: The wild, wild East

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  1. My Real Top 20 EE teams between 1990 and the present
  2. EE Starting 11 made up of 11 'nationalities'
  3. Hello Boys
  4. Rey Manaj
  5. Is North Korea honourary EE?
  6. The Baba Vanga and EE superstitions thread
  7. Sexiest EE player : Luka Modric vs Ognjen Vukojevic
  8. Who is your favorite Desert Father and why?
  9. Most Phoenetically Pleasing Eastern European Language
  10. What becomes of the broken hearted
  11. Rnaldo: "Kovacic not good enough for Real Madrid"
  12. The Croatian Board, a Figment of Ante's Imagination
  13. JCamilo a victim of manipulative Croatian Curva
  14. JC, you are doing a great job, keep it up.
  15. WWE should be closed
  16. Greatest EE tournament team of all time (post 90s)
  17. New Draft and Fantasy Football idea for WWE members
  18. Post pics of your favorite Wingbacks - Not pics of them playing football but them
  19. The Grind In The Flower Bed
  20. Who is the greatest EE footballer since 2000?
  21. Who was the greatest EE footballer of the 1990's?
  22. Green Beret, just wanted to let you know that even though we have never met
  23. anyone?
  24. Starters on Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juve, Liverpool, Inter Milan, etc
  25. Insomnia
  26. Top EE countries in 6 team sports
  27. Kosovo Je
  28. Happy Kosovo Independence Day
  29. WWE 5-a-side Tournament
  30. The EE Food-ball thread
  31. The Football Thread
  32. The Strange City Name Thread
  33. Why do my threads continue being locked?
  34. The Official "Teach Ante and Maks how to speak Croatian Thread"
  35. The WWE Prison complex
  36. Bring football back to WWE. Send the hawkses to the glue factory.
  37. Does being a feeder/academy league bruise your ego?
  38. I have returned from Goli Otok
  39. I fasted, yes, but I neglected to coincide said discipline with serious study of HS
  40. FIFA elections : The "Balkans" & EE
  41. greatest professional wrestlers of all time? not olympics, but wcw,nitro etc..
  42. A Really Relaxing Video
  43. Happy Valentine's Day, you pagans!
  44. We're all Trifon Ivanov
  45. Why does AS Roma have so many Bosnians?
  46. Euro 2016 simulations at football-ranking
  47. eastern europe elo ratings national team
  48. The Gypsy
  49. a bird shat on me today
  50. Study of A Poster: Forestasuceava
  51. Out with the new, and back with the old
  52. top 100 EE clubs by neutral
  53. Is EE actually only like 8 countries?
  54. If the Migrant Crisis Collapses the West
  55. Hawk contorting on soccer ball. Also crows
  56. Should Modric be made into a League of Legends character?
  57. Hala Modric. What a goal to win it for RM.
  58. WWE Defence Warning System
  59. lol what the ****?
