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  • Gianni Schicchi ·
    Looking back my Viola love increased when we had players like Riganò, Fontana and Fantini and Cejas.

    The Bernadeschi case is one of the reason that I hate modern football. I guess he's juventino by now. That would tear Florence apart 30 years ago,they would burn Coverciano, strip the mayor and maybe invade Gli Uffizi.

    But no, now is it the money that counts. Bernadeschi, born and bread in Florence has no problems going to our archrival.

    I'm just tired and sad. It's nothing like Baggio though.

    Good to hear from you Djokoo.:)
    djokoo ·

    thanks for the reply.
    They all probably lost interest I suppose.
    The same happened before Fiorenzuola Viola time. Hopefully we are not on that path now ;-)

    Bernardeschi? If he has to leave, then better to Bayern or somewhere else abroad.
    I wouldn't like to see repeated story like with Baggio.
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