Rather than seeing these rules as a hard and fast legal document, you should think of them as a set of guidelines that exist to allow everyone to get the most of their Xtratime experience. The interpretation of specific disputes and application of those rules are the responsibility of the Administrative team.

Following these simple guidelines should help you steer clear of any trouble.


1. Do not engage in an argument with any fellow member to the point in which it comes down to blatant insults delivered on a personal level.

2. Please respect the privacy of your fellow members by not revealing any personal information that they themselves have not revealed on this website previously. This includes (but is not limited to) details such as name/s, contact details of any sort and pictures. Please also be aware that whilst private messages are private, they can be reported by the receiving party and thus are bound to the same rules as public posts.

3. Topics pertaining to religious or political matters are allowed only in the XT Lounge sub-forum.

4. XT is an English forum and posts should be made in English. There is nothing wrong with a few posts in other languages here and there and also in specific language threads. But when it gets to the point English speakers cannot follow threads FMs will ask you proceed in English. Posts made in other languages are also bound to these rules.

5. We do not tolerate any sort of spam or advertising without the prior approval of at least one Administrator. This also applies to posting the same content across multiple forums, as well as other methods that may be deemed as spam or advertising by the Community Managers and Administrators.

6. Duplicate accounts are strictly prohibited, and when found these accounts may be merged at the discretion of the Administrators. If offences persist, further action/s will be taken. Account sharing or unauthorized access of an account that is not your own is also prohibited, as is the use of proxy servers to attempt to circumvent detection for any reason. Users found to employing any of these methods whilst serving a current ban from the website can expect an extension of their ban.

7. Do not post any content that may be perceived as obscene or illegal, such as copyrighted material or pornographic content of any sort.

8. These stated rules also apply to avatars and signatures, as well as any other profile details you may have access to. Abuse of these can and will lead to action at the discretion of the Community Managers and Administrators. In the case of avatars, flags of states recognized international organizations such as FIFA, UN or other sports organizations such as the Olympic Committee will be accepted, recognized flags of regions within these states are also acceptable. So for example the flag for the State of California is acceptable, however flags of regions not recognized internationally will not be accepted.

9. The ChatBox is bound to the same rules as the forum, however please be aware that users can and will be punished within the ChatBox itself (via temporary or permanent blockings from it) if required. Matters from within the ChatBox may also lead to punishments beyond it (i.e., a ban from the forum).

10. Nickname changes are not permitted except under special or unique conditions that are subject to the discretion of the Administrators. If you feel you meet such circumstances, please make your request via private message and be aware that the decision of the Administrators is final.

11. Last but certainly not least, Forum Managers, Community Managers and Administrators are there to ensure that the forums are staying within the community guidelines. They should be treated with respect, and any disputes should be dealt with via private messaging. If you have a problem with a Forum Manager, you should take the matter up with a Community Manager or Administrator. If you have a problem with a Community Manager or Administrator, you should take the matter to another Administrator. The Administrators say on any matter is final and not disputable by anyone but a fellow Administrator.