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  1. NBA 19/20 Regular Season

    This shit is hiiiiilaaaarious [emoji23]
  2. Why is Romania a member of La Francophonie?

    The wild, wild East
    That's true for lots of Nobility/courts in those days tho. Sweden, England, even Spain etc. Wherever you went those couple of centuries French was the language and culture to emulate if you are of higher classes or Learning.
  3. The New Game Thread

    Computer & console gaming
    Everyone who has PS4.....Fucking hell, Death stranding might be the craziest game / interactive movie ever. Just started playing it, this is creative insanity, Kojima is a artistic genius. Wtf, how the ****, someone hold me/Norman Reedus. I cant cope with this freaky rain.
  4. EURO Qualifiers: Romania vs Sweden

    Romanian National Team
    Its do or die time baby. Its odd, I rarely watch the away games on tv, but go to the stadium for every home game :D But this is super key game so will be tuning in. Who are the best players in Romania now? Of the top of my head, only know the former keeper in fiorentina who is now in Nantes...
  5. Cagliari's heroics in Serie A

    World Football
    Way more, Chiesa is a future top player waiting to happen, they are refusing big offers from Juve and Inter for him. Simeone Jr was so poor for Fiorentina last season they sold him to Cagliari.
  6. Cagliari's heroics in Serie A

    World Football
    Nainggolan is their best player. But they have a sneaky stacked depth midfield, thats their strenght, Naingolan, Nandez, Rog, Jao Pedro, Castro, and likes of ancient Birsa, Cigarini as depth. Not that Simeone jr and Pavoletti is a slouch attack. But generally its unusual for such a small team to...
  7. what hip hop song are you currently listening to? V2.0

    For a serious post this time lol
  8. Step aside, Zico. Gabigol is here!

    World Football
    Good thing he can go from meme player to a domestic powerhouse. Tho 21 league goals isnt high, Flamengo dont play that attacking in their history or what?
  9. CL v Ajax

    Damn, that sounds like an extreme case of hormonal imbalance. Had a cousin who had similar, but yours seems worse if body shuts down energy wise. Hope you recover fully in due time, and yes defenitely get on that, going somewhere hot til end of the year. I want to do that too, considering today...
  10. Juventus vs Milan - 10 Nov 20:45 gmt

    @zoo Still think that? You been easily the better team so far. We have a knack of making difficult for us all season. Just predictable and mundane possession football that goes nowhere most of the time, but gets narrow wins anyways.
  11. Matchday 12: JUVENTUS vs Milan

    Watch Bernardeschi closely tonight, and then say if it matters who starts lol Costa is 3 times the player currently. Szczesny Cuadrado Bonucci De Ligt Alex Sandro Bentancur Pjanic Matuidi Bernardeschi :sick::sick::sick: Ronaldo Higuain
  12. Match of the Week: Liverpool v ManCity

    World Football
    Cant think of a team that's worse matchup for City then this Pool team, in terms of style. Peps defense is shambles (especially with no Ederson ) and naive in possession. While Pool are relentlessly pressing counter attacking mobile freaks of an attack. The ref has been shit tho in beginning...
  13. Are Monchengladbach gonna win the Bundesliga?

    World Football
    Whats with you and Thomas Muller, he's just the german version of Borini.
  14. Matchday 12: JUVENTUS vs Milan

    They have people named Duarte, Krunic and Bennacer starting for them, names that make me just go "who?". For us I guessing we not gonna risk Ronaldo tonight, and for love of God stop starting Bernadeschi or Khedira. I genuinely hope the Ramsey starting at RCM is true, tired of only seeing as...
  15. Juventus vs Milan - 10 Nov 20:45 gmt

    It has gotten to the degree you dont even wanna watch your biggiest game of the season? Damn. Hows Romagnoli doing this season?
  16. Transfer Market 2019/2020

    Allan is having issues with fans turning against him, and his stupid president ADL, can we give a tempting offer to them please? :D Would be a perfect signing for Sarri's midfield.
  17. Juventus vs Milan - 10 Nov 20:45 gmt

    Was supposed to quoted humantorch. I mean Rebic. Dont get likes of Hakan picked ahead for attack.
  18. Juventus vs Milan - 10 Nov 20:45 gmt

    Havent seen you much this season, does this guy ever play? Not sure why he isnt guaranteed starter either as LW or 2nd forward.
1-20 of 142 Results