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  1. Indonesia

    Asian Football
    Behold.... I'm rising this topic back from the dead. :D
  2. Leicester City top the English Premier League

    World Football
    It seems to me that Vardy is using Arsenal's interest to threaten Leicester board to raise his salary. It's not the first time.
  3. Granit Xhaka

    Should be played alongside Coquelin and Elneny. Coq should focus on being 'destroyer', while him and Elneny assist the defensive work and focusing on controlling the central midfield possession.
  4. Dortmund vs Liverpool: Return of The Klopp

    World Football
    Fcuk Wenger. I am going to support Liverpool next season. :D
  5. Johan Cruyff - Passed Away (Rest In Peace)

    World Football
    Rest in peace to the true sage of football. The greatest football mind of all time. Everything he touched simply became gold. Lots of players were born under his system and philosophy, including Van Basten, Bergkamp, Guardiola, Xavi, Messi, etc. My father was saddened as I informed him the...
  6. CL | FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC (away game) | Camp Nou

    True. Writing things that happen again and again can be sick and tiring. Personally, I got bored and lost my motivation when we lost 0-4 against Southampton. That was the match where Ramsey, Walcott and co. become their true selves.
  7. CL | FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC (away game) | Camp Nou

    Here're my ratings for all the players playing this game, including Barcelona... BARCELONA ======== Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7) Rarely got intimidated, there're only few moments that really put him in dangerous situation where he can show his skill such as shielding against our freekick Daniel...
  8. CL | FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC (away game) | Camp Nou

    The only positive of this game : Elneny turned out to be good player. Hopefully staying under Wenger doesn't mean he will absorb the loser mentallity.
  9. UCL | 1/8 (2nd Leg) | FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC

    FC Barcelona
    Congrats guys. Extraordinary master class performance. Hope you guys win it back-to-back.
  10. CL | FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC (away game) | Camp Nou

    Probably last match thread I open this season... Wishing the team all the best as they need it.
  11. UCL | 1/8 (1st Leg) | Arsenal FC vs FC Barcelona

    FC Barcelona
    The second leg of this match will be the easiest CL game ever for you in decade. The best team in the world with greatest champion mentallity I've seen in years against team with deep loser mentallity and serious nervous breakdown with their delusional manager. If Messi and co. wanna make...
  12. Arsenal FC | FA Cup 2015-2016 Official Thread

    One word : Disgusting ! Not only we are on brink of not winning the league (and not finish top 4 as well), the so-called Professor has now lost home game once again against mid-table team and got eliminated from FA Cup. No hope left for this team. Season's over. I don't care about it anymore.
  13. MotW: Spurs vs Arsenal

    World Football
    ...overpriced bastard with salary of 140k a week that scored <10 goals in a season. A winger whose only ability is to run fast while having zero football brain. Can't dribble, can't hold the ball, can't bloody shoot straight.
  14. MotW: Spurs vs Arsenal

    World Football
    Spurs have good chance to win this if Arsenal still playing Walcott and Ramsey.