: The wild, wild East

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  1. From Hawaiian Gardens to Podgorica to Mostar to Baku: "It's all Turkish and Russian".
  2. Orban Referendum Fail : "More Muslims please!"
  3. Best/Succesfull teams (clubs) on Balkans
  4. WWE Hillary Clinton Supporters Unite!
  5. Up and Comers vs Best in the EE: Who do you want to win?
  6. Ruskies-Canada's eternal b.itch. Another beating...
  7. Human Development Index
  8. Croatia NT Theme Song
  9. Ottoman heritage in Balkans? Laziness and oriental neuroticism!
  10. WWE Fail competition images [no comments]
  11. Liberland vs Balkvnts
  12. Bosnia's first international match footage (shin pad game)
  13. Over/Under Croatia missed chances vs. Kosovo
  14. "Visegrad Four" should stop caring about migrants and "Brexit", focus on recreating a
  15. When devil builds , should you destroy?
  16. Greatest thing you will ever see....
  17. Defend Kebab
  18. EE Hooligans are the best
  19. Paralympics newsflash: Hungary qualified for the Basketball Euro 2017
  20. 25-th September referendum - Little, little Baznia
  21. Can Albanians take Arsenal to glory?
  22. Whose the shittiest country in Europe?
  23. Alpine Serb vs Bleekscheet Boer to head UEFA
  24. Serbia Fail agian: Vukč Jeremiq
  25. #The Balkans Triangle vs Bermuda Triangle
  26. World cup 2026 with 40 team - region based hosting
  27. Croatia will never win anything
  28. Kosovo's road to Moscow
  29. Propa EE butfeckers
  30. Bill Rancic - the atypical balkvnt
  31. Are Balcvnts basically European rednecks?
  32. Romanians vs Mooslims
  33. You're Welcome India (Slavs and Hinduism)
  34. Pick your theoretical ex-Yugoslavian squad for upcoming WC qualifiers
  35. Why does Bosnia exist?
  36. Albanians shit scared of trump
  37. one good thing about WC2018 taking place in Russia
  38. Abdul Chung (share your stories)
  39. I just can't take it/privyet Dima
  40. Interview with Serbian Mafia Leader
  41. Black Basketball Superstars v some unathletic white guys
  42. Happy Independence Day
  43. Swarthy Serbs v Crocodile Dundees
  44. Ragnar Klavan Appreciation Thread
  45. Kosovo's Olympic success puts Albanian and Bosnian failures in perspective
  46. Serbs and their damned River Pirates
  47. Citius, Altius, Fortius: EE in the Olympics
  48. so im qt a bar
  49. 2018. počinje Balkanska fudbalska liga
  50. Should Milos Krasic be back in the Serbian NT?
  51. EE Sopranos - La Familia
  52. Guess which countries...
  53. Could Modric do this
  54. i just checked and...
  55. Official Melania Knauss EE first lady thread
  56. Bozniak leads Coup against Erdogan
  57. Most Romanians vs 1 Gay, Black Man
  58. wtf is a Cukaricki?
  59. EE bum arrested for breaking into Mourinho's London residence
  60. Hungarian Lady Mormont
  61. Prediction: Bosnia will make it to WC2018
  62. So let's make it clear once and for all
  63. Post Euro EE Team Rankings and EE Player of the Tournament
  64. (Croatian?) Moth to Ronaldo: Your Tears Taste Delicious
  65. Jumping on the Bandwagon
  66. EE team nicknames
  67. Albania is the only team that has beaten France & Portugal in the past 2 years
  68. Maginot Line vs Blitzkrieg
  69. Romania has a German coach
  70. Kokorin and Mamayev's gay escapades undermine Russia
  71. what happened to boban?
  72. BAN: Wales, Scotland, India from WWE mention
  73. Swabian Booger Eater vs Puglian Hairpiece
  74. lol, what?
