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  1. Love Shy
  2. Are you in love?
  3. Thirty Days Ago...
  4. why women?
  5. Which forum member do you think would be the BEST kisser?
  6. Do you like girls with small tits? I do not!
  7. Romanian women , best in the World!!!
  8. How many girls/women that had wanted to have sex with you in your life ?
  9. Which Asian Country has the Hottest women?
  10. a gift from homes to pila
  11. Love terms deduction excercise
  12. Strong, Successful and Sexy Women
  13. How to win over a pampered girl?
  14. I just wana have sex with you
  15. Man Crush Monday
  16. A broken heart
  17. Wanting to experience a homosexual relationship
  18. Which Balkan Country has the Hottest women?
  19. Experienced heavily endowed multicultural man available
  20. lcf'z ripe nd ready fred
  21. Do it for Denmark
  22. how men think during a date
  23. Urgent Advice Needed! Getting a YES from her
  24. I need to dump my gf...plz help. Cuz....
  25. American women vs Foreign Women
  26. Still a Virgin...
  27. I'm a terrible person
  28. A friend of mine has a question
  29. Going down on a woman causes cancer
  30. Rome!
  31. Scientists: when women say "no" they usually mean "yes"
  32. Zico10 & YellowBlueCoke are getting married !!!!!!
  33. With how many girls/women you had sex in your life ?
  34. Based on stereotypes, which race of women is best in bed?
  35. How to make a Woman Happy
  36. if you were to create your own profile...
  37. Jeff tries Online Dating
  38. CDG appreciation thread
  39. If I get stood up tonight, Ill fkin go BERSERK
  40. An Evening or so Ago..
  41. I want to meet white Northern European women
  42. Belgian girls...
  43. Scott
  44. Lingerie wearing
  45. Favorite bras
  46. anima mia Lili
  47. Where is your limit?
  48. What kind of dish would impress my fiancee at our anniversary?
  49. My weopen cant fire!!!
  50. FRUIT THREAD(melons, mango& even Litchi but no banana!) a Xmas celebration with Pila
  51. wat shud i do?
  52. Online Dating
  53. Calling all men
  54. Most Romantic Thing You Done For A woman
  55. Oldie but a goodie!
  56. I love my boyfriend very much!
  57. Women Is Quite Higher Than Men : Is It Acceptable For you ?
  58. Why Do Farangs Favorite In Thai Women ?
  59. do you like scat?
  60. Independent Woman v. Loving Housewife: Which do you prefer?
  61. Why do women cheat?
  62. Dating in One's 30s
  63. Breaking up
  64. She has a boyfriend but she still might like me?
  65. Homes turns Dagoodsquese and would bring rating to L&D forum aka crap comparisions!
  66. Pila's Annual No Blow Job For You day
  67. Your Sexual Fantasies?
  68. Man, 99, divorces wife after....77 years of marriage
  69. How would you deal with.....
  70. What would you do, u pagan heathens
  71. What are you getting for your significant other this Holiday Season?
  72. I would like to be the FM again
  73. everything is happening so quickly
  74. Matters of the crotch
  75. how to get revenge
  76. How do you seduce a young Muslim lady?
  78. Doing the "Ronaldinho"
  79. Do you think she's hot?
  80. Where did you go with your parnter on your 1st date?
  81. Dating/marrying people from other races
  82. FAO Liternit: Converting to Islam/Banging Muslim chicks
  83. mid-20s girls wtf
  84. BREAKING NEWS: Homes has lost his V plates [photo evidence inside]
  85. Cure for exrteme jealousy
  86. Are you...
  87. Is love...
  88. Nomination for most charming poster(male/female).
  89. Clash of religion and political beliefs in a relationship
  90. Mrki's poop pics
  91. Memory Burn
  92. Hope for Homes
  93. Which the best sex position in your opinion?
  94. Save Mes[noob of the year], thread mission: lure Mes to have sex before marraige.
  95. Love has no age? Or it is lust for sex and money?
  96. Major despair for civilization
  97. Your first crush?
  98. Sex with other women when married
  99. Do you think a Man and Woman can be real friends, without anything sexual?
  100. Mariel's romantic relationships(if any), racism, cultural phobia, etc-official thread
  101. Young Marriage.
  102. My Favorite Phone Holster is Back!
  103. Poetry faceoff Women vs Men
  104. I'm in Love
  105. Screen personalty, I admire
  106. Date or one Night Stand?
  107. Problem
  108. Personality Types
  109. Partner of the Same Race
  110. Women that don't suck
  111. Next door Neighbor
  112. Marriage
  113. So we had kitty, now it's baby feeder time!
  114. Why I Left My Beta Husband / Why I Left My Fat Wife
  115. Worlds worst lovers
  116. Partner going on holiday without you
  117. on cheatin and related sinz
  118. Grass on the pitch
  119. Kids today are always goofing on 80s hair, but this don't seem so bad-
  120. Speaking of furry p*ssy, here's how to wash your girlfriend's p*ssy-
  121. I'm attracted to someone on XT
  122. "Is it weird that this gave me a boner?"
