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  1. TTM's Apology Tour
  2. The Christchurch Shooter
  3. Hail, David! Zionism: left or right discussion
  4. Phony maTony
  5. Nazis win elections in Bavaria
  6. Ero's special Thread
  7. Poland: President Duda keen to be no1 NATO bitch
  8. Why do you do that that?
  9. your best declaration of love
  10. top 10 Aztec-Maya-Salvatrucha of all time
  11. Achilles, Patroclus and even Zeus are black in "Troy, fall of a city" TV series
  12. Jokes about...
  13. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's reign of terror ends
  14. Why braasch vs Williams is never mentioned as Battle of Sexes
  15. SJW's are taking over.
  16. Trump authorized the use of earthquake machine against Mexico until they agree to pay
  17. Top 10 Gypsies of all time
  18. How to make the Basement more diverse
  19. OJ Gets PAROLE!! :eek:
  20. Top Ten Whitest People
  21. I got an erection while an attractive woman gave me a shave in a barber shop
  22. Top 10 White People of all time
  23. Terror in London
  24. Top 10 Faroes - you know you want it...
  25. Top 10 Muslims of all time
  26. Top 10 black people ever
  27. United Kingdom: War Zone
  28. Bidet buying tips?
  29. have you ever tried the 'amazon' position?
  30. posters that you suspect are tranny chasers
  31. The new boss of Palermo
  32. Why do white people only wipe their ass with tissue instead of using water ?
  33. Serious thread
  34. Lindsay Lohan converts to Islam
  35. Real Housewives of ISIS
  36. Happy Culturally Neutral Winter Holiday!
  37. Serious debate thread: what's the 2nd worst religion?
  38. Airplane food pictures
  39. I'm with her (the redemption)
  40. Trump 2016 vs Hitler 1933
  41. All Hail Trump, the God-Emperor of Mankind ... AVE MAGA, AVE MEGA
  42. Vids, pics, gifs, ... gone wild
  43. check your privilege
  44. Obama has been ... (a profound disappointment)
  45. muslim indian clown prankster got gun whipped
  46. Lineker to be Sacked (shat himself)
  47. Cracker Day
  48. Turks vs Game of Thrones
  49. Apple Inc. smacked with Ä13billion tax bill
  50. Social justice warriors
  51. Iraq "U ...23"
  52. XT Newspeak Roulette
  53. Jihad in Germany
  54. Predict the 2016 US Presidential Election
  55. When the Inevitable Race War Breaks Out ...
  56. What is football? (Really)
  57. Britons Leave
  58. Autism Spectrum Rating Scale
  59. non-pc humor
  60. Muslim guy goes breivik in a Florida gay club
  61. Does Christiano Ronaldo have Aspergers Syndrome?
  62. Stay Strong and Don't fap
  63. Is Jamesbh11 the stupidet poster currently on XT?
  64. Would You Rather
  65. Mongolian beef
  66. XT Classic vs New Layout
  67. Should XT have a no Holds barred happy hour?
  68. Migrant Crisis in Tibet (and elsewhere)
  69. How to Help the National Team
  70. The Official Basement Ascension Thread
  71. Which Eastern European footballer do you think would be the BEST kisser?
  72. Was Coutinho better than Pele in Santos?
  73. foresta for moderator
  74. Dani Alves surpassed Pele?
  75. Have you ever wanted a car in Curva Red?
  76. Neymar already matching Pele?
  77. Adam Johnson
  78. Is Maradona out of Messiís reach?
  79. Is Forest AndyChrist?
  80. The "Romanes Eunt Domus" Thread
  81. According to this textbook
  82. The HungArian Thread
  83. On the Origin of Racism
  84. Random Flush
  85. The Sacrificial Lamb thread
  86. sjw tards freaking out about a white guy playing Michael Jackson
  87. Do you like pubic hair?
  88. Russians (actually brazilians)
  89. Describe how you think Europe may be like in fifty years
  90. Ask Hitler
  91. ****en
  92. Dutch gov: it's legal to pay for driving lessons with sex
  93. The almighty $$$ thread
  94. Saudi Arabia creates 34 nation coalition against "terror"
  95. Hypnosis gifs
  96. Pardon my absence
  97. Religion of Peace strikes again: Terror in Paris
  98. some guy tries to teach bacteria to write poems
  99. Male or Female
  100. When will a gay captain raise aloft the WC Trophy?
  101. Hurricane Patricia: Mexico awaits 'strongest ever' storm
  102. Football is a simple game.....
  103. Hamas asks Russia for help
  104. Hard Man/Hard Dick 11
  105. Name a poster you would like to have sex with and why ?
  106. Catholic priest abuses 8-year old boy with his big old weapon
  107. What's a neckbeard and why's it frowned upon?
  108. Women's Soccer Team Questioned About Their Gender
  109. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Alvaro Recoba
  110. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
  111. how different races face adversity
  112. the basement is better than this over gentrified lounge
  113. Xtratime Democratic Elections
  114. Charlie Veitch: Activist, Hero
  115. Aline corpse found in Russia
  116. the Springboks not going to World Cup because they have too many white players
