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  1. Brazilian Football
    Lucas Ribamar Lopez recebeu uma boa oferta de um respeitável time iraniano para participar da Premier League iraniana, e este clube está tentando obter o consentimento desse jogador. Parece que o clube da Ponte Preta vai dar a anuência deste jogador porque não resta muito tempo no contrato de...
  2. Asian Football
    According to one of Alan Karec's agents, they reached an initial agreement with Iran's Persepolis club, and negotiations are continuing between the parties. Some fans of the club greeted him under Alan Kardak's Instagram post
  3. Asian Football
    Alan Kardec going to Iran? He has received an offer from an Iranian club to play for that team next season. Alan Kardec, a 33-year-old former Brazilian forward from Shenzhen who has been without a team for about a month, will probably join the Iranian club. It is said that these players were...
1-3 of 4 Results