: The wild, wild East

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  1. Irony
  2. Please Categorize Yourself
  3. Traditional Russian Culture
  4. Meanwhile in Ireland...
  5. Traditional English Culture
  6. Albania got a new Italian coach
  7. Basketball is Boring as Hell to Watch
  8. Croatia set to dominate EE in Tennis too?
  9. EE in Champions/Europa League 17/18
  10. More likely to Occure
  11. Old Black African guy talks about Israel and da Jews
  12. 1942 world cup review
  13. If Yugoslavia was a country still, would they have won the WC?
  14. WWE: White Washed Electors
  15. Only fools and haplogroups...
  16. What haplogroup do you use to justify existence? It's 9:22pm EST.
  17. Have the maps lied to us?
  18. Croatian-Albanian/Kosovar friends forever thread (Official)
  19. If the entire population of Albania would be replaced by Japanese...
  20. What are the odds Djokovic has Albanian genes?
  21. Who's the best non-Croat EE footballer right now?
  22. Google streetview stuff from WWE
  23. Unmistakable EE names.
  24. WWE Newbie Admission Test
  25. The Official Nikola Tesla is Serbian Thread
  26. Dojčland conquers Poland and Russia
  27. Why are Canadian clubs the Serbia of NHL? [Trigger warning to 50% of WWE]
  28. Official thread. Its the thank the good Lord we aren't...
  29. Imagine you can travel back in time
  30. Next EE nation to qualify for a major tournament?
  31. Interesting Russian point of view on the migrant crisis.
  32. Is Croatia Too Civilized for the WWE?
  33. The (WWE except Croatia)-Iceland Brotherhood Thread
  34. Croatia Ireland Brothers thread-a place to call home away from home
  35. Cut the crap bros
  36. Tatar-Mongols vs Drug Cartel
  37. Top Ten Most Dangerous EE: Cultured vs Balcvnts vs Illyrians
  38. Why don't Irish People Speak Irish?
  39. Rdi EE?
  40. The Official Luka Mamic thread
  41. Is this pretty much Romania's comeback?
  42. Is this Pretty Much Croatia's Peak?
  43. Iran conquer Asia without conceding
  44. WWE Home-Away Series: NT Republika Srpska v NT Dalmacija
  45. if not #wearecroatia, THEN WHO?!?!?!
  46. Who is your favourite Bosnian?
  47. Hungary Sucks Again
  48. Fjotolf Hansen
  49. The Official Polan-Ruemania B Thread
  50. Andorra vs Magic
  51. Bosnia vs Greece
  52. Lets be honest, soccer is a boring ass sport.
  53. Ivo Andric
  54. Why are Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks and Montenigras pretending to be different peoples?
  55. So a car hit me at the crossing on my lunch break at work
  56. Justice for Beno
  57. Where is YBC?
  58. Will USA win the World Cup with Pulisic?
  59. Anemic Croatians disappoint in $champion$ League final
  60. Modric wins his 3rd CL, Kova his 2nd, and Mandzo scores a beauty..
  61. The Official Mandzukic Thread
  62. Pictures of WWE Personalities: Before & After Progressive Culture
  63. Most famous athletes in the world (ESPN list)
  64. Once were ping pong
  65. WWE mankind origins
  66. Croatia vs AZTLAN "Friendly"
  67. Should Italians be considered EE?
  68. St. Giorgio Chinaglia: Canonization by Pope Ivanka Trump
  69. Trump Creates Incident
  70. Islam strikes again
  71. How to get the girl
  72. Match of the century 5. June BP, Magical vs Culture
  73. Luka and Kova win la liga. Mandzo and Pjaca Seria A..Suba Ligue 1...
  74. Rijeka wins HNL
  75. Whoah I just figured something out
  76. Typical Serb look
  77. EE Best/Most Famous Athletes by Country
  78. Euro u21: Keep calm and be pshek
  79. Famous Movie/TV/book characters who are secretly EE
  80. Day 30 - No Fap
  81. Are Montenegrins Offspring of Proto-Mongols?
  82. what's the greatest Master Race?