  75. Post Wilmots era
  76. Induction into WWE
  77. How jealous are you of Wales?
  78. WWE to adopt Iceland as a EE team for remainder of Euro?
  79. FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk to dissolve?
  80. WWE beefs in Oiropa Cups v. 2016/17
  81. Battle of the Smoked Sausages: Chouriço vs. Kiełbasa
  82. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers
  83. Hungry Hungary vs Multicultural Eurostew
  84. Krauts vs Slowhacks
  85. last chance to jump on the San Hungarino bandwagon
  86. Official Whose Tears Taste Delicious Now thread
  87. Ronaldo's son has a message for Croatia
  88. Is it fair to have Black players in the Euros?
  89. Carpenters Vs Cheese
  90. The Official Shittest Team Rankings
  91. CROAT SUPERMEN vs Sardinemunchers
  92. Finno-Ugric Warriors vs a Petulant Man-Child
  93. Why are Croatians so boss at football?
  94. Guzmics
  95. The Common Denominator?
  96. Albania has been eliminated from Euro 2016
  97. WE ARE CROATIA !!!!!!!!!!
  98. Pilsner vs Kebab
  99. Gods Among Men vs some greasy dagos
  100. Is Russia still top 3 (at least) in EE?
  101. Dima where art thou?
  102. Putin vs House Targaryan
  103. Albanian Alhamdillulah
  104. Official Euro 2016 Russia eliminated by Wales thread/laugh at dmytro thread
  105. Paprika Kolbász vs Salty Bacalhau
  106. #WeAreAlbania but your tears don't taste delicious...
