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  1. Don't look now...nukes in Iraq?
  2. What? No Iran thread yet?
  3. Taxes!!!
  4. sharon is getting ding dong!
  5. In search of Bobby Fisher
  6. Dubya's hijacked my browser!
  7. Al-Jazeera in Canada
  8. New Zealand breaks ties with Israel
  9. Homosexuality
  10. BNP leaders may face charges after TV exposé of racism
  11. Best Country in the World
  12. Kerry's wife
  13. Saddam,Cemical Ali,Aziz etc are they the only guilty ones here?
  14. Fyi
  15. The Problem with Apologies
  16. Kerry-Edwards? YES!
  17. Rock Paper Saddam!
  18. proud of ya HONG KONG
  19. José Manuel Durão Barroso
  20. Convicted triple murderer want's taxpayers to fund a sex change operation for him.
  21. Handover of power
  22. Why?
  23. Canadian Election
  24. Big Supreme Court Decisions Today
  25. Full Moon
  26. Official Elections 2004 Thread: Battle for the American Presidency
  27. Israeli Soldiers speak out
  28. Would you like Bush's job and if so why?
  29. Real World "Supervillains"
  30. Where's Weapons
  31. Democracy
  32. Africa
  33. For the Americans ....
  34. Canadian Federal Elections
  35. Rule Britannia...
  36. I live in a region of biggots
  37. The play of Zidane
  38. Elections in Serbia
  39. The Iraq you don't hear about
  40. Eternal War!
  41. Drug Traffickers what do you think of them?
  42. Hilarious
  43. US executive justified torture in memo
  44. Football in the Vatican
  45. Ronald Reagan dies at 93
  46. Cia
  47. Fifteen Years : Remembering Tiananmen Square
  48. As usual the bleeding hearts in these forums and around the world
  49. The European Elections
  50. bush and chirac, the best friends on the world?
  51. A question concerning Christianity
  52. Who exactly is a terrorist?
  53. Saudi: Gunmen allowed to escape
  54. Sharia law in Canada
  55. gOD, Concerning the 'Stemtest'
  56. june 6th 1944.
  57. New Iraqi Interim Government
  58. New York Times/Iraq
  59. Wanna have a go at Uncle Tom's balls next time Macedonia ?
  60. What are these people getting over fighting and killing each other?
  61. Dealing with Iraq
  62. Big Up for Michael Moore!
  63. Why they keep publishing the new abuse pictures?
  64. More Pics of Abuse Surface
  65. U.S. Army in Iraq: is it time to leave?
  66. Ignorant Clerics
  67. Howard stick to trying to run the Country!
  68. Deleted Thread??
  69. Cook Islands
  70. Killer Coca-Cola
  71. women in the army.
  72. Liberal/Conservative?
  73. India
  74. Andorran Football Thread/Political debate about Macedonia
  75. No insults please
  76. How many people were killed during Saddam's regime?
  77. RIP nick berg
  78. US-Franco Summit? ATTN: Mali
  79. Privatisation of war
  80. Sudan
  81. Rumsfeld should leave
  82. Ever Thought About The Truth?
  83. Athletes and the Olympics!
  84. People Hating People
  85. Why would you want to go to Iraq?
  86. Heroes in Iraq?!
  87. In defence of some flag burners
  88. What's going on?
  89. In Australia you can kill,rape But just don't spit on a Football Coach.
  90. US General suspended over abuse
  91. The EU expansion
  92. FM's wanted
  93. Influx Of Immigrants to the UK
  94. Republican Dirty Tricks
  95. The truth about the french!
  96. World Bank laments poverty gap
  97. Do you there's such a thing as a universal justice?
  98. Religious discussion: yes or no.
  99. Discover Islam The Fastest Growing Religion in the World...Learn about The Real Islam
  100. Terrible Disaster
  101. U.N. Scandal
  102. Obeying the law where you live
  103. Respect
  104. Now Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi.....
  105. Relationships between muslims and non-muslims
  106. Sad country
  107. Last words
  108. How do you feel about the slaughter of the seals in Canada
  109. Bin Laden Offers Truce
  110. Bush turns Arab-Israeli Conflict Upside Down
  111. Religion-The root toall evil?
  112. Hey god
  113. Death Penalty vote in U.S.
  114. Al-Mahdi Brigade Mobilises
  115. that's for bastin.
  116. Multiculturalism is Dead
  117. White king, red rubber, black death
  118. Ten Years Ago In Africa
  119. EuroCrazyPeople
  120. Why Invasion was Iraq's best shot at a future
  121. Microsoft and E.U.
  122. Chernobyl Website
  123. What famous leader are you?
  124. intresting charges
  125. NATO enlargement
  126. french government in trouble.
