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  1. John Howard
  2. Only logged in users
  3. 4.4 out of 10 americans would vote against bush!
  4. What is an political signature?
  5. Your favorite breed (dog)
  6. Israel and the US, biggest thread to world peace by a EU poll
  7. Mahtir Mohammed Steps down, retires!
  8. question to the europeans.
  9. Rapists, murderers, pillagers, imperialists, imbeciles, ignorants, exploiters...
  10. Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations
  11. true numbers
  12. It's O.K, it's all for Charity.
  13. Japans Executing Someone....
  14. Conservative Leadership
  15. Dictator
  16. Is this terrorism?
  17. bombing the red cross
  18. Demonstrations?
  19. shake hands with the devil
  20. Political Chain Game! :D
  21. Inquiry faults intelligence on Iraq
  22. Australians out of parliment
  23. 20 Years Revisited: The Naval Boming
  24. The leak and investigation
  25. Church...changes...opus dei..
  26. No Fact Checkers in the Bush Entourage?
  27. Diana: New revelations
  28. Alija Izetbegovic dies at 78
  29. Enviromentalists - Part of the Solution, or part of the Problem?
  30. A muslim-refusenik!!!
  31. Turkey to join EU.
  32. Election results in Switzerland
  33. The true face of war
  34. Comments of Lieutenant General William Boykin
  35. The real Hussein
  36. Malaysian PM comment in the OIC.
  37. Strikes In Bolivia
  38. Baku, Azerbaijan
  39. Our Liberalism
  40. what is your favourite source of news?
  41. 3 Americans Dead in Gaza!
  42. Ghettonization
  43. islam in france.
  44. Guantanamo-justice
  45. i would like to have the opinion of xt members please.
  46. The Nobel Peace Prize 2003
  47. REWARD: 4.4 Million Euro for Gotovina
  48. our morality
  49. The French
  50. Turkey to send soldier to Iraq!!
  51. Triple murderer want's Compensation,What do you think?
  52. W Nation: America Needs Thorazine!
  53. israel attacks target within syria
  54. An eye for an eye and revenge.
  55. IVF treatment after marriage break-up
  56. forgotten or not want to be seen.
  57. Saville Inquiry - Interesting new evidence
  58. Balkans & the US - what Sratfor thinks...
  59. terrorism index
  60. RIP Edward Said
  61. Who has been to WTC Site?
  62. Arnold on CA Gov
  63. Amina Lawal
  64. "illegal and immoral"
  65. South Africa
  66. New secretary for NATO
  67. incest, bestiality and whatever tickles your fancy...
  68. American domestic politics
  69. American democracy - priorities
  70. WR1: Abortion
  71. Shot across Blair's brow
  72. Election 04
  73. I'm really starting to get sick of hearing about9/11.
  74. WTO talks crash in Cancun
  75. 11/9 for Chile
  76. 11/9 the terror continues
  77. Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs assasinated!
  78. where will it End/
  79. Imam Samudra sentenced to death!
  80. We're forking out big dollar's for Prince "Sh!thead" harry to come here!
  81. Who says crime does'nt Pay?
  82. Muslim woman will be allowed to wear Hijab and Pray while being a Police woman.
  83. Bush: A new Crime against Palestinians
  84. A different approach
  85. Baghdadis advice to New Yorkers
  86. The question of Iraq's reparations
  87. 40 Years on from that speech
  88. Same sex marriage
  89. influences on our kids.
  90. should the UN go into iraq?
  91. RIP Mazen Dana
  92. Liberia
  93. European vacation
  94. Vajpayee, Ayodhya and an early election?
  95. Amrozi-death or Life in Prison?
  96. Greedy FU##IN Governments1
  97. Revolutions
  98. Political Debate guidelines
  99. Why We Hate/love The US
  100. Gujarat leader's overseas visit plans clouded by security concerns
  101. Tony Martin
  102. Betting on Terror
  103. Definitions
  104. to everbody who wants to know the truth of islam...please come in
  105. David Kelly Tragedy
  106. War Crimes
  107. Underworld Gangster style killings.
  108. Jamali: "I'm in charge of Pakistan"
  109. Here is the deal
  110. Americans want troops in Iraq
  111. The evolution of party dynamics
  112. Saddam's sons are dead
  113. I have a question
  114. France tries hard not to gloat over Iraq
  115. What a stupid world we live in.
  116. The commodification of politics
  117. To Bastin
  118. Iraq: the "DUH!" Theory
  119. Oral proficiency- lection 1:
  120. Conspiracy Theory Bonanza!
  121. european categories
  122. The lords of the killings.
  123. The failure of "multiculturalism" in Australia
  124. question to the americans.