  107. Happy Father's Day
  108. Operation Castle Siege: The Horde vs. Seafaring Mammals
  109. Members new names?
  110. Vampirical Blood Lust vs Vengeful Blood Feud
  111. Magical Ginger Goulash vs Rotten Whale Sharks
  112. My tears don't really taste delicious....
  113. [Euro 2016] Now or Never : Albania vs Romania
  114. Armenia would've done way better than Turkey in the euros
  115. Paella vs Kebab
  116. #OurBeerTastesDelicious vs #YourTearsTasteDelicious
  117. Yugoslavia vs Czechoslovakia
  118. Russia going to go winless in 8 major tournament games
  119. Completely Official Ukraine Euro 2016 Recap
  120. The Chosen Ones vs. Hockey Austria
  121. Can Ukraine still make it to the QF or SF?
  122. WWII Reenactment Thread Pt 2: The Invasion of Poland
  123. Euro 2016: Ukraine vs Northern Ireland
  124. The Official Birkir Bjarnason Appreciation Thread
  125. EURO 2016 : slowfvcks vs losers
  126. Group A: Baguette vs Lakror 15 june 21:00 CET
  127. The Official Golden Ones vs Corrupt Bankers Thread
  128. Sprouts vs Wops
  129. EE's only Powerhouse vs Falangist Midgets
  130. Czechia vs East Portugal
  131. How would Albania do in the Copa America?
  132. Croatia > Brazil 1982
  133. Ginger Saddle vs. Adolf Shwarzenegger
  134. Happy Russia Day
  135. WE ARE CROATIA, you wish you were. Official thread.
  136. World War II Reenactment Thread: Germany destroys Ukraine
  137. Northern Slavland vs Northern Ireland
  138. Western Europe Vs Asia
  139. West Magyarland vs. The Kipper of the Republic
  140. Akinfeev save of the decade?
  141. Official Sh*t Thread Unless HS Pontificates
  142. Slovaks vs Bale
  143. Official Euro 2016 England defeat Russia Thread
  144. Switzerland vs Shqiptarland: The Battle of Brothers
  145. The civilized Westerners
  146. Should Australia join UEFA?
  147. Who is ****en Oleksandr Zinchenko?
  148. Who the **** is Aleksandr Golovin
  149. Georgia - potential dark horses for the Euros?
  150. Bosnia win Kirin Cup
  151. Operation Tea Party: Russia vs. England
  152. My Dad has no idea who Hagi and Savicevic are
  153. #OurTearsTasteDelicious: Türkiye vs Croatia Euro2016 countdown thread
  154. Croatia-San Marino 10-0 #WeAreCroatia
  155. Bosnia C team beats Denmark in Kirin cup semi finals
  156. How will you respond?
  157. The Destruction Continues, Armenia 4-0 El Salvador
  158. Who are the EE's biggest under achievers in football?
  159. [Friendly] Albania vs Ukraine 3 June 2016
  160. Guatemala 1 - 7 Armenia
  161. Modic and Kova win the CL and Croatian flag in full force...
  162. Another win for Croatia: ranked #1 kit at Euros
  163. Second Greatest EE Anthem?
  164. Euro 2016
  165. The Standard Bearer of EE Sports, CSKA Moscow
  166. the EE takeover of the chat section
  167. Which EE team (or other) will you support at the Euro's 2016?
  168. Another day and another Croatian success story .....
  169. Being Luka Modrich
  170. Breaking News: Not one Croat has Luka Modric avatar
  171. Is Luka Modric an elite attacking player whilst a Karadjordjeva in his bum?
  172. Poland on the way to conquer EE football land
  173. Luka Modric: an ethnic Serb?
  174. Rakitic: Best Swiss Player at the Moment?
  175. What's the likelihood that #WeAreCroatia survives the Euro group stage?
  176. Let's celebrate the POWERHOUSE of EE football ... CROATIA
  177. IVAN RAKITIC wins another La Liga title with BARCA
  178. That's it, I've decided we all need Luka Modric avatars
  179. Russian doping scandal. Ovi and co we know are clean...
  180. Bigger Euro: Luke Modric vs. the Ginger Guy from Hungary
  181. Luka Modric being surprised/confused by things
  182. The 13th Luka Modric thread of the day
  184. Romania to be "reduced to smoking ruins" by Russia?
  185. Bombay Mix
  186. The Hawk Is Howling
  187. Happy St George's Day
  188. Croats in the CL Final
  189. NT you slow, fat basement dwellers could feature on
  190. Kosovo has officially been accepted into UEFA
  191. Are Bosnian Serbs militant?
  192. lets discuss Slovenia
  193. Ethnicity / Political affiliation / Religious affiliation / ancestral trade
  194. Proof that Russians have Bosniak descent and vice versa
  195. Who was the greatest EE footballer of the 1980's?
  196. FIFA WC 2018 - Group I with Kosova
  197. Happy Chernobyl Easter!
  198. The Gigi Becali Transfer List
  199. Magyar Tiki-Taka TV
  200. Moscow to ban Kebab
  201. which one of these magyar dizájn objects would you want most?
  202. Football: China > Bosnia
  203. a'sellam alaikum
  204. Is this the EE goal of the year so far?
  205. Hey Boban and GB
  206. Is YBC Star Kid?
  207. Should Czechia be considred EE?
  208. Classify Oleg Shatov
  209. All-Time ex-Ottoman vassal XI
  210. WWE on homosexuality
  211. A misunderstood genius?
  212. Which EE country is the worst at sports?
  213. Dje ste SUPCI
  214. I am a simple man
  215. Ex-Yugoslav Basketball team for the Olympics
  216. True History behind Myths, Legends and Folk Tales
  217. EE players left in the Champions League:
  218. The bloody Eastern Europeans thread
  219. Happy 40th Birthday
  220. When were you the most proud of another EE people?
  221. Which EE teams will qualify for the EE World Cup?
  222. Hi Serb
  223. Who had the best response?
  224. Which part of the Motherland of football will go furthest / win the Euro?
  225. Can Ukraine win the Euros?
  226. How many times did Aco...
  227. EE vs Modern football
  228. Well played, Screech!
  229. Elvir Baljić
  230. Getting ready to watch the game at the Maksimir
  231. Can Poland win the Euros?
  232. EE Immigrant Success Stories
  233. Elegant Estonians vs Serbia
  234. Vlach you!
  235. Russia hits new low (calls up Brazilian goalie)
  236. This is how much NT coaches get paid
  237. What's the most underperforming EE national team of the 21st century?
  238. Cruising down the street in my 64
  239. i hope i don't get ccs'ed for this...
  240. Soviet League best 11 by season
  241. A Recurrent & Familiar Phantasy
  242. Is Eastern Europe the last line of defence for masculinity?
  243. Leicester is about to win the Premier League playing like Albania
  244. the rise of Zajko Zeba
  245. EE Chess
  246. The Czechoslovak Thread
  247. What should the flag of WWE be?
  248. Jaromir Jagr Thread
  249. Finally found the words to post after a long hiatus
  250. R.I.P Ekrem Jevric