  123. happy valentine's day.
  124. No compromise
  125. Dog House Day!
  126. Pregnant
  127. Butter face
  128. Advice on dating on a....
  129. To Mali formerly Lili Pot De Culo
  130. I Still Miss You....
  131. Why?...
  132. The dating thread
  133. Divorce
  134. Incest
  135. Condoms for kids
  136. I'm gay
  137. A poem about men
  138. Dating with class with Lord Snoots
  139. Monogamy? No need
  140. Does age difference matter?
  141. Uneducated cows
  142. 1 question
  143. Ruined my relationship
  144. Transsexuals quiz
  145. OK, I'm back - what I miss?
  146. Tracking down persons of interest.
  147. For Father's Day, All I Want is This Phone Holster-
  148. Do you love someone?
  149. Help a homosexual
  150. Well it happened...
  151. whom marie should give her heart ?
  152. I love you, Naser
  153. Uganda!
  154. I Love You, MarieL
  155. How I met your Mother...
  156. Wanna puke? Click here!
  157. Women who scam men into skipping a football match.
  158. Guys: Have you learned to bite your tongue with your woman?
  159. Advice on Dating Russian Women
  160. A Celebrity You'd Do, and one that you wouldn't
  161. who is the forum manager here ?!!!!!!!
  162. Ever have...
  163. Would you?
  164. Mrs. Pila Commits a Moral Sin!
  165. A very disturbing conclusion
  166. Time for a Poll
  167. Advice on dating a ....
  168. At home...wife is wife!
  169. Falling for your good friend
  170. Happy Valentine's Day, Babe!
  171. Why are females mainly attracted to alpha males?
  172. Your top 3 Femmes Who Boostered Your Way Out of Prepubescence
  173. I've come to the conclusion...
  174. Bridging the gender gap
  175. (Obedient) World's First Robot Girlfriend.
  176. Mistakes trying to date girls?
  177. Perverts unite! (aka Sexual Perversions and Fantasies discussion thread)
  178. Loving hookers
  179. "idump4u"
  180. The Rebound
  181. What song should I sing to get me laid the fastest?
  182. Why....
  183. How do I know if I am a good kisser?
  184. Alrighty - now that I'm in charge here - post your girlfriend's naked pictures here!
  185. pic of my girl
  186. Some guys may be assholes , but ....
  187. sex is like math
  188. Internet Dating
  189. I am going to be a.........
  190. david letterman had sex with his staff
  191. dabdob will have sex again!
  192. for the ladies in here
  193. would u date a pregno woman?
  194. Whats the worst habit the opposite sex can have ?
  195. Would you tell?
  196. get married !!!!!
  197. Ot...i need help
  198. test ur penis knowledge
  199. one more thing
  200. Standing someone up ? Should I do it ?
  201. Croats, most handsome nation on this planet
  202. Boyfriend destroyers
  203. Teenage love?
  204. Uglier and fatter
  205. Moody girls.
  206. what do u say to women when u talk abt urself
  207. Women that nag. Men who listen.
  208. Advice for women
  209. How do you get over?
  210. She shit on my chest
  211. Has the word "love" lost its credibility?
  212. Something I've been wondering about lately..
  213. I am in Love, For Real
  214. I am in Love!
  215. Spot the funny fact
  216. Hints
  217. MarieL and Iban nest of unrequisited love and rare pleasures
  218. hot or not? rate xt members...
  219. the perfect man, i found him!!!
  220. Appreciating aesthetic beauty?
  221. hot or not ? (for us the ladies)
  222. She said 'no'
  223. Best thing you could say
  224. She said "yes"
  225. Any tips for sortin out genital warts?
  226. Listen up Old Men, Rot-Eggs Work...
  227. The Culo thing
  228. Hooking up with your sister (or brother)...Pros? Cons?
  229. The Valentine's day thread
  230. What's virginity worth today?
  231. Most Important Aspects of Physical Attraction -
  232. Brazilian or shave?
  233. Peasants make the best lovers
  234. Best Looking Nation
  235. Women being teases?
  236. Racist Virgin Finns for $800, Alex!
  237. Pick Up Artist and The Game...
  238. How to propose...
  239. One Night Stands
  240. Arranged marriage or Chance meeting?
  241. Reminder
  242. what r u doing now?
  243. Need some help
  244. philosophical question
  245. Heartbroken - How do you get over it ?
  246. Girl Dilemma...
  247. The next step: When chatting gets boring.
  248. pila, i bore.
  249. did you have an orgasm today?
  250. Below the Belt Equality