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  1. Toto Cup - round 4
  2. Haifa to host in Israel after all??
  3. Official: Hakoach Ramat Gan relegated by IFA, Zafririm is back
  4. Guess who's back, back again
  5. Champions League draw
  6. We did it people!!!! 8/28/02: Maccabi Haifa is in the Champions League!!
  7. New Brazilian at Maccabi Tel Aviv
  8. It's a bit early, but...
  9. Official thread: Sturm Graz - Maccabi Haifa
  10. Partizani Tirana - Hapoel Tel Aviv, official thread
  11. Official Thread: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Levadia Talinn, Second Leg
  12. Rosso denied citizenship ?
  13. Benayoun and Bachar on Spanish League internet site...
  14. Can Benayoun do what Revivo did?
  15. Maccabi Haifa trying one last time to get the games at home!
  16. Lithuanian Jews complain of anti-Semitism at Israel match
  17. Uraguanians Intrested in Israel!!!
  18. Liga Artzit kicks off
  19. Who will get promoted from Liga Artzit
  20. Ashdod need more money
  21. Chile NT and Feyenoord defender joins Maccabi Tel Aviv
  22. Revivo Vs. Berkovic
  23. Toto Cup - round 3
  24. Info needed!
  25. BREAKING NEWS!! Fadida and Oved may be dumped of the U-21!!
  26. IFA Court to punish Hapoel Petah Tikva?
  27. Ot: Us Open Thread!!
  28. What happened to....
  29. Ukrainian U21 NT Agree to play in Israel!!!!!!
  30. Most famous player who came to Israel?
  31. U21 : Israel - Lithuania
  32. new beitar fans orginization
  33. Hakoah Ramat Gan on their way to demotion
  34. Youth striker trialed in Tottenham
  35. 2002/2003 predictions
  36. Blatter asks Gavri not to resign
  37. Official: League postoned until September 14
  38. Youth League Official Thread
  39. We need an Offical web site!!
  40. Breaking news!!!! BERKOVIC IS INJURED!!!
  41. Grant's first game in charge: Lithuania - Israel, official thread
  42. liverpool f.c. fan's in israel ?
  43. Romania willing to host Maccabi Haifa UEFA games!!!
  44. Protest in the UK over youth game between Scotland vs. Israel!
  45. Toto Cup round 2!
  46. Maccabi Haifa's choice: Nicosia
  47. Shalom
  48. OT: we have 3 topics in hottest topics at Xtratime
  49. OT: Man-U lose in CL qualifiers
  50. First player to retire this season
  51. An Idea against the Blacklash of UEFA!!
  52. Another problem for Haifa
  53. Foreign players in Israeli clubs
  54. League start to be postponed!!!
  55. Ostrec to Istanbulspor
  56. OT: Raanan turns 19!!
  57. Hapoel Tel Aviv - Partizani Tirana, official thread
  58. Maccabi Haifa to dominate the league?
  59. Offical Thread: Maccabi Haifa vs. Sturm Graz
  60. Artzit Toto Cup , do anyone care??
  61. Bye, i am going away for 2 weeks
  62. Revivo in Feyenoord-Fener
  63. Liga Leumit
  64. For moskal
  65. Revivo might not play in the NT.
  66. UEFA Cup: Levadia Talinn - Maccabi Tel Aviv in Estonia
  67. Prohanenkovs is offically Maccabi's
  68. Old Berkovic, Revivo and other israeli goals
  69. Squad for Lithuania + New Assistant manager
  70. Clubs that like us...
  71. Benayoun scored his 5th goal
  72. OT:Averbuch in the final
  73. Gavri and the IFA
  74. Olianov set to join Maccabi Tel Aviv
  75. Netanya release Yeleshev and Eliyahu
  76. Season is starting!!! Toto Cup 1st round preview
  77. TV rights mess up, Charlton asks to postpone the league in 2 weeks
  78. Goldberg blasts Rabinovich in court
  79. OFFICIAL: Davidovich out for the season! And Yakubu on his way back
  80. Klinger: "I want to win the championship!"
  81. Yakubu's work permit request turned down?
  82. U-16 team in Hungary
  83. Benayoun scores for Racing again and again and again...and again ;)
  84. wasted potentials?
