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  1. Italian clubs in Europe 2018/19

    Italian Leagues & Cups
    Napoli seems more toothless upfront ever since Ancelotti arrived. Granted, their players are one year older and stuff but still. Their attack isnt as fast as it used to be. They're generally more pragmatic in their approach. Which I dont like.
  2. Italian clubs in Europe 2018/19

    Italian Leagues & Cups
    Good way to exit the tournament! Wish it was a more clearer pen and they didnt get it.
  3. Inter vs Lazio, Coppa Italia, now CET

    Handa was AWFUL!! WTF was that
  4. 2018/2019 Serie A kits

    I ordered one. Oh man I cant wait!!
  5. Tickets?

    FC Barcelona
    Im going to barcelona the weekend you guys play Huesca and figured why not catch the game as well. I was searching the webs for tickets and from what Ive found, it starts at 48 euro as cheapest. Is that a "correct" figure to go by or can I find cheaper through other websites or there in person...
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo

    That's insane! This will probably bring a lot of ronaldo fans from all around the globe attending games here and there. I already hate how most games I watch of big teams in spain, fans are just "normal" people. Barcas chant for Iniesta: "Inieeesta....iniesta..." So cringe
  7. Outside of San Siro a.k.a. the Others with wrong colors

    Of course they'll fail. Its Juve
  8. Serie A 2017/2018

    Italian Leagues & Cups
    So in other words, the sky is blue.
  9. Lazio - Torino

    Oh btw, its ok if you guys want to merge my thread with this. And yea, Kafka, theres really no reason why that isnt a penalty. At first, when he made the VAR signal I thought he would look at both situations. So I expected at worst: penalty to lazio and red to immobile (dont think it was red...
  10. Lazio vs VAR

    Yea I agree, I take it back. Nothing more than yellow card. Shame though as you guys had a great opportunity.
  11. Lazio vs VAR

    I think Ive seen about 5 or 6 games of Lazio this season and I think in all of them you were screwed. Now this with immobile! I mean he was an idiot and was rightly sent off imo. But the penalty though? It was as clear as daylight.
  12. Serie A 2017/2018

    Rube will probably get a pen
  13. Serie A 2017/2018

    Nera, Im guessing your juventino brother isnt happy today? ;)
  14. Worst Soccer Nations in the World

    World Football
    Im torn, on one hand I think its great to combat corruption and people need to hit those criminals where it hurts the most: money. On the other hand, its a shame to see fans and genuine players experience that.
  15. WCQ Playoff 2018 ITALY v Sweden 10/11 & 13/11

    Italian National Team
    Yea but what's more likely? That all top 8 coaches of serie a lack quality in judging italian talent or that there arent many U23 italians that are better than their competitors? My point is; forcing teams to field italians for the sake of it will not improve anything. I think what Italy is...
  16. WCQ Playoff 2018 ITALY v Sweden 10/11 & 13/11

    Italian National Team
    Some of you guys make it seem as if the managers doesnt train the team to see who performs in the training. If a player wants to show himself adequate than he should do so first in training. If he cant show himself there, how is he going to be much better in a game?
  17. MatchDay 13 - Napoli vs Milan @ 8:45pm

    Hence the word "cheeky" ;).
  18. MatchDay 13 - Napoli vs Milan @ 8:45pm

    I sense a cheeky 0-1 to Milan!
  19. Parma 4 - Ascoli 0

    Wouldnt have guessed this game would end in such a favor for us. Serie B is weird. But anyway, very good win for the club. Though a bit worried why we just rotate so damn much....
  20. Roma - Lazio

    Lukaku was great! Defence was fine too. The penalty was a bit too cheap imo.
1-20 of 490 Results