  127. funny george.
  128. unconstitutional pledge
  129. Explosives found under French railroad tracks
  130. 9/11 investigation.
  131. Richard Clark accuses Bush
  132. why bother
  133. Man guilty of carrying 400 gms into Singapore Yet...
  134. Arad statue news
  135. Hamas chief killed in air strike
  136. freedom of speech - how important is it really
  137. Laugh at the assassination attempt on the Taiwanese President
  138. Let's face it Terrorism will never be beaten!
  139. Ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.
  140. not again....
  141. AP Breaking News item picking up steam, Re: Major AQ target within grasp...
  142. Pulling out troops
  143. We're a Target thanks to you Howard!
  144. "United" Cypruss to join EU
  145. Climatic Change
  146. 8 million line the streets of Madrid but do they really care?
  147. Madrid Attack - Who could be responsible?
  148. Who killed Habyarimana?
  149. the bible = the tree of the knowledge of good and evil () Jesus = the tree of life
  150. Do you vote?
  151. Bush or Kerry, who do you think will win?
  152. Khadr - the Canadian Al Qaeda family
  153. Kill someone
  154. The Corporation
  155. U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994
  156. Further proof that you pinkos are all alike...
  157. Super Tuesday
  158. OT: Boogers
  159. Pentagon warns of Climate Changes
  160. What happened to the Osama thread?
  161. Brits spying on the UN?
  162. Anarchy
  163. Macedonia leader killed in crash
  164. question?
  165. Tuesday's Rant - God Spoke to Me
  166. Europe's first 'Green' Prime Minister
  167. About the First Amendment to the US Constitution.
  168. The USA is going to hell in a handbasket
  169. Ecological disaster
  170. Voting strategically
  171. The Nader factor
  172. Bush abusing science
  173. Who changed my reply?
  174. Haiti
  175. Men are not Cost Effective!
  176. Cali's progress
  177. Comfort Women
  178. maybe saddam could challenge bush for the presidency!
  179. Unacceptable behavior
  180. Mel Gibson Movie
  181. My City Destroying Civilization As We All Know It!
  182. Cloning
  183. Kerry is the nominee?
  184. The Janet Jackson hoopla
  185. Pakistan and nuclear proliferation.
  186. Controversial construction of Israeli wall
  187. Stupid Embarassing Australia "AGAIN".
  188. U.N. panel on terrorist financing disbanded
  189. The Hezballah-Israel prisoner swap-deal.
  190. German Justice....
  191. Saddam
  192. where do you think Osama is hiding?
  193. Now YOU can become the president of United States!
  194. BBC Director quits, Blair off the hook?
  195. Feb 3 Primary's
  196. Illegal Immigration
  197. The West Lothian Question
  198. Serb Babic admits guilt
  199. Kay asks why US thought Iraq had WMDs...
  200. The George Bush Conspiracy Generator
  201. New Hampshire Primary
  202. U.S. deserves congrats too...
  203. Ralph Nader = Osama bin Laden
  204. Bin Laden an american??
  205. State of the Union
  206. Which way do you swing?
  207. UN
  208. Will Mars Be considered a terrorist threat?
  209. Berlusconi Can Be Prosecuted, Court Rules
  210. Brasil, the country of the future?
  211. Did you hear this?
  212. "Big money still rules US politics"
  213. OT: Pure Coincidence
  214. Just learned this...
  215. Alain Hertoghe
  216. Shocking News: Murder in British Royal Family!
  217. Saddam Hussein's To-Do List
  218. A political question
  219. Vatican Attack Averted
  220. Tragedy in Iran..
  221. Prez. Musharraf Escapes New Death Plot
  222. Oh, shut up!
  223. Jehova's Witnesses. What's the story?
  224. Police 'terror' Arrests in the UK
  225. The glorious victory at Samarra
  226. Ian Huntley given life!
  227. France and freedom of religion
  228. Hypocrite of the Year?
  229. Canada's new PM
  230. Respect to the White House!
  231. "We got him!"
  232. EU summit complete failure
  233. Where do you stand politically ?
  234. End of the ****in' true
  235. What do u think of americans?
  236. Listen to this!
  237. 'We're air force pilots, not mafia. We don't take revenge'
  238. Can someone enlighten me on Italian 'humor'?
  239. Help/sources needed.
  240. Croatian elections
  241. Interesting satirical political website
  242. Stormont Elections
  243. Anyone written a paper on...
  244. Curse The Terror!!!
  245. Bombs in Turkey
  246. Arnie's progress
  247. chirac.
  248. Trade War!
  249. when the law fails
  250. Torture