  85. U-21 Update:
  86. Davidovich is out for the rest of the season
  87. Asulin to Maccabi Petah Tikva
  88. mikki levin
  89. Israeli PL 02/03 - Input and suggestions
  90. Awatt to PAOK?
  91. halmay back in hungary
  92. Major News in Israeli Soccer, Gavri Levy Resigns!!!!!!!!
  93. Post your favorite team's line up for next season!
  94. Malta game in doubt?
  95. Nir Berkovic
  96. 1:0 for Dortmund B, Sasy wasn't played
  97. Benayoun scores twice for Racing.. again!
  98. OT:Miki Halica in 400m final
  99. Official, Grant will not work with assistant manager.
  100. Have Hapoel Tel Aviv Fallen From Grace?
  101. FIFA: Benayoun belongs to Racing
  102. A.n.g.e.l organisation collected over 16,000 NIS for Petah Tikva
  103. All Star Charity Game In Herzeliya
  104. Slovenia
  105. Hamburg 1:0 Manchester City, 45 mins to Berkovic
  106. Avi Tikva returns to the starting lineup, but Young Boys loses
  107. Another good game for Idan
  108. Join the MSN ring!! :)
  109. OT:Commonwealth Games
  110. Should Israel be allowed to host UEFA and International games? (non Israelis invited)
  111. The Lior Asulin saga
  112. Fenerbache 6:2 Red Star, hattrick for Revivo!!!
  113. The next Israeli player in Europe?
  114. Most powerful man in Israeli soccer
  115. Dudu Awat's next team?
  116. Pablo Del Rio and the Argentine market...
  117. Israelevic to be called up for Israel's U-21?
  118. Maccabi Haifa want to loan Idan Tal for the games with Sturm
  119. B&B duo impresses again
  120. Gavri to get a salary???
  121. Osterc to Dynamo Kiev?
  122. Coorman to sue Beer Sheva with FIFA's help
  123. Dortmund asks FIFA for help about Sasy
  124. Israel plays Macedonia in Friendly.
  125. Davidovitch Return with a Shut-out.
  126. Israeli refs in UEFA Cups:
  127. Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Leyton Orient
  128. Israeli youth teams
  129. Hapoel T.A close doors on Women's team
  130. Israel v Turkey in Youth teams
  131. yet another problem, Maccabi Haifa cant take off to Cyprus
  132. Court of law say they have factucal evidence against Israel Cohen
  133. Gershon, to Blackburn or not to Blackburn?
  134. Zeituni out for four months
  135. "Home games" in Bulgaria?
  136. Benayoun scores in his Racing Debut!
  137. Fenerbache cancells Hapoel Tel Aviv friendly:(
  138. Maccabi Haifa dismiss Zandberg
  139. who'll be the first manager to be sacked?
