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  1. Team Talk

    Very nice it does look classy I think the Juve-adidas actually does have a cool look to it:).
  2. Transfer Talk 2014/15

    Manchester United
    The Hummels talk to us has seemed to go quiet for a while when we looked to have maybe got him a while back:).
  3. Milan Calciomercato 2015

    Ram no doubt was one of our better buys in recents years, he did quite well considering I say sad in a way to see him go i thought would've been good to see him under Miha:).
  4. The greatest movies you've never seen

    Movies & Television
    Mine are these are just some Stand by me,The Wanderers,Cool Hand Luke,the great escape,The Shaw shank redemption,As good as it gets:).
  5. The Odd Couple(new Matthew Perry show)

    Movies & Television
    I was wondering if anyone had caught the relatively new show The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry in it?.I've watched a few episodes& really love it:D.
  6. Official: Neto è bianconero

    A very good signing for free could be no 1 for me in many teams:).
  7. Transfer Market 2019/2020

    TA I think he's gone to Cagliari maybe to play regularly a bit more& try to help Cagliari get back to Serie A.Also maybe feared if he stayed with Neto coming he won't really be the no 2 as much I don't know:).I read how he was there for teammates seems like a ripper bloke:thumbsup::proud::).
  8. Top 20 Goals By Goalkeepers [Video]

    World Football
    Goals by keeper I remember very much years back Michaelangelo Rampulla when he was with Cremonese&Peter Schmeichel:proud::).
  9. 2015/16 Summer Mercato

    It seems roma very keen on Dzeko but City wanting at least 28 mil euros for him:).
  10. Milan Calciomercato 2015

    Mauri will be a great pick up was super impressive at Parma& coming for free also& I'm sure he will get a fair bit of playing time also under Miha:).
  11. UFFICIALE: Luiz Adriano è del Milan

    I think it's very tough for us to pass judgement on LA we don't know how he is going to work out for us.As much as I understand peoples concerns about his contract he may hopefully turn out to be a ripper for us:hopeful::).
  12. UFFICIALE: De Jong è del Milan

    I'd give the captaincy to De jong no offence to Monto but De jong is the complete man to have in terms of leadership& we've seen it many times on the field:proud::).
  13. The trains of goals

    Italian Leagues & Cups
    I think it gets hard for Udinese meaning they find great talents& when they blossom it's very hard for them to keep them.the big offers coming in for them& players hard to resist going to a bigger club etc etc:smileani:.
  14. Rumors and Transfers thread 2015/2016

    Italian Leagues & Cups
    Well that's what I was thinking under Montella he was happy,no disrespect to Paulo Sousa:smileani:.
  15. Milan Calciomercato 2015

    I hope Mastour gets to play also next season as well:hopeful::).
  16. UFFICIALE: Bertolacci signs for Milan

    Yeah I think certainly it's the plan Abbiati will play one more season then be something like a goalkeeping coach with us I'm sure:smileani:.
  17. Welcome fuchadoooo

    If we get Ibra maybe he can make Noce have a ripper season like he did when he scored about 10 goals:hopeful::pp.
  18. Sad Day!

    Maybe Abate as well:smileani:.
  19. UFFICIALE: Carlos Bacca

    Imagine Ibra-bacca- Luiz Adriano could be IB-LU-BA:pp.
  20. UFFICIALE: Bertolacci signs for Milan

    He's done very well there I'd rather he stay there as their no 1 especially in A than if he came home to just be on the bench:smileani:.
1-20 of 478 Results