  83. Who are the most tactical EE'rs?
  84. Free Green Beret!
  85. Was Tito hired by the Illuminati and did he work for them?
  86. WWE's Adriano: My soul is also buried in a favela
  87. U17 Euro
  88. Magyarorszg is back, bicsesz!
  89. Could this be boban's father in happier times...
  90. XT has a 'Like function!
  91. Dear Sarma where's the cantaloupe?
  92. meanwhile in Russia...
  93. Recent hip hop songs from EE
  94. The Greatest Eever EE Sportsman?
  95. Balkan brothel !
  96. Predict Russia's performance at WC2018
  97. Are American EEans superior to European EEans?
  98. Zagreb Pride 2017 (Putin your tears taste delicious)
  99. Each CL semi team has a...wait...for....it....
  100. How come Slovenia is such a sucessful Central European nation?
  101. Will the Pjanic takeover lead Juventus to UCL glory?
  102. official partitioning of Bosnia thread
  103. Greatest Aussie Croat?
  104. Andy - floorball?
  105. "Aussie Values" Test
  106. Serbian pop music (90s)
  107. WWE memes/jokes (graphics heavy)
  108. A Sad Afternoon somewhere in the Eastern Balkans
  109. Magical Magyars and Real Madrid
  110. Has Modric surpassed Puskas?
  111. Most Overrated/Underrated EE Footballers of All-time
  112. What if you lived in your EE Motherland?
  113. What's the general perception of Armenians?
  114. Which would you rather be?
  115. Steaua Bucuresti renamed to SC Fotbal Club FCSB SA
  116. Le Pen Watch
  117. Ana Konjuh vs. Anett Kontaveit
  118. Beli-2017
  119. The "WTF happend?" thread
  120. I dumped Croatia for Estonia
  121. Croatia's greatest hits
  122. There is a God : The Official Croatia Humiliated Thread
  123. #WeAreEstonia
  124. WWE Power Rankings
  125. Most addictive video (NSFW)
  126. MoTD: Bosnia i H U19 - Bulgaria U19
  127. 24th of March - Serbia's Salvation Day!
  128. WE ARE CROATIA! (you wish you were).
  129. A Resurgent EE Galacticos?! Could It Be True?
  130. #OurTearsWillTasteDelicious: Estonia v Croatia (28th March)
  131. Why do Balkan ppl act like Turks are some inferior race?
  132. Dima's EE Dads: Part Dva
  133. Best looking EX-YU stadiums today
  134. Albania, Romania and Yunanistan are the only OGs
  135. Greatest Croatian Club
  136. Should Albania host the World Cup?
  137. Should Albania qualify for the World Cup?
  138. The Kurcina is BACK !!!
  139. Russia now has the best fullback in EE
  140. The rest of EE has nothing on us
  141. Remember when Branislav Ivanovic was the best RB in the world?
  142. Important addition to the Greater Albania/Proto-Illyrian Myth
  143. I'm watching Real Madrid vs Real Betis
  144. National Secretions: Plan B #wearecroatia collapse
  145. Budapest withdraws 2024 Olympics bid
  146. @France, those tears melt in my mouth
  147. For your safety and security you are advised not to wear Manchester United colours
  148. We are Hungarian, our sausages taste delicious
  149. We are Estonia, your tears taste delicious
  150. I Need to create a fake business email address
  151. FYROM the next Pandora box/Balkan's Siria
  152. Croats and their f'n disgusting flavour
  153. Bosnia vs Albania - the showdown WWE has been waiting for
  154. I wish I lived in Belgrade
  155. Vedad Ibiević vam je the real svima babo
  156. how many of XT's Bosniaks and Albos have ever made a pilgrimage to Mecca?
  157. Yugoslav Stereotypes
  158. Which WWE failcountry is the next one to join EU?
  159. We are not Croatia. We wish we were.
  160. What is a Kosovo Crme Brle?
  161. which country is Armenia most similar to by cultural values?
