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Beijing Olympics 2008

Talk about the Beijing Olympics 2008.
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London Olympics 2012

Discuss the 2012 London Olympic Games here.
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Confederations Cup

The very traditional warming up tournament for the World Cup is back.
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Euro 2008

Talk about European footballs showcase international event which will be held in Switzerland and Austria in 2008
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Olympic Football

Talk about all the historical football and legends that played at the Olympics
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Prediction Leagues & Arcade

Prediction league and the Xtratime Arcade. Got any suggestions or problems please say so here.
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South Africa 2010

The World Cup goes to Africa for the first time in 2010, converse here about the qualification and the event here.
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Aston Villa

The Villans from Birmingham, established in 1874, have won a string of National titles, as well as 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and 1 European Cup. Officially only the second team to do the double in 1894!
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The Crocket Forum

There is no biggest city than this forum looney, get your facts right..this is sin city with Humb on high heels running the place.
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American Sports

The place for all your non-stop American sports from American football to Basketball and beyond
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League Managers Forum

Discuss all game related issues here
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Egyptian Football

Home to the record-breaking six time Champions of Africa as well as Cairo giants Al Ahly and Zamalek, who have amassed a mind-blowing total of 18 continental trophies in between them over the years. Egyptian football is on the rise once again
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Earthquake & Tsunami Tragedy

The earthquake & tsunami disaster in Asia just before 2005 has affected a lot of people all over the world. All of us can do our part to help. Have your say, do your part.
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Euro 2012

Talk about European footballs showcase international event which will be held in Poland and the Ukraine in 2012
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Discuss the best online football management game. Share your experience, and talk about leagues, cups and friendlies.
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Football Multimedia

Post and discuss the videos, pictures, podcasts from classic moments to the latest goals of any league or competition in the world
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The Hurricane of the Blacksea were formed in 1967, and despite being relatively young, Trabzonspor has 6 league titles and another 6 Turkish Cup titles to their name. The first and only English Trabzonspor forum on the Internet
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XT Fantasy Europa

The top teams from XT's Spanish and Italian Leagues meet in Europe's most prestigious competitions, the Fantasy Champions League and the XtraTime Cup.
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Newcastle United

The Geordies are one of England's finest clubs and St James' park is always an intimidating place for visiting teams. With 4 Titles, 6 FA Cups and 1 UEFA Cup to their name, the Geordies are looking for more success.
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Belgian Football

Home of the best beers and chocolate in the world, Belgian fries, Belgian waffles, Adolphe Sax, Breughel, Rubens, Magritte, Brel, Django Reinhardt, dEUS, Tintin, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Hercule Poirot... and on top of that we also play football.
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Spanish Fantasy Liga

Come and join your fellow Primera Liga fans in the Fantasy Football competition. Pitting your wits against the best of XT's Spanish contingent in a season long competition.
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Market Place

Transfers & stuff.
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Tottenham Hotspur

Discuss in the Spurs forum, Tottenham Hotspur, winners of 2 championships, 8 FA Cups and 3 League Cups. Famed for playing stylish football, they were the first club to achieve the double in the 20th century.
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Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

Talk about the first Olympic Games in South America.
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Copa América 2015

This year Copa América will be hosted by Chile. Welcome to talk about the tournament where Messi and Neymar plays. and Suarez watches.
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Brazil 2014

From the swamps of the Solomon Islands to the cliffs of the Faroe Islands, all countries on the planet will have one dream - that of making Brazil 2014
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West Ham United

Formed in 1895 as Thames Ironworks FC and home of the famous Academy of Football, West Ham United is an enduring East End institution. The Hammers have won three FA Cups and a European Cup Winners' Cup.
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The story of 12 managers all seeking the ultimate goal of Fantasy League Glory on XtraTime
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Uruguayan Football

Some of the most beautiful football on earth, is played by Uruguay, the first and two time World Champion. Talk about the leagues, cups and national team here.
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Polish football

Home to Jerzy Dudek fans from around the world.
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Road to Euro 2016

Talk about all qualifying games for France 2016. For the first time ever, we'll be having 24 teams competing in the end tournament.
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Oranje - Dutch National Team

Ever since introducing total football at the 1974 and 1978 World Cups and winning the 1988 European Championships, Oranje has been a major force in world football. Come in and discuss the NT renowned for attacking football, imploding teams and horrible penalty shoot-outs.
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Copa América Centenário

Follow the Copa América 2016 - the first played outside South America
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Euro 2016

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The Yeşil Timsahlar (Green Crocodiles) were founded in 1963 through the merger of several local clubs, and have gone on to become a mainstay in the Turkish top flight, culminating in a league title in 2010.
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Playground Football

The home of all hypothetical stuff, history that never was, and also comparisons of all kinds for PES lovers. Let´s compare stamina of Messi with Yashin, let´s play a game, it´s all good there.
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Welcome to the forum of the biggest Dutch club, AFC Ajax. 33 League titles, 18 Cup wins, 4 times CL winner, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 Cup Winner's Cup say it all. Boring football, less talented Dutch youngsters these days and disastrous transfer campaigns galore, all to be discussed in here.
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Dutch Football

Home to Dutch football discussion
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XCC Xtratime Champions Cup

The Champions Cup prediction league forum
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PSV Eindhoven

Home of the 3rd most supported club in the country but soon to be overtaken by Twente. The answer to that age old question: what happens when hillbillies team up with a light bulbs factory and start a football club based on government funding? Eindhovuh de gekstuh jonguh!
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XT Europe

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Turkish Football Mag

Sikecem that muscle ass
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