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  • LuizChip ·
    Paco Molina wasn't in 50 WC but was an interesting player too. He was a HB in your list and a read an interview where he said that he asked one of his managers to put him ahead on the field, and the managerd denied it, because he was a really good playmaker. When I read the interview I tought that he was a inside forward also, because was almost impossible for my mind to see a HB being the top scorer of the 1953 south american championship. He did seven goals in six games! But makes sense, the inside forward was practically a striker, play as a HB was more reasonable analysing what he said.

    Oh, another one. Raimundo Infante. He was quite "low" in your strikers list. He's the second greatest scorer from Católica and I read stories about him, saying that he didn't even like soccer, and retired soon after 1956, he wasn't ever 30 years old, to study architecture. Do you really thing he's down there?

    Anyway, can you help me? :)

    Thanks for the attention!
    LuizChip ·
    Osvaldo Sáez: he didn't even showed up in your list. Seemed to me that he was a creative midfielder. Fought for a spot with Carvallo, maybe. But I was thinking of him and Carvallo as a creative AM (an inside forward),and the Chile's NT reports of 1950 made me think Carvallo was used more like a half back. Interesting. Anyway, the thing is that he was way more used to play for the NT than Carvallo, who was a legend (that team of Catolica in 49 was magical). Why so? Because of the position? Carvallo a HB and Saez more an inside forward? Wiki speaks of Sáez as a "volante ofensivo". I think that's more an IF than a HB, no?
    LuizChip ·
    Miguel Busquets: in your list he's showed as a defender, CB. In general I find him listed as a midfielder.
    In 1950 he was a starter in all games. I assumed he was really a MF.
    I don't know exactly Chile's system, but usually everybody played in 2-3-5 or WM.
    Manuel Álvarez is a RB, so prablably Chile played in a WM with him on the right. Arturo Farías was problably the CB.
    Against USA, Machuca was a starter, suggesting he was a LB. Busquets would be a DM in that system, no? Maybe in the shape of Zakariás, almost a stopper, but, still a DM.
    In the first two games Roldán was the starter instead of Machuca. I thought that Busquets could be the LB in this case, since you put Roldán as a DM, even though Roldán is a lateral izquierdo in Wikipedia.
    But than another number made me think: Busquets had 15 goals in his career. A big number for a LB. Wich suggested he was indeed a DM.
    LuizChip ·
    Heroearaucao, I have a lot of respect for you, so, if you could help, I would really appreciate it.

    I'm doing some research about 1950's WC. And I have serius problems about finding the right position and quality for some players.

    Yout did in the All Time Chile Squad thread from Dearman a rank of chilean players. I needed help with 3 players.

    Miguel Busquets, Osvaldo Sáez and Paco Molina.
    sonlh194 ·
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