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Feliipao has built his strategy of spying other teams before teh world cup and get good reports. this will be the schedule of games to be seen by members of CBF.

Turkey X Equador 12/2/02
France x Romenia 13/2/02
Holland x England 13/2/02 this one murtuosa will go
England X Italy 27/3/02
France x Russia 17/4/02

Jario dos Santos (the official spy and the guy that knows about every team that has played football in the world...the guy is a real encyclopedia) will see China in every game they play. Jairo normally gets most of his info before teh game with Taxi Drivers!

Costa Rica x Denmark 14/3/02
Sweden x Switzerland 27/3/02
Belgium x Slovakia 17/4/02

all games with Jairo!;)
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