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  1. IBRAHIMOVIC TO MILAN what did u c??

    By the way, Cavani seems potentially attainable too. Would be a very He is more complete than Piatek though, more like a more skilled Mandzukic; he's played LW quite often too. Also just better. But indeed he is much less skilled, creative, and less of a focal presence than Zlatan, though...
  2. IBRAHIMOVIC TO MILAN what did u c??

    By the way, Cavani seems potentially attainable too. Would be a very good signing.
  3. IBRAHIMOVIC TO MILAN what did u c??

    He would clearly improve the attack, which just needs an effective player. I do worry about his lack of competitive rhythm, having played outside of top league for a long time and being frankly extremely old by now, so for example injuries are a concern. However our attack is in very poor...
  4. The Movie Recommendation Thread

    Movies & Television
    I really should not be spending 3+ hours watching this but probably will in the next couple of days
  5. Parma Vs. Milan 1/12/19.

    Let's just say you were more right when he was 35 than when he is 39, as he has not played in a top competitive game (as in not MLS) for about two years. But he is of course a monster of the game, and he'd probably be better in a wheelchair than our strikers in their current form.
  6. Serie A 2019/2020

    4-3 for Cagliari with a 96th minute goal. Heartbreaking for Samp, who I think deserved better. Incredible stuff from Cagliari though, very impressive by their attitude. Amazing atmosphere too, packed stadium. Still in CL spots after 14 games now.
  7. Serie A 2019/2020

    whoaaaa 3-3 now
  8. Serie A 2019/2020

    What a crazy game. Quagliarella, Ramirez, and Quagliarella in deadly form today, and Cagliari just won't give up.
  9. Most underrated player

    World Football
    Yeah agreed about Immobile. His Serie A credentials at this point are beyond any doubt, but he needs to show he can do it in the NT, especially since it also did not quite work for him in different leagues .
  10. Parma Vs. Milan 1/12/19.

    Come on, tell us what you really think! I'd disagree just to read your reaction. :D But really, Zlatan for sure I guess, but any in-form striker would do wonders for this team. Just like Piatek did last season. Obviously Higuain was better player, but we just needed someone who was red hot.
  11. Parma Vs. Milan 1/12/19.

    Nobody is "solely blaming" anyone (except, say, people who insult the same player non-stop). Piatek/Leao right now are the weakest aspect of the attack though in my opinion. This game less so, but lately the team has created the chances have not scored them, which is the job of the striker above...
  12. Parma Vs. Milan 1/12/19.

    The first chance I was talking about was actually created by Bonaventura. Other decent chances: in the first half: Piatek to Hakan who missed the target in the first post, Suso to Hakan who forced a good save from the right, Suso to Kessie little pass on the right but Kessie flunked the...
  13. Parma - Milan

    You still managed to look dangerous, but I think generally dominated quite well. It was very clear Parma were having a poor game and are a good team overall though, good players and a clear strategy. So who were missing?
  14. Parma Vs. Milan 1/12/19.

    Big win! I thought we were pretty decent, though obviously there's a big issue upfront. We dominated quite clearly and should have killed the game earlier, but of course Parma had some chances too and could have done some damage. I think that is okay though, we played very high and Gervinho and...
  15. Milan's financial situation

    Just brutal numbers. And our best player is a home grown GK.
  16. Calciomercato 2019

  17. oh oh oh

    Italian National Team
    Mancini is a very good, underrated coach. I think that is in part because he's hard to like and also because he's one of these guys whose successors have done better than him -- but he's also generally done better than his predecessors. He just needed to find the right job for this point in his...
  18. Welcome Paqueta!

    Indeed! Yeah pretty low to say that from Rivaldo, especially pretending you're doing the player a service. Whatever the case for Brazil, we absolutely need Paquetá to contribute a lot to this team. He finally looked better vs Juve, but we need a lot more decisive performances.
  19. Calciomercato 2019

    The Gazidis profile is true, but they did say they were willing to make exceptions. An expensive 38-year-old sounds like quite a radical exception of course, but we all know Zlatan is a special creature. It seems hard though on practical aspects. Surely Milan would not offer a ton of money or a...
  20. Calciomercato 2019

    I’d be pretty happy if they just get Mandzukic in January.
1-20 of 422 Results