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If you are new here explore the forums through the home page or the forum.. If you have questions not covered by the FAQ or the rules, you are welcome in our support forums where you can also make suggestions on how we can improve the site. If you have questions concerning computers and internet that lie beyond this site please visit the computers & internet forum.


Our most frequently asked questions. We have asked ourselves what you would ask and tried to incorporate those questions we get per mail or on the forums. If you after reading the FAQ still haven't found the answer to your question can you post it here: Questions.


These are the basic rules on the forums which supplement the sites terms & conditions telling you about which behavior is accepted and which is not. The sanctions that follow breaking the rules are also explained. Rules are the fundamentals on which everything you do is based. Most will not even get close to them just as you are rarely brushing against the law in real life, but without them there would be anarchy and our community would not be able to thrive or even survive.