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enola January 9th, 2002 22:34

Song of the day
You know how on certain days you're just hooked on a special tune?
Or sometimes a special song just feels like the perfect theme for the day.
Maybe you heard a song on the radio, and can't get it out of your head?

Well then just post it here! :)

Song and artist is all that's needed. You don't have to explain you're choice.

enola January 9th, 2002 22:35

Today, "She fell into my arms"- Ed Harcourt

Steph! January 9th, 2002 23:46

My official song of January 9th 2002 is
"Life's a b!tch" by Colette and Sister Bliss !
It's a dance tune from the early 90's and as the title says it's about life being a b!tch to you sometimes !... :)

Great idea Enola ;)
"She fell into my arms"?? So should I conclude you've fallen in love with that gorgeous brunette next door you're too shy to hook on while listening this song on the radio ? :D :) Tell me !
Sorry bro there's no way people don't have to justify their choice ! ;)

xtc January 10th, 2002 00:13

Thievery Corporation - Shadows of Ourselves.

I don't know what's the style.


Menul January 10th, 2002 06:51

enola, this thread is a FANTASTIC idea :star:!

Well, let's see.
Today I'm kinda into this uplifting mood, so all day I've been listening to "When A Woman" by Gabrielle :). And I danced into it, too (little twist there and turn here ;))!

Deniz January 10th, 2002 19:30

I have had Gravel Pit by the Wu-Tang Clan stuck in my head for almost a week now:eekani::D

enola January 10th, 2002 19:43

Glad you like the idea. :)

Today's song: "Shoreline"- Broder Daniel

Steph: No comments! :tongue: ;)

gOD January 10th, 2002 19:44

Unfortunately my song of the day is Chop Suy by System of a Down :rolleyes:

xtc January 10th, 2002 19:57

Afterlife - Sunrise...

...am I in Heaven or what?!


Steph! January 10th, 2002 20:35

My official song of today:
:star:Il était une fois - "J'ai encore ręvé d'elle":star:
(means "I've dreamt of her once again" in English)

One of the most beautiful, romantic, moving French love song ever (ask lili or any other Frenchman) ! A classic !!
I turned on the radio today and I just cant get this fůckin song out of my head ever since...

Aaah! French songs ! Have a try guys ! You can find it in Audiogalaxy. :)

Menul January 10th, 2002 20:48


Originally posted by gOD
Unfortunately my song of the day is Chop Suy by System of a Down :rolleyes:
:eek: :yuck:

Mine is "Are You In?" by Incubus :cool:.

Jacob January 10th, 2002 20:52

Mine is "This One" by Paul McCartney....masterpiece! :)

Lav January 10th, 2002 21:32

Well its been cold here in Miami for the last 4 days

so ill go with 'thirty-three' by smashing pumpkins

"so i pull my collar up and face the cold
....on my own"


Menul January 10th, 2002 22:07

Ah, Smashing Pumpkins :star:

Now you make me wanna listen to Mayonaise ;).

Rodriguez January 10th, 2002 23:00

It's by a band called Haven. I think the song is called "say something". I heard it on the radio.:)

endranesta January 11th, 2002 03:13

I really like "daddy was an alcoholic". i dunno the name of its singer though. I always hear it every morning on the radio. cool song,imo.

dubh-bán January 11th, 2002 10:24

Didn't have one till I read this topic, now Stone Roses "This is the one" and Nelly Furtado's "on the radio" are fighting it out... :D

lili January 11th, 2002 10:35

today it's :

from alain bashung


Jacob January 11th, 2002 10:43

Loreena McKennit - Dante's Prayer. :)

Incredible...simple as that.

Steph! January 11th, 2002 10:58

Dante's Prayer !??
So you gave up to the evil FECKIN MILANISTA side Gola !!!?? :D ;)

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