  162. Are Albanians basically Hellens?
  163. Why no love for Hamk?
  164. Albanians had a king named Zog, lol
  165. EE FUTSAL thread
  166. Dangerously Close to Ascension
  167. All-Bosnian Team
  168. Kovacic, the heir apparent.
  169. scum advertisement
  170. Albanians vs white people
  171. No Quarter: Soviets
  172. Rakitic not a starter in Barca anymore
  173. Early bird WC2018 Prediction Thread (jinxing encouraged)
  174. Starting Xtratime Xi- Game
  175. The Official Luka Modric Thread
  176. What is wrong with these people?
  177. January is Luka Modrić month on WWE
  178. Weird Russian Sh!t
  179. Macedonians get offended if called Slav !
  180. Early 90's Yugoswarthia vs. Tearstastedelicious
  181. What makes a Balkaner a Balkaner?
  182. Kriza u Bosni
  183. Andy Christ, Time to Retire
  184. yo what is this lol wut?
  185. Which EE country has produced the best films?
  186. which non-WWE sportsman is the most WWE in spirit?
  187. Ridiculous EE Country Names
  188. Sretan ti rođendan Jesus!
  189. The Christmas Nikola Tesla Thread
  190. Bosanci :heart:
  191. crnogorac vs cecenac
  192. Greater Estonia
  193. In your face , Mr T!
  194. Do Croatians believe in Krampus?
  195. WWE players who will be missed at the 2018 WC
  196. Proof Hungarians are Balkunts
  197. Haha I got the most random PM
  198. Will Russia Qualify ? что вы думаете Диму?
  199. For Krle
  200. Bosnian Wizard Flute
  201. Happy Thanksgiving guys
  203. Hey Boban where are you? I need your counsel. ****ing high overtime Kowakian lizard
  204. Will the Serb-Trump Love Affair finally end?
  205. Ruemania-Polan 0-3: Our tears taste deliciously salty
  206. U21 Euro Poland 2017
  207. West Balkanic Kleinheislers 4-0 East Pyrenean Maradonas: Your tears taste delicious!
  208. Rumen becomes president of Bulgaria !
  209. We are Croatia. You wish you were.
  210. Nordic Upstarts vs. Everyone's Favorite EE team
  211. Will Trump's victory mean HajdukSplit has to
  212. Is Elbasan a nice place for football?
  213. Green Barret
  214. Hey Albanians
  215. What a year
  216. Aco BanjaLukaRS on Serbian TV
  217. Edi Rama vs Aleksander Vucic
  218. We wish we were Bosnia !
  219. Hey Dima just a question
  220. Would you rub moobs with Putin?
  221. International Friendly (Nov. 15th): Most Culture Nation on Earth vs. Pula Jokes
  222. Freedom for Hungary - 60 years ago Budapest!
  223. The "Yugoslav" Partizans
  224. EE's newest member: amria ! Happy Indipendence Day!
  225. Maps
  226. The Izetbegovic-Gligorov plan
  227. 1 in Every 5 Monteniggas is a Gypsy
  228. Albanian Domination of RPL
  229. Proof that Russians are Mongoloid (and also can't handle their booze)
  230. Most famous historical figures from Balkan countries
  231. Deko vam je svima babo!
  232. Official Albanian-Bosnian friendship thread
  233. Prime Putin vs Zoran Milanovic
  234. Trump says: Serbia was a hoax
  235. farewell my freinds
  236. Baltic Tigers vs Trianon Pussycats
  237. Bales ridiculous team picture
  239. Armando and Company vs The European Caliphate
  240. Kamerad Ferdinand Schnurschuh vs Resurgent Riverboat Kajmak
  241. Indigenous Balkaners vs Los Conquistadores
  242. Les Coqs Noirs vs. the Toothless Lions
  243. Neutralbanian Money Laundry v Massively Hung Aryans
  244. Post ur fav pix from Socialist times here
  245. From Hawaiian Gardens to Podgorica to Mostar to Baku: "It's all Turkish and Russian".
  246. Orban Referendum Fail : "More Muslims please!"
  247. Best/Succesfull teams (clubs) on Balkans
  248. WWE Hillary Clinton Supporters Unite!
  249. Up and Comers vs Best in the EE: Who do you want to win?
  250. Ruskies-Canada's eternal b.itch. Another beating...