: The wild, wild East

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  1. Eating Frozen Gelatin Filled with your Eyeballs (Russia nations league winners)
  2. a shout out to TTM, Sarma and Ero....we will never forget...
  3. Another Slam for Croatian star...you guys wish you were...
  4. Serbia & Romania Conquer Wimbledon: Your Tears Taste Extra Delicious
  5. On this day one year ago...(Ante's (of joy) and Your tears (of rage) flowed...)
  6. EE teams in 18/19 Eurocups
  7. who invented it?
  8. Where will Ianis Hagi go?
  9. Budapest Pride 2019
  10. A modest contribution to WWE glory script
  11. Happy Birthday, Leader of the Earth
  12. Am not one to brag...but Ante's (not so little) cousin gets drafted to NHL...
  13. More Gold. Ladies, its a beautiful summer's day to do backstrokes in...
  14. The official, why are threads being deleted thread.
  15. The Gold rush continues. And another World Record. Your tears...
  16. U-21 Euro
  17. #wetheNorth win "Gold" celebration thread...
  18. Opps we did it again...this time a prestigious international GOLD medal...
  19. Jessica Alba gives a "gold" review for Dubrovnik
  20. WWE is the soul of Xtratime
  21. Another one snuck by Ante
  22. Zagreb Pride 2019 (play-by-play)
  23. I can't believe Ante hasn't made a thread yet but...More Gold for Croatia!
  24. Ukraine's Back - Get back in your places fools
  25. EE at the women's World Cup 2019
  26. The Rise of the Mighty Magyars
  27. Are Romanians the EE Jews?
  28. Want to get into Balkan food
  29. Not actual "gold" but the Crokini is sure to be a hit...
  30. 7th year in a row a Croatian wins the CL...
  31. Estonia v Croatia (in women's tennis lol)
  32. EX-Yugos don't eat Borscht - are they really EE?
  33. A Russian speakers' thread
  34. EE Classic Posters
  35. More Gold. Ante is doing a leisurely backstroke in your tears...
  36. Kawhi Leonard meet the Greek dude...
  37. More gold for Croatia...your tears taste...
  38. I stand with...
  39. Why are EE players technically poorer now?
  40. Didn't Russians basically invent Tiki-Taka?
  41. I stand with Sarma Police
  42. What's the deal with closing threads on WWE?
  43. Bring back Sarma Police
  44. EE Safe Space
  45. #itsinourdna More GOLD for Croatia...your tears....
  46. BRATVA MC gang
  47. WWE Safe Space
  48. I definitely don't stay with JC
  49. I stand with TTM
  50. Serbian History
  51. Would this happen in any other EE country?
  52. Most talented EE music artist ever?
  53. Christian Orthodox Good Friday
  54. #IstandwithAnte
  55. Happy Easter. Christ has risen.
  56. WWE BaldingLifeRoyale: Bosnia's Alija "Islamic Declaration" Izetbegovic vs.
  57. WWE memes and other funny pics
  58. Where the Fook is Hajduk Split?
  59. So it begins
  60. Slovakia elects liberal pro-equality, pro-choice Woman as President
  61. Radomir Antic: "Modric's Ballon d'Or makes no sense"
  62. Gonna be a Dad :D
  63. Ante fighting back the tears. Beautiful moments from the Cro NT...
  64. Former Serb Leader Radovan Karadzic sentenced to life in prison
  65. More Gold. Worlds most beautiful uniforms. Ladies...
  66. Pure heart of Gold. Klepetan shows his Croatian honour & DNA. Ladies your tears...
  67. The Chirstchurch Shooter
  68. VAR: For or Against?
  69. Hungry following Croaty‘s golden path and finally be best at something
  70. More "Gold" for Croatia...ladies, again you know the drill....
  71. Best WWE team in Qatar?
  72. Tadic, EE’s best?
  73. Russia's greatest achievement - Tetris?
  74. Another day, another "Gold" AND a WORLD RECORD..ladies(in particular our neighbours)
  75. WWE Euro qualis 2020
  76. Another day, more "GOLD" for a Croatian star...ladies you know the drill...
  77. Bring back Communism
  78. 'Gay partner of Serbian PM gives birth'