  117. World famous Estonians (can't include Valery Karpin or AC))
  118. 2 news presenters killed live on air in USA
  119. Islamic preacher caught on Ashley Madison
  120. The moral decline of Europe
  121. Good news, Homes
  122. Let's out some fatties
  123. Why do Indians drag their feet?
  124. Worst foreign policy award
  125. Sweden: Multiculturalism Fail
  126. BREAKING NEWS: Jose Mourinho acts in an arrogant, petulant manner
  127. Mafie # Twilight Zone
  128. what's wrong with feminism? [Trigger warning: misogyny, patriarchy, rape culture]
  129. prepare to be mind-blown
  130. Girl gets kicked out of club for saying she was raped at some point (SJW Alert)
  131. Old jew will no longer corrupt the minds of the young
  132. Israel's negrojew sterilization program exposed
  133. Confidential to Fangio
  134. Serie Sheep - sponsored by LibreOffice
  135. grown up man fighting over a midget's dick and comparing it to a bald man and tranny's bottom
  136. Breivik enrolls into Oslo University
  137. George Bush breaks his neck
  138. The XTRATIME PREMIERSHEEP ~ 10 Rounds of unadulterated action ~ A Whole New Ball Game
  139. Best player in history after Messi?
  140. next time ware a cravat. coz cravat>tie
  141. What do Pornstars masturbate to?
  142. XT in decline?
  143. Indian Wimmin
  144. Pishing in public
  145. Sit down Fritz!
  146. Andy! You need to fleed the country ASAP
  147. Mein neu sucht.
  148. Gay people can marry now. Discuss.
  149. SF man was ironically gay for 15 years hoping his friends would "get" it but they nev
  150. Norway allows 7 year old kids to change gender at whim
  151. are u looking forward to fifa 16?
  152. mop-topped retard kills bunch of christians in a church shooting
  153. 1 US dollar now worth 35 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars
  154. USA = Fail
  155. Most Talented EE'r of the 00's: Hleb vs. Arshavin
  156. Sheep game by politburo decree
  157. Russian Pro Trolls targeting America
  158. yes...YESSS
  159. Corinthians 3 x 0 Barcelona. U-17
  160. This is goodbye
  161. Tsunami hits the coast of Ireland after 6.9 earthquake
  162. Get after it, Romario11
  163. Congrats, Yesil
  164. Feminazi loses it
  165. Let us discuss and debate and then settle upon one footballer, and then
  166. Set your watches/alarms for 2300 CET 20.05.15
  167. Prescritti: Next time we'll play the Primavera. Promise.
  168. Boston marathon bomber sentenced to death
  169. Breakfast of Champions
  170. The Cybermatrix
  171. The Balkvnt take over thread
  172. Merkel with eggs on face (though she doesn't really care)
  173. Sheep -- while we wait
  174. Andy, be brave
  175. Baltimore: this is not a riot
  176. John Sitton
  177. Russian Times reporter robbed by scum live on air
  178. well done, pele10brazil's dad
  179. Nasser and Al-Sisi appreciation
  180. do christian ppl actually believe in heaven and hell?
  181. Spaceballs Episode III: The Fanboy Menace
  182. privilieged rich white people stranded on a mountain
  183. Well done, rastgele
  184. Best film evaahhh
  185. Chemtrails
  186. Xtratime Real-Time Real-World Experiment
  187. India's IT-revolution destroyed by monkeys
  188. How Inbred are Europeans?
  189. new algorithm detects trolls from only 5 posts
  190. Who is the best at hitting the wall from freekick?
  191. Cigarettes
  192. Russia declares war on McDonalds and Playboy
  193. Good luck in court, fats
  194. Belated Congratulations to Boris
  195. Good luck Dimitriy
  196. Yankee Presidential Erectionz
  197. sjw scum inadvertedly makes "homophobic" pizza vendors millionaries
  198. How would you describe life, in terms of how does being human on earth compare to
  199. Just watched LCF on Jeopardy
  200. Is Hagi a bit overrated?
  201. Michael Jackson paid about $200M to all the children he abused
  202. Star Wars Al Jazeera
  203. welcome to the internet the information superhighway
  204. which ex-Yugo country generally has the best public toilets?
  205. The Robin Hood Morality Test
  206. Basement trolls allowed back into the Lounge
  207. congrats to ManU on another transfer coup
  208. Ladies! Do you get insulted if someone shows no sexual interest in you?
  209. What Race Are You?
  210. guys, we need your opinion.
  211. Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen
  212. Germanwings
  213. Recreating past teams
  214. yu ar gangstar?
  215. A Portrait of the Prophet as a Young Dog
  216. amerifags feel unsafe
  217. Michael Phelps
  218. let's pretend it's 2007 again ITT
  219. 10 Worst Drivers Caught On Tape
  220. attn: all Christians, Pastor Dollar needs your help
  221. Putin is dead?
  222. who would win a breakdance battle between Zlatan Ibahimovic and Mario Balotelli?
  223. Another Sheep
  224. Left wing vs. Right wing football clubs
  225. We need more ex Muslims
  226. Is releasing hordes of immigrants the modern way of warfare?
  227. Ecstasy is now legal in Ireland
  228. The BBC's of your team thread
  229. Will we see an Atheist US president in our lifetime?
  230. Solution to I...
  231. Did this crackhead midget have a sex change?
  232. Looking at 911 with a cool head
  233. The Chat - Worst conversations (The Basement Exodus Version)
  234. Putin murders opposition politician Boris Nemtsov
  235. shit countries' kids soon almost as fat as americans
  236. Is homosexuality determined by genes?
  237. Free Gulen from Turkish Oppression
  238. How I Became A Minor Celebrity In China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There)
  239. Happy Independence Day to all XT Estonians.
  240. 10 hours of walking around Vvarrdefell as a male Dunmer
  241. two old guys will box; america giddy in anticipation
  242. Politics
  243. Top Secret Files on Bjblablabla
  244. Is it him?
  245. Tolerance towards Europe thread
  246. Chelsea, that's racist!
  247. Kim Jung Un Haircut
  248. Sheep, yes, another sheep
  249. as you can see, i'm being very srs
  250. Cam