  140. Dagan sacked by Maccabi after 2 months in charge]
  141. Bney Yehuda: Going for a repeat of 70's-80's.
  142. Cyprusian Government considering not to allow Israeli teams to play in Cyprus
  143. Maccabi Haifa's Official CL Thread
  144. prohanenkovas is not a maccabi player
  145. yigal antebi
  146. Celta and Viadolid wants Ruven Oved
  147. Fenerbahde invites Hapoel for friendly
  148. Ghrayeb to trials with Bursaspor
  149. Asi Tubi to Italy?
  150. Gavri took Ligat Ha'Al from Chanel 5
  151. EOS Polls, our playes abroad
  152. EOS Polls, most memorable event?
  153. IFA deducts 4 points for Beitar Be'er Sheva
  154. Gutman asked to resign, but was convinced to stay
  155. Will 3:2 Young Boys, 26 mins for Tikva
  156. 2 signings in hapoel
  157. Andrzej Kubica officially signed for ...
  158. now its official, no UEFA Cups games in Israel
  159. Maccabi Tel Aviv invited to Besiktas tournament
  160. Leumit vs. Al
  161. Guillermo "El Cortito" Israelevich
  162. OT:Chanel 10 wants the Ligat Ha Al brodcasting rights
  163. IFA doesn't release Benayun
  164. Israelis abroad Thread
  165. OT: Countdown to 10000 Posts (We made it!)
  166. Football Reforms
  167. Santander wants to tuen Maccabi to it's dauther team.
  168. Vasermil and Raiser closed
  169. Ligat haAL looking for a new sponsor
  170. Sasi scores for Dortmund's senior team
  171. Derbies
  172. Idan Tal
  173. 2002/ 2003 Fixtures released
  174. Young players will get a big chance in Ligat Ha-Al...
  175. EOS Polls, Coach of the year
  176. EOS Polls, Best striker?
  177. Young Boys gain first victory, Tikva sits on the bench
  178. the way soccer should be
  179. Ukraine youth teams to play in Israel
  180. Sports Channel's budget to be cut by at least 50 percent
  181. Israel Accepts Macedonia Friendly
  182. Ronen Harazi's comeback ????
  183. Michael Zandberg
  184. Why didn't Como aign Gershon?
  185. Shelach tested in Preston!
  186. Tel Aviv threatens to quit UEFA Cup
  187. OT: Dictators (FUN)
  188. Racing Santander has high hopes for its new Israeli players
  189. David Amsalem questioned by the police
  190. Saluting Cyprus!
  191. Benayoun got problems
  192. Ashdod released Kubica
  193. Reform in Israeli Soccer!!
  194. To freeze relegations or not to freeze, the decision is FINALLY today!
  195. Israeli abroad rumours: Torino want Gershon and Antebi, Palace to test Shelach???
  196. Moshe Teomim:"This could be one of the worst seasons ever".
  197. Hapoel Petah Tikva started training
  198. New Toto Cup structure
  199. Israeli crowed rankin
  200. Hapoel Haifa's request rejected in court.
  201. Benayoun and Bachar to be unveiled on Friday
  202. Forum Wide Team Kit Competition
  203. 76 mins for Tikva in Young Boys' draw
  204. Maccabi Haifa
  205. Court orders Maccabi TA to pay compensation to Scharf
  206. Mac. Haifa confused over Badir's ban
  207. Israeli Exhibition games - Results Included
  208. The sad story on Kristian Sprecakovic
  209. Awatt waiting for Ankara or Trabzonspor
  210. Lithuania vs. Israel August 21th
  211. 51 places behind Brazil
  212. Switching to the AFC?
  213. Israel NT not playing any South American teams!!!!!
  214. If Atar had only tried.....
  215. Our New Assitant Coach of the NT
  216. Maccabi Tel Aviv fans are going LOCO
  217. Some cool Israel collectibles!
  218. Our players' abroad teams
  219. Israel to play friendly in Luxemburg
  220. Sassi to Dortmound?
  221. Nielsen to coach Russia?
  222. Gershon to Como?
  223. a request from a fan!
  224. The Hapoel Tel Aviv thread
  225. EOS Polls: Best Midfielder
  226. EOS Polls: Best Right Back
  227. UEFA prepares Israeli Teams: You will not be allowed to entertain home games
  228. Benayoun is free??
  229. Beitar Jerusalem fans everywhere mourn
  230. UEFA Cup and CL Qualifying rounds Draw
  231. Grant asks for another friendly. The potential opponents: Czech, Austria and Hungary
  232. Scared to play in Israel?
  233. OT: Off to Israel
  234. South Korea and us
  235. The Return of Davidovitch?
  236. Wimbledon Thread
  237. EOS Polls: Best Left Back
  238. Benayoun is being sued!
  239. What about Ostrec?
  240. OT: Tennis, Smashnova makes final
  241. Revivo is back on the national team...
  242. Portsmouth and AEK want Awatt, Portsmouth also want Gershon
  243. Hapoel Tel-Aviv mourn 'angelic' Hadar
  244. UEFA moves Ashdod's home leg (Intertoto Thread)
  245. Rosen to MLS?
  246. Former Beitar defender to sue Senegal striker
  247. Yossi Mizrahi, next assistant coach for the NT?
  248. Maccabi Haifa plans to ask opponents to play in Israel
  249. Maccabi Haifa press conference
  250. The Beitar Jerusalem thread