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  • Pila ·
    Oops. Not sure how i ended up here and posted my message intended for the Sharia Law thread here. Please disregard. Apologies for the mistake.
    Pila ·
    These debates are forced not because they lack the knowledge of what exactly is in the details of an institutionalized cult's particular tenant, although they may have no clue, but because few are content to keeping their superstitious practice and rituals contained to voluntary practice. It inevitably seeps into public policy, educational curriculum and discriminatory practice in the public sector, either as a service or business in general. Socially, it creates stigmas among sectarian identification, which always results in sectarian conflict.

    What we need in society is to let go of these god-fearing nonsense instead of trying to find ways to include it in some disastrous attempt to reform it into common law.

    F*ck Shariah Law and any other law born out of some superstitious cult that serve only to undermine reason, knowledge and discovery, including common core values of humanism for the sake of backward tradition and culture.
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