  79. Best Pure EE Athlete
  80. R.I.P Saban Saulic
  81. Adolf Hitler has passed away
  82. Famous Croatian Inventions
  83. Another day, another Gold for Croatia. Ladies you know the drill...
  84. Is Bulgaria or Croatia the oldest EE nation?
  85. More "gold" for Croatia. Never get tired of doing backstrokes...
  86. Dima freezing his balls off
  87. Finally Ascended
  88. Albania explain yourself
  89. Will Modric win Ballon D'Or again this year?
  90. EE Clubs All-Time UEFA Ranking
  91. Who is a butt slapper in here?
  92. Should Scandinavia pay reparations for Slavic slave trade?
  93. This forum is going dead
  94. A new year, more gold for Croatia. Am doing backstrokes in your...
  95. The Best of WWE 2018
  96. Merry Christmas
  97. EE Nations that can say Niqqa
  98. Unrealized Potential
  99. Top EE Athlete - Lomachenko or Modric or Ovechkin or Djokovic?
  100. Protests in Hungary, yellow vests, albania, kosovo-serbia tensions, european spring?
  101. Ruskie logic
  102. Modric and Halep>Djokovic - ESPN
  103. The Greatest Yugo Players of all Time ranking
  104. More Gold. Luka Modric, Ballon d'Or.
  105. Slava Ukraina
  106. The Future of EE Football?
  107. Ladies, off to your safe spaces. More Croatian GOLD. Worlds tennis Champions.
  108. CROATIA v France Final rematch (The Triggering continues)
  109. EE in ballon d'or database.
  110. Why is Russia's murder rate so high?
  111. This is just ridiculous now - Croat ( I'm sorry chosen one) wins NL MVP
  112. Hungary & Croatia conquer football superpowers...Russia falls to listless Germans
  113. Two superpowers collide in Spain and Croatia...Croatia with the win...we are...
  114. Happy (belated) 101st birthday Russian Revolution
  115. Are Red Star and Dinamo destroying the Regional League myth?
  116. Is Red Star the most iconic EE team?
  117. 4 Balkan countries want to host WC'30
  118. God is Romanian
  119. Croatia hasn't won gold in over 10 days
  120. Khabib Nurmagomedov finally gets paid after McGregor fight
  121. EEers in the NBA, 2018/19 edition.
  122. Trigger warning 1,048 More GOLD for Croatia...World Champions yet again....ladies..
  123. abdulrashid sadulaev
  124. MOL wants to sponsor a regional league/cup
  125. Trigger warning 1,047-more "gold" for Croatia...ladies you know the drill...
  126. The Return of Drago
  127. UEFA’s prohibited clash: Kosova vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
  128. The Eagles of Sanxhak in Serbia
  129. Another trigger warning ladies...First the Golden Ball and now FIFA's best player...
  130. Ivan Ergic
  131. Many have asked, "what is the secret to Croatia's amazing sporting success?"...
  132. More gold for Croatia...Sinkovic bros win Gold at World Rowing Champ...your tears....
  133. Modric vs. Scholes vs. Pirlo
  134. 9/11 - never forget on this day the tragedy
  135. Djoković > Croatian football
  136. EE in UEFA Nations League and EC qualification
  137. Trigger Warning: Croatian Domination of American Sports
  138. Triggering continues...more GOLD for Croatia. #youwishyouwere
  139. Чалов is the new Стоичков
  141. Housewives are Hacks
  142. So what happened with the Hyphenated One?
  143. Chico Florovics the beef killer
  144. World Nomad Games 2018
  145. Croatia wins Euro basketball GOLD in serbia. Those tears....
  146. FIFA Rankings out, as expected Croatia in top 4 of the world. How about you?
  147. Ante asks this question-who was the most visibly triggered by our WC greatness?
  148. Splitting Kosovo & Serbija in Two or Opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ ?
  149. Are Dalmations the seljaks of the sea in Croatia???
  150. Jews make Serbz angry by flying war planz in Kroashya
  151. Kovacic giving up, looks for move to a lesser club
  152. Macedonia making some noise
  153. Elegant young dribblers from EE
  154. Your WWE National Team Rankings 2018 !
  155. The Summer of 05
  156. "Agressive" Montenegro could start WWIII
  157. EE teams in 18/19 Eurocups
  158. Yugoslavia should reunite
  159. Rakic is a beast
  160. Yugoslavia National Team