  60. WWE 2016 posting Rhythm !
  61. Would someone recommend some classic Jai alai matches, I should download?
  62. Best EE Team in the World, and possibly Universe
  63. EE Hillbilly Names
  64. Marina Abramovic gives us an intimate look into serf culture
  65. OT : Virtual Reality arena setup?
  66. The Hungarian Thread
  67. Catalans Applaud Russian Sorcery
  68. Need help: Tour of EE by bicycle
  69. Euro 2016: Top WWE Goalscorer
  70. Serbo-Dutch attack on Albanian National Pride
  71. On deck to fly over the cuckoo's nest?
  72. Meet the Real Foresta
  73. The trascendental football Re-visionist KonoplyankaUA (Warning: images only!)
  74. If Mourinho coached the mythical Serbian "A" Team...
  75. UEFA Futsal Euro 2016
  76. shittest team that qualified for euro 2016
  77. The 30 Most Beautiful Towns in Europe
  78. Whose going to claim this kid?
  79. Musings of a call center office: A Swarthite Fantasy
  80. Football Fight Fantasy rd.1
  81. Forest, don't go. The Croatian board loves you, never doubt this.
  82. 2016 Deloitte Football Report
  84. Finnegans Wake Thread
  85. Euro 2016 & the Pep Prophecy
  86. SarmaPolice to obtain Romania's Highest Honor
  87. Reza vs. The Croatian Cold Shoulder
  88. Results of the Do Croats Not Understand Jokes? Poll
  89. Why are Miljenko Hrvat threads being shut down?
  90. Do Croats Understand Jokes?
  91. Attn: Maksimilian
  92. You go to penalty box and feel shame.
  93. My newly discovered Croatian identity/heritage
  94. Future Albanian president being his Albanian self
  95. Name your favorite things about Novak Djokovic
  96. how you imagine people look like here
  97. Ukraine U21 C team win against Albania U21 A team 2-1
  98. Must see in EE
  99. Official WWE 2016 Kits
  100. Is Dynamo Kiev a bit overrated historically?
  101. The East European Union
  102. The formal, Captions Thread
  103. God Is In The Flower Bed: The Best Thighs In Eastern European Football
  104. An Illyrian walks into a bar owned by a Cuman Horse wearing a Pontid colored Yugoslav
  105. Kono! The Croatian board loves you - never doubt this - please register all traitors.
  106. Words which instantly make me lol
  107. Rita Ora going topless
  108. Leonardo DiCaprio to play Lenin in new movie
  109. Suppose that...
  110. Why are the best EE playmakers Russian?
  111. Best post-commie EE defensive midfielders.
  112. Handfootball
  113. Master Races: The Official WWE Power Rankings
  114. Russia done
  115. So much but so little vs. So little and so much.
  116. Illyrians = the Proto-Slavs?
  117. Is it conceivable that Banat will tear away from Romania, Serbia and Hungary?
  118. Region of Banat
  119. Happy Australia Day, momci!
  120. Who are the best ethnic cleansers in EE?
  121. Lock Boban up and make him watch Luka Modric ....
  122. Is Novak Djokovic (ethnic Croat/Slavicized Albanian) a bit overrated?
  123. Is Boban a Brony?
  124. Was the disqualification of Yugoslavia from Euro 92...
  125. How long can you last?
  126. Describe you'reself physico-racially
  127. WTF is going on ?
  128. if i write a memoir, are you okay with being referenced?
  129. Koc Holding
  130. Vlach you!
  131. We have a 'beer'
  132. most innovative economy 2015 top 50 where is albania?
  134. Greatest Eastern European Sportsman in History?
  135. Famous people you didn't know were Eastern European?
  136. WWE Poem Contest
  137. dances with hawks
  138. euro 2016 best of rest tournament - serbia
  139. Iron Mike Sharpe. Canada's Greatest Athlete. RIP
  140. Official anthem of the WWE
  141. What % of their territory did Ukraine lose to Russia?
  142. The national sport of Estonia
  143. Anyone going to Euro 2016?
  144. Ante: Play Is Power
  145. The most easily butthurt people I've ever come across
  146. albania voted most hated country in europe - cancer of europe"
