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  1. Scottish club football is no longer a laughing stock

    World Football
    Recent seasons, minus Juve, beating Italian clubs in Europe isn't much of an achievement. Conte's attitude is a good example of this, complaining about 'lack of planning' when they had one of the busiest transfer windows, which most would call very impressive. The mentality is often wrong. Would...
  2. Juventus vs Milan - 10 Nov 20:45 gmt

    Coach after coach use formations that have the CF isolated against every body from SPAL to Inter. What exactly is the point of putting the current form Piatek alone in a 4-3-3, 3-4-2-1 or any other like it? Hakan and Paqeuta will try shots which they will miss more often than not and Piatek...
  3. szövkapinho's pics of Portugal and Lusofonia

    Portuguese Leagues, Cups, and National Team
    👍 🇵🇹
  4. We are Going Live!!

    Community Help
  5. Forums merging etc discussion

    Community Help
    There is no need for new groups, any that need to be come subforums can exist under Other nations, by making new groups like Western, Iberia, etc. we are not reducing anything
  6. Milan - Lazio on Sunday 3/11 20:45

    Pretty much proves that the team is lacking in outlets and ball is given to him more often than when a team has more creators, more offense. Only 5 teams have scored less than us, even teams like Lecce and Genoa have scored more, so no matter any bias that stat is very useless.
  7. Unai Emery

    Mou to Arsenal? Who else is available any way?
  8. Milan - Lazio on Sunday 3/11 20:45

    Muscacchio was withdrawn due to injury, he is probably not ready. I guess one FK will earn Suso 20 starts. To me there's no explanation why wingers are even needed for us, unless Suso cuts inside more often and more effectively we won't go anywhere. 1 CF system formation is pretty silly to...
  9. Benfica vs Rio Ave - round 10

    Rui :worship: And this guy :D
  10. Benfica vs Rio Ave - round 10

    Any team that includes a Milan legend :proud:
  11. I remember when...

    Italian National Team
    Coaches want 'balance' is the best answer you will get :D That much quality probably not, rare at least. I think you mean Delvecchio btw
  12. I remember when...

    Italian National Team
    I think Italian coaches are somewhat more stubborn than others. A characteristic that Lippi or Trap liked - hard working, keeping the ball up, opening space for the stars - made some players keep their spots. There is some evidence of the same in many and current Serie A coaches too. I see less...
  13. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    WWE is not distinct, just because some previous admins allowed a space doesn't make it exempt from other any of XT. It is an off topic chat, there is a big difference between that and what you claim is not politics. We are am not desperate for anything. The rest of your points have been...
  14. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    So you prefer negative smileys be removed from xt? If not, you want to define the frequency and how to use them? Perhaps only when Inter get a penalty via VAR is a good use of that smiley ;) As I said, I was disagreeing strongly when I used that smiley and the 'demeaning' definition of it is...
  15. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Let's be clear about some stuff: First of all if you accuse then provide evidence. "Scum of the earth" and other stuff you typed is purely made up, don't pretend to know how I feel about others. Second of all if a smiley like facepalm is seen as demeaning (or anything close to that) then that...
  16. Milan - SPAL on Thursday 21:00

    When Suso is that poor and stuck to the wing it doesn't have to be 4-3-3 for it to be useless. The only thing it shows is that Suso is not useful in other formations either.
  17. Milan - SPAL on Thursday 21:00

    Gazzetta does say Suso is still in, why still starting? I have no idea. I don't think it would be panic to dump the 4-3-3 and try something else.
  18. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Where is Nacka? I ask because he complained when I used that smiley earlier in the year, lol. Acting like this on purpose doesn't fit anybody but if you are really not acting and need to, read my post again, or may be I can type it again ... if we make changes it might/can be over written when...
  19. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    We are not doing the changes until VS' part are finalized. If you are 12 that last line makes sense...
  20. Heavy Metal Song of the Day

1-20 of 103 Results