  161. Dragan Stojkovic vs Zvonimir Boban
  162. Hall of Fame
  163. Ej gejs. Gde ste.
  164. After WC18 what can we expect in EURO20 from WWE teams?
  165. So proud of the guys, and truly again I say: weareCroatia, youwishyouwere
  166. Today Proved Who the Real EE Champions Are
  167. First ever EE team in a WC final ...
  168. Lithuania
  169. Snaggle tooth kick and run crap, vs pure skill. You know you wish you were...
  170. WC2018 Final: EE's Team v Africa's team
  171. Are you ready guys?
  172. How does Croatia do it?
  173. French Cameroons v Belgian Congo
  174. WC'PG FINAL
  175. Ante is doing backstrokes in Dima (and all you other ruskie ass.kissers) tears....
  176. Official Denis Cheryshev Thread
  177. Post-Match Dima Meltdown Thread
  178. EE's Team vs England
  179. In Withdrawal. Suggestions?
  180. WC'PG Semis
  181. British - Colombia
  182. R16: Greater Kosovo vs Little Syria
  183. Guys I'm retarded, how does Euro 2020 qualis work?
  184. #@)(#+)*)$*+$)*_)@*_)@*_)[email protected]*~!!!!!!!
  185. The Duel to Become EE's Team #FlamingPride vs #GayBashers
  186. CROATIA the favourite to make it to the final
  187. Ernest Hemingway Pitches a Tent vs. Denis Cheryshev's Forehead
  188. WC'PG Quarter Finals
  189. Albanians bossing the world cup
  190. Applying for Croatian citizenship
  191. R16: #FlamingPride v the most boring team on Earth
  192. Brazil of the Balkans v Serbia of the Selvas
  193. Real WWE Betting: Predict the fine/ban.
  194. Rate EE teams performances so far
  195. Next up...Croatia's "C" team vs the hacks from Iceland...
  196. WC'PG Round 4
  197. EE condiments
  198. Balkan Galaktikos vs Inbred Neutrals
  199. Am doing backstrokes in the river of your tears...
  200. Will Croatia win the WC?
  201. Let my people go vs. Alcohol poisoned Ballerinas
  202. Drunk construction workers Vs Voodoo doll enthousiasts
  203. Who is EE's Landon Donovan?
  204. Serbia of the Selva v Rich Albanians
  205. Horny Hobbits vs. Greater Wisconsin
  206. WC'PG Round 3
  207. Next up, Luka vs Messi. #2 and #3 players in the world after Cr7.
  208. WWE Whole Again: Jungle Tamales vs Turbofolk BabaRogas
  209. Messi v Whalehunters
  210. Matadors vs...drunk Matadors?
  211. THE BIG GAME: Italian restaurant tablecloths v Not-so-Super Eagles
  212. From Russia with more Islam - Berbers vs Persians
  213. WC2018 Pharaohs vs Mini-me Argentina
  214. WC2018 Opener: ROSSIJA v a bunch of fig-eaters wearing towels on their heads
  215. Welcome to EE North Macedonia!
  216. Little d Big Man sentenced to prison.
  217. WC'PG Round 2
  218. From Pitu Guli to Simona Halep...
  219. Retail Observations
  220. WC'PG Round 1
  221. The Chosen Ones vs. Plastic Surgery Capital of the World
  222. What's the deal with Hungary?
  223. Sergej: Most expensive EE player ever? Greatest EE player ever? Both?
  224. Luka and Kova win another CL. Lovren gets an assist....Ladies...your tears...
  225. Hungarian Military Victories
  226. WC Prediction Game (signing-up)
  227. How doped up was Brazil 70'?
  228. KARA BOGA: The Turkish Version Of Remove Kebab
  229. Khazaria 2018 World Cup squad
  230. NHL Eastern Conference Finals, Russian Masterclass (Leafs Suck)
  231. Copa d'Italia-2 Croatians battle it out, Mandzo wins more silverware
  232. Sretni Praznici @ Ero
  233. El Classico. The world watches as 3 Croatians on the field again...
  234. Dinamo Zagreb again with 3 players in the CL final.
  235. Luka and Kova both start for RM in the CL semi...
  236. Yugoslavian 2018 World Cup Squad
  237. HIRING! EEnquire within
  238. What is Romania named after?
  239. The Name A Single Famous (Non-Sports) EE'r Who Isn't Jewish
  240. The Troll Hungary Thread
  241. Guys what if Croatia wins the World Cup?
  242. Rich EE posters
  243. Who's going to the Kurultáj this year?
  244. Greece Appreciation Thread
  245. EEU
  246. Some culture, you barbarous scum
  247. WWE as Animal Farm
  248. Is Slovenia P4P the best Balkans sporting nation?
  249. Luka Doncic going to be the greatest Balkan basketballer of all time?
  250. How many goals will Mexico beat Croatia by?