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I thought that only 3rd place got to the uefa cup and 4th place got a uefa cup place if the 2 teams who got into the champions league final got into the cup final.
Anyway for my predictions
Santa Clara

Beira mar

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Vitória de Setúbal-2 Boavista-1 :) :D :) :D
:) :D YEEEEEESSSS!!!!! :) :D :) :D :)

Sorry but I had to share my JOOY!! We beat Boavista after a heart jumping game...
Vitória scored at 3 min. In the 2nd half the ref sent out a player from Vitória for no obvious reasons and Boavista was, only then, able to equalize. But then the ref compensated by calling a penalty kick for Vitória, although it was out of the box

Now, I'd like to know your opinions about who goes down relegated, and who goes to European competitions. Here's the picture for relegations:

11º Farense............31
12º Sp.Braga...........30
13º União de Leiria....30
14º Rio Ave............29
15º Campomaiorense.....27
16º Salgueiros.........26 :(
17º Vitória de Setúbal.26 ;) going up...I hope
18º Santa Clara........22 :(

There are only 7 games left for the teams (except VFC who already played tonight). Vitória still has to play with FCP at Antas :( From what you know of these teams, which do you think will be the last three to be chopped off the 1ª Liga?
I think VFC has a very difficult task, but they also depend on other teams' results. And those can still fail.
As for European competitions...

Remember that the first two places give access to ChmpLeague and the 3rd to 5th to the UEFA Cup

1º Sporting CP..........61 :D :D
2º FC Porto.............60 :D
3º Benfica..............54 :)
4º Vitória de Guimarães.46 :)
5º Boavista.............42 :)
6º Gil Vicente..........41 :s
7º Marítimo.............39 :s

Although Benfica is behind they can still fight for the 2nd to go to the CL. VSC (Guimarãoes) is confortable but Boavista, who's already lost tonight, can lose their place both to Gil or Marítimo. I think there will be a fierce fight between Marítimo and Boavista. Gil is a nice surprise.

I'll be posting the placings in the future so we can watch the evolution of the Liga to the end (+7 games).

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Don't know, but they played lousy in the first half, while Vitória played very good, although failing some 2 other goals :(
In the 2nd half Vitória went a bit down, but still, only after the referee sent one man from Vitória away, were they able to make more pressure and score.
But then Boavista got a man sent off too, and they weren't capable of pressing Vitória.
Only in the final minutes, after Vitória's second goal, did they attack, but not enough.

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Here is hoping that U. Leiria stays in the 1st Division and joy that Academica and Beira Mar get promoted!!!! The reason is that my region of Portugal (Central/Beiras/Serra da Estrela) is one of the weakest in terms of soccer. the closest teams to my hometown, Ac. Viseu and Sp. Covilha, have not been to the 1st Division in over 10 years! That is why I root for teams like Leiria and Academica, even though they are a little farther away...

Of course, my 1st loyalties are always w/Sporting, but I like to root for the local teams, too!!

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Nice to hear from you, Penguin! We need you over at the Sporting board!!!


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The Setubal-Boavista game was probably one of the best played games this weekend. Setubal deserved the victory!

As for who is promoted, I love to see Academica and Beira Mar back in the 1st division as well. I think that Santa Clara is out as well as Campomaiorense and Salgueiros.

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28ª Jornada - Promotion and Relegation STANDINGS

Well, the last game ended a few minutes ago (Farense-0 Gil Vicente-2!), so here are the definite standings for next week

1ª Liga - Top
1 Sporting 64
2 FC Porto 60
3 Benfica 57
4 V. Guimarães 46
5 Gil Vicente 44!
6 Marítimo 42
7 Boavista 42

Here the news is that Gil Vicente took the last UEFA place, after winning in Faro tonight. They played very well and surprised everybody. Some commentators say they're playing the most beautiful football in 1ª Liga. But I still have a feeling that Boavista will make it.

1ª Liga - Bottom
12 Sp. Braga 31
13 Farense 31
14 Rio Ave 29
15 Salgueiros 27
16 Campomaiorense 27
17 V. Setúbal 26
18 Santa Clara 25

Now...this..is a mess. Any predictions here are extremely difficult, but Santa Clara and Vitória are the ones with a harder future. And they're playing out next week. Farense isn't safe, and they'll play with Boavista in Porto next week.

I personaly wish that these teams make it: Vitória, Campomaiorense and Santa Clara. Because these clubs are some of the few from the south of Portugal, and S.Clara is the ONLY one from the Azores. Therefore a very special team, along with Marítimo.

By the way: 2ª Liga. There are three promoting posts for five fighting teams:

1 Beira-Mar..............52
2 Desportivo das Aves...... 51
3 Académica...............50
4 Varzim........................49
5 Paços de Ferreira......49
6 Penafiel.............44

I would also like to see Académica in the 1ª, because it's a one of a kind team in the whole world, and Beira-Mar was unlucky last year. I mean, they showed good playing, but weren't lucky in the last game.
Unfortunately Penguin, Covilhã has few chances of staying in 2ª Liga...

14 Naval.......32
15 Imortal.....26
16 Sp. Covilhã...21
17 Moreirense.....20
18 Esposende.....19

It's quite uncertain to tell which three teams will be promoted to 1ª Liga, but the relegated seem to be kind of defined though.

What are your predictions?

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29th Jornada

These are the standings of 1ª and 2ª Liga after tonight's concluding game between Boavista and Farense (2-1)

:D 1 Sporting 65
:D 2 FC Porto 63
:) 3 Benfica 60
:) 4 V. Guimarães 47
5 Boavista 45
6 Gil Vicente 45
7 Marítimo 43
8 E. Amadora 38
9 U. Leiria 34
10 Alverca 34
11 Belenenses 34
12 Sp. Braga 34
13 Farense 31
14 Rio Ave 30
15 V. Setúbal 29
:( 16 Salgueiros 27
:( 17 Campomaiorense 27
:( 18 Santa Clara 25

Sporting lost two points to FCP and SLB, and has a shorter advantage. Boavista and G.Vicente are still fighting for a last place in Europe, while Vitória de Setúbal got out of the relegation area (YEES!) after their win in Alverca. S.Clara lost and are much closer o 2ª Liga.

:) 1 Beira Mar 55
:) 2 Aves 54
:) 3 Académica 53
4 Varzim 50
5 Paços Ferreira 50
6 Penafiel 45
7 Felgueiras 43
8 U. Lamas 43
9 Chaves 40
10 Maia 40
11 Sp. Espinho 39
12 Leça 39
13 Freamunde 35
14 Naval 35
15 Imortal 29
:( 16 Sp. Covilhã 22
:( 17 Moreirense 21
:( 18 Esposende 19

Here Varzim and Paços de Ferreira are still trying to be promoted, but Beira-Mar, Aves and Académica ;) have a reasonable advantage.
The three last teams are getting more far into 2ªB.


( :) Alverca-0 V.Setúbal-1!!!!!!!! :D )

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It'll be good to see Beira Mar & Academica back in the 1st division.
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