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  1. The Godfather.

    Because everyone is anti colombian?
  2. Boycott Inter Until they Spend Big Bucks

    The way hes been playing hes not worth 5 million
  3. January Transfers

    Aston Villa
    need a good cheap goalie hint hint henao
  4. America De Cali-Quest for sout american domination and worldpower status

    Management Stories
    this is the story of my little team america de cali from the small country of colombia my mission to attempt to control south america start by winning the local league and then the libertadores finish it of with the intercontinental sell my key players for large sums and then reach deep into...
  5. January Transfers

    Aston Villa
    we need some defensive midfielders someone like vargas or patino would do im betting you could do very nicely with vargas Fabian Vargas a experienced defensive midfielder who played various libertadoes campagins with america de cali and was signed to Boca in 2002 his teamup with teamate...
  6. Carling Cup 3rd Round: Burnley - ASTON VILLA

    Aston Villa
    you need somebody who cares about beating small teams beside angel and solano
  7. General Villa News

    Aston Villa
    we have good players seriously name one bad guy of our sqaud what we need to work on is playign strategy and thats what i think you want a good defensive midfield thought there are tons of young colombians on the market vargas at boca patino at river restrepo at cruz azul there all capable...
  8. EPL 23/10/04: ASTON VILLA - Fulham

    Aston Villa
    angel will give you victory praise the yellow , blue , and red
  9. Apertura 04/Day Ten (10)

    Argentinian Football
    boca needs more colombian players hehe
  10. Jornada 7: Atletico vs Racing

    Atletico Madrid
    did perea play
  11. Forum description

    Atletico Madrid
    Loud and Proud "La Rojiblanca" Founded in 1903, Atletico are traditionally the 3rd club in Spain holding 9 La liga trophies and 9 Copa Del Rey´s amongst european honours. After recently returning from the Segunda Division, the Rojiblancos are looking to regain there fabled posistion. Home of...
  12. Who's the BEST defender in La Liga?

    World Football
    amaranto perea
  13. Jornada/Day 11 (Nov 2004)

    peru lose to chile lol and i sleep another night knowing peru sucks so bad so bad
  14. Who's your favorite Atlético de Madrid player?

    Atletico Madrid
    perea part ofthe best defense in the world
  15. U.S. Election Predictions

    Closed forum archive
    and kerry can not be half compared to the previous democrat canidate who was beaten by bush landslide for bush says i
  16. U.S. Election Predictions

    Closed forum archive
    bush will win polls dont mean crap but neither do online message boards have the people who will vote for bush will never use the internet 80% of older people who are 75% of the voting force will vote for a conservative person the only conservative person this year is bush
  17. And in Chile .....................

    Closed forum archive
    i hope they kill the nazi communist bastard
  18. El Gran Defensa/The Great Defender-Luis Amaranto Perea-interviews,pictures,videos,etc

    Atletico Madrid
    anyone got some place i can trim some great videos of amarantos performance vs. brasil where colombia for the first time in there history tied brasil and kept the brasilean side goalless in brazil
  19. Seleção for Venezuela and Colombia

    Brazilian Football
    once caldas had nothing to do with it rueda played it smart
  20. Fifa Rankings/Conmebol Level

    but that doesnt mean crap those tables are fake colombia is the only team to have tied brazil in brazil this year and the only team to leave brazil scoreless you cant possibly think a team that good deserves to be bottom of the table
1-20 of 462 Results