain capabilities with each other not just outright skill. He builds the team around core players not necessarily who might be the most skillful at the moment or have the best season.

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Sepsi assist..

Another LB in the works.

So now we have

Sepsi who is 21 or 22?
Radu who is 23?
Nesu who is 25?
Chivu who is 28?
Rat who is 27?

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When you play in a tournament like the Euro or the WC, you need at least two players for each position. Suspensions and injuries will always force the coach to play the second player.

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Anyways, players like Alexa, E.Dica, Sanmartean or even Maftei (Constantin and Moti are above him) never were options for Piturca, and they won´t be before EURO.

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yeah... Maftei wasnt that great so far.. but he still has alot of valuable skills

Sepsi kinda reminds me of a left footed Ghioane... just that Ghioane also takes good freekicks too
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