  147. There Hangs A Hawk
  148. Falconry
  149. WWE coefficient
  150. YBC
  151. The Thread about too many Threads
  152. Friday the 15th: The day that YBC's flame was extinguished
  153. Kono-the Croatian board loves you and stand with you at all times-never doubt this.
  154. Serbsta
  155. Something some guy posted..
  156. Intense Thread
  157. best international side in eastern europe
  158. Which side are you on?
  159. YBC Appreciation Day
  160. Nigel from Birmingham: an Interactive Forum Game
  161. European Championship Handball 2016
  162. Football in stats : What do you notice?
  163. New World Record: at least 100.92 posts per day
  164. HajdukSplit: A Love Affair With Nogomet
  165. Are YBC, Aco and Maxipad the same poster?
  166. Ask Kono: The Distrikts Galizien Dating Blog
  167. Who is Konoplyanka?
  168. those interested please sign up
  169. Welcome Kono, a friend to the Croatian board.
  170. Eastern Europe Team
  171. Official WWE Buddy Program
  172. WWE Hall of Fame
  173. Magical Magyars vs Croatia
  174. Some say love, it is a river
  175. Guess That South Slav
  176. ITT Estonians make fun of you
  178. Dalmatian - Serbian Friendship forward slash Brotherhood Thread
  179. Ask Suho: The Dating Advice Thread
  180. Serbian - Belgian Friendship Thread
  181. Albo-Esto Friendship Thread
  182. Go Ahead , make fun of Estonians !
  183. Severina vs. Jelena Karleusa
  184. Which is the less pathetic nation Bosnia or Albania: list your arguments
  185. Which is the greater nation Croatia or Serbia: list your arguments
  186. Results aside, is the Serbian NT the most quality team in EE?
  187. To all boznians and hercegovans
  188. HajdukSplit, what fixture are you streaming at the moment?
  189. What does Kool-Aid taste like?
  190. Your Vs You're
  191. Some Muslim African Takes Over for Dzeko at Roma
  192. The Birmingham slums and terrorists..finally ybc is uncovered
  193. Hyperborean-Dacians and Shambhala
  194. Trolling Apricity
  195. Who would win in a war between Russia and India?
  196. For Bosnian Croats: What is your favorite passage from the Quran?
  197. Rape Epidemic
  198. end of the road
  199. What if : Yugoslavia vs Albania, the panethnic match!
  200. [email protected] your ethnicity .... EE
  201. 100 percent Greek descent
  202. Oj vojvodo ekstra-tajmu, Srpski sine od resave ravne
  203. About Marko Grujic...
  204. What did I miss?
  205. Mamic On Yugoslavia
  206. You pricks
  207. Did Sulejmani dive?
  208. Salmad
  209. The Sectarian Violence In The Croatian Board
  211. Any videographic footage out there of Modric (ethnic Serb) making a pass in excess of
  212. How many venerable posters has YBC made his bitch, to date?
  213. The Hiring Contest: Simboli vs HajdukSplit
  214. Why isn't Hungary called Magyarország - Isten és Szűz Mária Földje?
  215. Origin of Albanians " The Dark Myth"
  216. Why isn't Albania called Shiptaria?
  217. "Bosnians" are closer genetically to Lithuanians than Croatians?
  218. I'm not saying that it is inaccurate to relate Albanians to Illyrians,
  219. The Serbian A team
  220. Is there ColdStone in EE?
  221. HajdukSplit, do you wanna go halfsies on cooking meth and fast internet, mate?
  222. I deeply respect your classification
  223. Happy New Year everyone
  224. Just checked out nk istra 1961 website
  225. Can you relate?
  226. Why isn't Romania called Dacia?
  227. thoughts on Balkvnt Women
  228. WWE posters Pro-Wrestling Classification(Faces, Heels and Tweeners)?
  229. EE future stars InBedWithMaradona top 100
  230. Euro 2016 , EE best right back: HYSAJ vs VRSALJKO
  231. Croats and Catholic Serbs from Dalmatia
  232. Wishing you all a Happy Holidays/Christmas/New Year
  233. Ascension ritual confirmed in Hollywood Movie
  234. Love Juice
  235. The beauty of Tirana, Albania
  236. Love Jews
  237. Miss Universe 2015
  238. Significance of the goat on the Croatian coat of arms?
  239. So what's the deal with Kaliningrad Oblast?
  240. pavnedved claims Bangladesh is culturally and intellectually superior to WWE nations
  241. Yugoslavia's gift to Albania or vice versa!?
  242. Could the mythical Serbian "A" team...
  243. Hypothetical
  244. The Bosnian 'A' Team
  245. Is it conceivable that your cawk would tear away from your body?
  246. Is it conceivable that Szekely Land will tear away from Romania?
  247. discribe the shit hut you call yer house
  248. Discribe the era you live in
  249. Best EE sides by era?
  250. Women's Handball Championships