  125. A Small Question
  126. OT: "Weapons of Mass ..." ;)
  127. Bush and his "faulty intelligence"..
  128. The Commonwealth and parliamentary government
  129. American Army Arrest Turkish Spec. Forces!
  130. drugs and their status.
  131. Terrorism in the middle east (part 2)
  132. friendly fire casualties
  133. UN and local authority
  134. Politics and football
  135. What would you do?
  136. Did the Turkish Government....
  137. World Bank and IMF
  138. are you ready to admit that you were wrong?
  139. Just a little quiz
  140. Terrorism in the Middle East
  141. Terrorist Hunter
  142. Worsening situation in Iraq
  143. The terrible cost of gourmet food
  144. Berlusconi's immunity
  145. Party or Candidate?
  146. Where do we draw the line with religious differences?
  147. whom do you like talk politics?
  148. British Judicial Changes
  149. The New Scramble for Africa
  150. Death penalty, the other side
  151. ASEAN condemns Burma's evil regime
  152. Parties in Sydney and Melbourne violently gatecrashed...
  153. Is the death penalty right?
  154. Tough question! Guess from this picture who is the terrorist!
  155. National Flags
  156. No Black on the Union Jack
  157. The parliamentary tradition- a lasting accomplishment
  158. conscription
  159. i saw an american neo conservative on the french tv
  160. We have not forgotten.
  161. I have two words for the House of Saud
  162. A Thread For China
  163. Britain the EU, Euro, monarchy. (what would you do)
  164. Northern Ireland
  165. Treatment on the NHS
  166. Nuclear states
  167. Jessica Lynch - Thoughts?
  168. off topic:history of the Turkish Jews
  169. Was WMD's The reason for Iraq War?
  170. Uganda- the recovery story
  171. Forum-Zens
  172. Citi-Zen
  173. I Sell Air
  174. Istanbul
  175. The Life of a British Citizen
  176. Euthanasia
  177. an american in canada
  178. to the forum managers
  179. OT: What kind of state would u form?
  180. abortion
  181. will bush sleep in france for the g8?
  182. The Real History of Israel
  183. Crisis in Aceh
  184. Military and the State after 2000?
  185. Jewish Refugees and our R.O.R
  186. So now to the "other" minor parties...
  187. what is your favourite famous politician?
  188. Capitalism, Artificial Communism and Natural Communism
  189. For or against Monarchism?
  190. The plight of the people of Burma
  191. "Roadmap to peace" is blocked by terror attacks.
  192. Communism, doomed to fail
  193. Where Do You Rest?
  194. Will the socialism lead us into a new form of communism?
  195. Read Before Posting: *Updated* Forum Rules and Guidelines
  197. Some questions about Islam
  198. Australia's budget is a slap in the face.
  199. Horrific
  200. Worst thing about your country?
  201. Please follow the rules
  202. about palestine.
  203. Al-Quida Strikes again!!
  204. Autocracy Vs. Democracy?
  205. The Chechens Strike again!
  206. Why do socialist states succeed?
  207. Pax-Americana
  208. Persecution of Bahai's!
  209. Belgium as a prosecutor for genocide
  210. Palestinian Refugees!
  211. Milosevic Trial
  212. Congo: a hidden cathastrophy
  213. Ecologism and The Greens
  214. The European Convention
  215. Croats and Serbs
  216. USA hypocricy over WMD
  217. Selective Intelligence
  218. Nauseating hypocrisy from the axis of weasels
  219. Zinoist Terrorism
  220. Anti-Semitism: Feeling Betrayed
  221. Bash the French!
  222. The Illegal War
  223. Corruption rife amongst Chirac and his his entourage.
  224. Arafat a war criminal?
  225. Syria
  226. Sharon a war criminal?
  227. Americans
  228. Give me a fuccking break.
  229. the Saudi royals
  230. OT: what type of government are you in?
  231. Middle East Peace Think Tank
  232. uh oh, bush designates basque separatist as terrorist
  233. Report: U.S. troops in Iraq find documents and maps on Israel
  234. Churchill a War Criminal??
  235. George Bush-The destruction of American society?
  236. Forum managers against palestine
  237. against isreali occupation of Palestine.
  238. British National Party
  239. European army formed
  240. Lovely
  241. very serious thread.
  242. Hunt for WMDs - What if they are not found?
  243. Censorship
  244. Tobacco Lawsuits Survey
  245. Albanian national army declared terrorist organisation
  246. Some questions for my final exam
  247. "We, the most free nation on Earth"
  248. Kurdish people !!!
  249. Fruit for Thought
  250. How do you propose to build a new government in Iraq?